Best Shooting Bags Reviews

Best Shooting Bags
Are you using any kind of old form duffel bag for your firearms? This is heating up your guns inside the bag? Creating cosmetic damage if you are using traditional rack shack?

The secret is that shooting bags are particularly designed for giving you a solution for your carrying needs. In my best shooting bags reviews I am going to discuss the why a range bags make your shooting experience enjoyable and easier.

The shooting bags are made to carry almost every kind of rifles, shotguns, ammunition, shooting scope, shooting glasses, hearing protection or other accessories that you need to carry with you to the range.

The bag helps you to reduce your shooting mess in an organized manner. It is designed to provide you a maximum hassle free benefits during your shooting competition.

Not every shooting bag has the same features and providing you same benefits. You have to identify your shooting bags needs. It is advisable to select the bags from a well reputed or established company to minimize an extra headache.

You have to identify your shooting bags needs. It is advisable to select the bags from a well reputed or established company to minimize an extra headache.

In my reviews article, I am going to discuss Top rate 10 shooting bags. So you can come up with an idea. You can carry your most favorite handguns with one of these selected shooting bags.

Top Rated 10 Shooting Bags: Comparison Table

Product NameDimensionMaterialWeightPrice
Caldwell Dead Shot Boxed Combo5.5 x 2 x 9.2 inches600D polyester8 ouncesCheck Price
Protektor Model Rabbit Ear Rear Bag5″  x 6 3/4″ x 2 5/8″Top Grain Leather5.8 poundsCheck Price
Caldwell Dead shot Shooting Bag Combo10″x 8 1/2″ x 6″Water resistance polyester2 poundsCheck Price
Ultimate Arms GearHand Arm Rest Bag7 x 4 x 2 inchesPolyester8 ouncesCheck Price
Lumsing Front & Rear shooting Bench Rest Bag10 x 6 x 8.5 inchesPolyester5.6 ouncesCheck Price
Caldwell Tack Driver Shooting Rest – Filled Bag11.8 x 9.8 x 8.2 inchesPolyester15.4 poundsCheck Price
Caldwell Tactical DeadShot Combo – Filled9.7 x 13.4 x 5.4 inchesHeavy duty ballistic nylon fabric7.5 poundsCheck Price
Caldwell Tackdriver Shooting Rest Bag – Unfilled14.3 x 6.8 x 1.7 inchesPolyester11.2 ouncesCheck Price
Outdoor Connection Leather Filled Bench Bag13 x 7 x 5 inchesSuede leather7 poundsCheck Price
Aim Sports Front and Rear Shooting Bags,3 Bag Set600D Polyester11.2 ouncesCheck Price

Best Picks of Shooting Bags

#1: Caldwell Dead Shot Boxed Combo Review

Caldwell DeadShot Boxed Combo (Front & Rear Bag) - Unfilled Review[aawp box=”B000PW8KSM” template=”horizontal”]Most hunters are dreaming for resourceful and stable shooting system for their accurate shooting. If you are a shooter and you need to set up your next shooting within few moments’ even seconds, the Caldwell dead shot boxed combo bags is the ultimate solution for you.

Wonderful dead shot box combo bags able to fit almost every surface. The bag comes along with empty. It made from durable, provides great protection from water. It uses 600D polyester to ensure maximum strength of the shooting bag.

It has a quickly connected feature so you can transport the bag more conveniently. The price is reasonable and the overall quality you can consider them best value for money.

It is also perfect for shooting range or even best for hunting. You can use the upper part of the funnel and the bottom part for the scooper. This particular shooting bag is great for rifles.

What I Like
  • Heavy duty 600D polyester made.
  • Ultra thick and sturdy material to ensure maximum durability.
  • Can use this shooting bag for multipurpose.
  • Perfect for long distance rifles.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Excellent product Best security but not great.
  • Suitable for stocked rifles but not great for AR style rifles.

Bottom line:

This particular shooting bag is considered best rated shooting bags on the market. The industry standard for excellent quality and also it is well functional and able to serve your purpose. It has an ultra-strong poly clip and D ring attaching in front of the bag for easy carrying facilities.

#2: Protektor Model Rabbit Ear Rear Bag Review

Protektor Model Rabbit Ear Rear Bag Review[aawp box=”B00JD56I4K” template=”horizontal”]The protector model rabbit ear rear bag is specially designed to provide the best solution for your shooting needs. It is an excellent accessory made from grain leather. It’s made in the USA so no panicking about the quality of the bag.

It comes with crammed sand and you can use this bag as soon as you buy it. It is most suitable for a rifle stock. You find each ear is packed separately. You discover this bag a wonderful quality and made with thick leather but very flexible.

Excellent finished product and it can fulfill your expectation pretty well. If you need to store this bag for a quite long time then remove all sand from the bag and save it for future use.

You will be happy during your camping time. It is highly advisable to buy this shooting bag without any further delay.

What I Like
  • Made in the USA no doubt about product quality.
  • Suitable for CZ.22 and camping rifle.
  • Excellent brand selling by the well-reputed
  • Extra confirmation for accurate shooting.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Extra holes required to open the bag.
  • Limited color option Need to make a multi color

Bottom line:

Once you buy this bag can use for a lifetime. During your shooting time, you find even no movement of the crosshairs. It gives your accurate target. You can manage maximum accuracy as you desire because you have a Protektor model rabbit ear bag. One of the main features it’s made to serve your purpose.

#3: Caldwell Dead Shot Shooting Bag Combo Review

Caldwell Dead shot Shooting Bag Combo Review[aawp box=”B002APAWY2″ template=”horizontal”]The Caldwell Dead Shot Shooting Bag Combo is specially designed to provide a very versatile and steady shooting system to every hunter and shooters.

This purpose built shooting bag is the ultimate solution to your shooting, hunting, and range needs. It can fit most the surfaces no matter whether it is even or uneven. It takes only a few seconds to set up and you can start your next shot quickly and conveniently.

It is not costly meaning outstanding product quality with reasonable price. The Caldwell shooting bag combo able to provide industry standard shooting function and is consider long lasting.

It has quickly connected features so you can carry this bag more conveniently and easily. The shooting bags used heavy duty Cordura nylon that ensures water resistance. So you can use this shooting bags any weather conditions.

What I Like
  • Work well with AR10 (.308)
  • Very sturdy and solid and long lasting.
  • Great shooting bag along with value for the money.
  • Very handy for zeroing in scopes, water resistance mechanism and great with airguns.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Not depraved if it is filled with sand that would be better.
  • Requiring a quick fix with a duct tape and staple gun.

Bottom line:

The bag is made of 600 denier polyester. So, you find this bag is super strong. The filled shooting bag give you the most satisfaction. It is filled with a ground corn cob. You also can fill with sand, rice, dart, or any other small materials of your choice to get maximum service.

#4: Ultimate Arms Gear Hand Arm Rest Bag Review

Ultimate Arms Gear Front, Middle and Rear Shooting Rifle Shotgun Bolt Action/Muzzle Loader Steady Shooter Support Bench Hand Arm Rest Bag, Holds 5 Round Ammo Holder Range Kit Set, 3 Piece Review[aawp box=”B00I0IABVC” template=”horizontal”]Another excellent shooting bag is purposefully designed by Ultimate Arms Gear Hand Arm Rest Bag. You can find set combo from front to rear shooting. It is able to provide stable and concrete shooting system for your shotguns, rifles and muzzle loaders.

It is durable and you find them water resistant. It’s made with 600D polyester including the colorful back. So, it’s very strong. The combined set simply able to serve your purpose of shooting, meaning this shooting bag is appropriate for solid and wobbles free shooting.

You can use silica sand or even kitty litter, rice or ground corn-cob media not more than 10-pound weight. The ultimate arms gear is also easy to transport. It is specially designed for the range.

It is a connected system so you can transport the front and rear bags more conveniently. You find the great quality as soft suede at the pick part of the bags. It is also ultra-thick made of Cordura-type nylon for extra strength.

What I Like
  • Able to improve your shooting accuracy.
  • Good product, better price and long lasting material used.
  • Can fit AR on the range table.
  • No adjustment is required.
What I Didn’t Like
  • You may find this bag relatively low.
  • The quality you may get is considered value for money.

Bottom line:

It is highly recommended to buy this bag because well made for range shooting for more than 500 yards. It provides you super control for your rifles and your range target. You can position all three and use whenever you need them.

#5: Lumsing Front & Rear shooting Bench Rest Bag Review

Lumsing Front & Rear shooting Bench Rest Combo Bag Targets stand Hunting Outdoor - Unfilled Review[aawp box=”B06XNWNCXD” template=”horizontal”]The Lumsing front and rear shooting bench rest bag are known as great value for money. It is made with water resistance mechanism including 600D polyester. The purpose built canvas material constructed with plastic backing. It is useful when you use sand to fill the bag.

It comes with unfilled so you need sand or thin media to fill the bag. It’s capable to serve your purpose on any shooting surface. There are two dimensions of the bag and the front bag dimension is greater than the rear bag.

It is not allowed even any thinner dust that is responsible for the powdery mess. The front bag is made with the softer suede material. The bags are rugged and well-constructed by the sturdy material. It is specially designed for heavy duty work.

The interior is made by Velcro closures and exterior is wrapped up with D-ring loop that connected both bags to one another. You can also fill the bag up with rice, beans, dirt or any other dusty filling material.

What I Like
  • Ultra thick cloth fit with any product.
  • Good clone with Caldwell.
  • Pay less value to buy great product.
  • Pretty good item durable 600D polyester made.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Request them to provide sand along with shooting bag.
  • You need to check quality before your buy this bag.

Bottom line:

The Lumsing bag is quite similar to Caldwell bag but you can buy this bag almost half price compared to Caldwell. Also, it works perfectly with larger caliber rifle. You can fill this bag almost every small items.

#6: Caldwell Tack Driver Shooting Rest – Filled Bag Review

Caldwell Tack Driver Shooting Rest - Filled Bag Review[aawp box=”B000BY9G5K” template=”horizontal”]If you are looking for most user-friendly and effective shooting bag it is advisable to you to have a look for Caldwell Tack Driver Shooting Rest-Filled Bag. It is very convenient easy to use and excellent value for money. You can consider this bag as the best rear bag long range shooting.

You can use this shooting bag almost everywhere on any surface. It is suitable from temporary to permanent shooting benches or even the open field. The most attractive feature is that the bag comes filled.

The shooting bag is big enough to fit your rifle and works perfectly to zero your rifle.  You can buy this product without further thinking. Caldwell is producing shooting supplies for a quite long time.

They always focus on most innovative shooting products to meet customer requirements. The shooting bag is specially designed by industry experienced shooters and hunters.

What I Like
  • It is able to support any type of rifle or shotgun.
  • Great support for practicing on the range.
  • Compatible with AR16 and AR47 rifle.
  • Can use for solid rest for pistols.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Need to research little more to fit the AR15 rifle.
  • The bag needs to leak proof mechanism sometimes it leaks sand.

Bottom line:

The Caldwell shooting bag also has a good reputation for outstanding quality. It is durable versatile and accuracy for excellence. The shooting bag has self-tightening surface grips.

It is able to provide accurate target shooting for your rifle. The bag is also having non-slippery material so it’s never slip on any surface.

#7: Caldwell Tactical Dead Shot Combo – Filled Review

Caldwell Tactical DeadShot Combo - Filled Review[aawp box=”B00HTNA0RY” template=”horizontal”]The Caldwell Dead Shot Tactical Bag is specially designed to meet your tactical shooting requirements. It is one of the best shooting bags for your tactical rifles. The great news is that the bag comes with filled.

The innovatively designed shooting bag provides you optimal shooting platform for a wide range of tactical type rifles. It is known as the best tactical rear shooting bag. It has latest dual configuration mechanism so it can be slanting for various styles of tactical rifles.

The front bag has standard height so it is well meet for the tall profile. You can use this bag for your rifle along with 30 round magazines. It made with sturdy ballistic nylon fabric. It is also stand up perfectly on any surface.

What I Like
  • able work with tactical style bolt action rifles perfectly
  • can hold a wide range of firearms
  • the rear bag is purpose built to hold more guns
  • The height of the bag very comfortable for most long guns.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Sometimes you need to check the precision work.
  • The bag needs to more stable for a consistent

Bottom Line:

Definitely, it can save your rifle not built to damage it. If you use both front and rear bag at the same time you may unable to see your target accurately. The bag works perfectly if you want to sight in frequent rifles. You can shoot .308 rifles, AR 15s, .22 rifles and .270 and much more.

#8: Caldwell Tack Driver Shooting Rest Bag – Unfilled Review

Caldwell Tackdriver Shooting Rest Bag - Unfilled Review[aawp box=”B001C5ZNUE” template=”horizontal”]The Caldwell tack driver shooting rest bag-unfilled is specially designed for bench shooting. You can consider the shooting bag as the best rear bag for bench rest shooting. It is unfilled shooting bag. You can fill with kitty litter because it is comparatively cheaper than rice.

The shooting bag is very simple to use and very efficient to serve your shooting needs. It has its own tightening surface grips. It is perfect for your unfilled shooting rest. It has a handle so you can carry this bag with most portability.

It is neither marrying nor even slip that ensures your firearm finish not damage by using this bag. It can fit about every rifle or shotgun.

It can consume approximately 15kg of rice through a plastic wide-mouth. It works perfect and does not spill any grain from inside the bag. The bag is also very heavy and a great bag to fulfill your requirement.

What I Like
  • Great rest bag for the money.
  • Work perfectly and serve its purpose.
  • Outstanding quality with reasonable price.
  • Suitable for high power rifles.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Need to store this bag in a proper place otherwise mice may eat grain.
  • Expecting the shooting bag for more heat resistance.

Bottom line:

You can find one of the best shooting bag compared to metal rest or small bag rests. You start falling love as soon as you buy this bag because of it able to work as a barrel-rest for pallet shooting gun about 10-meter target.

#9: Outdoor Connection Leather Filled Bench Bag Review

Outdoor Connection Leather Filled Bench Bag (2-Piece Set), Tan Review[aawp box=”B009P991EI” template=”horizontal”]The outdoor connection leather filled bench bag is made with the superior quality material. It purposefully designed to hold large caliber rifles. It is lightweight so very convenient if you want to transport them.

It can keep your firearms safe and secure inside and there is no risk of finish coming out in contract with the firearms. The special bench bags are best at the range. You can use any surface without any hassle. It gives you a peaceful mind to hold your guns stable.

The color of the bag also attractive and you may feel comfortable with this shooting bag compared with green bags. You find this bag well made. The entire clip is nice to attach to range bag perfectly. At the end of the day, you may comment great product with an excellent quality.

You find this bag is fairly heavy and small shooting bag is about 5x5x7 inches tall and the large bag is approximately 4x6x7 inches tall.

What I Like
  • Excellent made and able to perform the job of sighting much easier.
  • Adding solidity for precision shots.
  • Find great helper for your sighting in.
  • None better than Outdoor connection leather filled bench bag.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Relatively small but can perform the job very well.
  • Works great but can scorch with a hot

Bottom line:

The price is also outstanding. I guess no one can bite the price with this wonderful shooting bag.  The lifelong guarantee also gives you the confidence to buy this shooting bag. It is highly recommended to buy this shooting bag without any further thinking.

#10: Aim Sports Front and Rear Shooting Bags,3 Bag Set Review

Aim Sports Front and Rear Shooting Bags,3 Bag Set (Black, Small) Review[aawp box=”B0094DXNJ4″ template=”horizontal”]The Aim Sports front and rear shooting bags, 3 bag set is able to hold a maximum of 5 shot shells on both sides of the greatest bag. It is made with super durable water resistance 600D polyester.

It is approximately 10lbs after filling the media. You can fill with dry silica, sand, rice or corn flour. It’s able to provide you a stable and solid shooting mechanism for your rifle, shotguns, muzzle loaders and long range rifle scope.

You can use approximately 30 mags while using flat bag underneath the big front bag. You do not face any hassle for using this shooting bag. The shooting bag becomes 5 inches lofty. You can keep AR 15s along with 10 round mags.

The shooting bag is constructed to keep both sand and material. It has purposely built the interior with PU leather so there is no chance to any kind of leak.

What I Like
  • Has nice suede cover so no chance to harm your firearms.
  • Able to stack AR type rifles along with longer magazines.
  • Can use for pistol stabilization perfectly.
  • Rock solid bag with the sand filled mechanism.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Excellent product but expecting much better quality.
  • Suitable for small caliber rifles.

Bottom line:

It has quicker type buckle that able to clip up the small rear rest bag to the largest bag. You do not find any clip on the medium sized stacker bag. Every bag has Velcro closure to fold over fill hole that able to work appropriately without any hassle.


How to choose the Best Shooting Bag?

Shooting bags bring a revolutionary change in the shooting world. Shooting bags are being developed with high technology. It has the intention is to help in the assimilation of recoil and overall stability of the firearms and the shooter.

There are certain benefits if you have a shooting bag, however, to select best shooting bag to have certain criteria. You have to go through all the possible advantages that may create a great impact on your shooting performance and these are discussed as follows:


It is really important to think that when you study the front rest reviews on one site you may choose literally the front rest and shooting bags automatically. However, for bench rest or others, you should make an assumption which bag is suitable for you to buy. Then implement your decision to purchase a shooting bag.


If you want to buy the perfect shooting bag you have to consider the price first. You have to evaluate first as how much your budget, type of bag you are looking for, and overall quality. You should buy any shooting bag that is beyond your capacity. Again it is advisable not to go for too cheap products.

Lasting capabilities:

You have to check the product that you are going to purchase of what material it is made. Material and quality is the precondition for long lasting capacity. You should go for leather or other quality material made product and avoid plastic.


The operating mechanism is user-friendly and simple to use them. You need to check and choose your desired function. For example, if you need to reduce recoil then go for power distribution mechanism. However, for nimbleness with small recoil reduction, you should think for front rest along with shooting bags.


The shooting bag weight also varies and for different shooting purpose require different weight .you should finalize your shooting options then select your shooting bag.

Top Shooting Bag Brands


The Protektor Company is well known for producing leather products. The company founded by Basil Tuller is among the first company. The shooting bags are made from finest top grain cowhide leather.

They are proud of their quality products wonderful design and excellent workmanship. Theirs sewed with nylon thread able to carry 11.7lbs that is considered breaking strength. USA registered company never compromise with quality.


Caldwell shooting supplies is the well-known brand of Battenfeld. The company is the industry leading producer of shooting, reloading, gunsmithing, and gun cleaning supplies.

The famous brand Caldwell shooting supplies already well establish in the market for innovative design. The products perform exceptionally well compared to other shooting supplies provider.


Another well reputed and long industry experienced company named Primos. They are mainly producing hunting accessories mainly shooting rest bags. They also produce video series for television relating to hunting experiences.

They are selling hunting accessories shooting rest bags at the same provide service through media.

Guide Gear:

Guide Gear Company based in Vancouver Canada. It is independently owned and well-reputed company for producing industry leading gear for many business segments. Their products are innovative, durable and reliable.

The guide gear shooting bench rest is the simplest and excellent value so you can afford it.  Their products are highly recommended to use them. They have 20 years of successful history and industry experiences of producing most innovative products. They believe in continuous solutions for improved products. It is enjoyable and easy to use them.

John Shooter:

The John Shooter is a brand name for excellent quality and durability. They are a family run business located in England. They are also well known for producing a quality product with reasonable price.

They produce every item is made with tough and durable materials. You can buy their products with the return and refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all the bags come with filled?

I would say no. Because not every bag comes filled. It is mentioned on the advertisement page or in the product specifications. So you have to check before you purchase the shooting bags.

Is the rest height varies?

Yes, it does. Some shooting bag has shorter ears and others long ears. Every shooting bag height varies from another so that it can serve your purpose. Shooting bags can hold almost every rifle, shotguns and even sometimes pistol.

Do I balance of my rifle on these shooting bags?

Yes, you can it is simple and very easy to do the balance of your rifle on the shooting bench.

Is it possible to use shooting bag for another rifles or pistols?

Yes, there is an opportunity to use one shooting bag bench for other rifles and pistols. Shooting bags are almost universal designed. It supports most of the rifles, shotguns, and pistols. You just need to check the manufacturer’s information to make sure there is an opportunity to use your bags for a different purpose.

What materials are the best fit inside the shooting bags?

I would say sand is the best-filled material inside the shooting bag. However, you can use rice, dirt, silt, or any kind of small material to fill your shooting bags.

Final Verdicts

The shooting bags industry tremendously developed over the last five years. You can find out a huge range of great shooting bags on the market. I end up my bias free article on this shooting bags reviews to assist you to choose your favorite shooting bags that can serve your purpose easily.

The key issue is to select the perfect shooting bag but it totally depends on your personal choice and needs. it is not so easy to select best shooting bag because all are durable and quality bags. However, I choose the Caldwell Tack Driver Shooting Rest – Filled Bag is the best shooting bag everyone. These particular bags are getting huge positive feedback and very popular in the market.

So, this particular shooting bag nominated as best shooting bags in my review article.


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