Best Shooting Glasses Reviews

Best Shooting Glasses Reviews
Are you looking for top class protection to your eyes during shooting time? Still confused where do you start to buy shooting glasses from a wide range of options?

Just follow my best shooting glasses reviews to gather much-needed knowledge before you make final decision to buy shooting glasses.

To have eye protective glass during shooting time is the most important factor need to be considered by you. Many people just overlooked this special piece of equipment from negligence.

Sometimes they do not feel comfortable with the glasses that they buy to serve their purpose.

If you want to pick top class shooting glasses you need to know the particular features that meet your criteria. I went through hundreds of products examining their features and benefits.

From that analysis, I shortlisted few top class shooting glasses that may fulfill your requirements.

If you go through my review article, below I carefully selected best shooting glasses for your needs. You can have some recommendation that gives you right direction and get great peace of mind.

So, just spend few times to read this article and you come to conclude with perfect shooting glasses to meet your different shooting conditions.

Top 3 Shooting Glasses Selections

Top Rated

Jackson Safety 25685 V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses

alt="Jackson Safety 25685 V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses, Indoor/Outdoor Lenses with Black Frame (Pack of 12) Review"

The Jackson Safety Nemesis Safety glass is nominated top rated in this reviews.  It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. It features a sporty, flexible lightweight design able to fulfill your eye protection purpose.

It also offers comfortable eye protection with soft-touch temples, individual lens wrap-around mechanism along with neck cord.

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Best Value for the Money

BLUPOND TITAN Polarized Metal Frame Sports Sunglasses

BLUPOND TITAN Driver Glasses - Metal Frame Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses for Shooting Fishing Cycling Running with 5 in 1 Accessories Set Review

This particular shooting glass comes with yellow, black and dark mirror color. It has a metal frame and you can use them as sports sunglasses. It is able to protect fully from harmful Sun’s rays.

The stylish rimless frame designed in Italy. Lifetime warranty and 30 days money back guarantee and wonderful price range makes this glass is the best value for money.

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Best Budget Model

Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses

Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses (Amber Yellow Lens/Black Frame) Review

The Amber yellow and black frame Radians Revelation protection shooting glass is the best budget model. It is able to protect your eyes 99.9% from harmful Sun’s rays.

It is impact resistant, tested and exceeds ANSI Standard Z87.1 plus requirement. It has 4 positioning –telescoping temples including 5 positions ratchet adjustment able to fit almost every head sizes.

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Top Rated 10 Best Shooting Glasses: Comparison Table

Product nameMaterialWeightlens colorPrice
Wiley-X Saber Advanced Shooting GlassesPolycarbonate plastic1 poundsSmoke Grey, Light, Rust, VermillionCheck Price
Radians Shift Interchange Shooting GlassesSturdy plastic1 poundsGreen Mirror, Cooper, Amber, Orange, Bright sunlightCheck Price
Titus Premium G Series Multi-Lens Safety Glasses BundleShatterproof Polycarbonate8 ouncesMedium Yellow, Blue, Clear, Vermillion, Orange, And Mirror Coated GreyCheck Price
Remington T-72 Shooting GlassesPolycarbonate lens1 poundsSmoke Lens, Matte Black FrameCheck Price
Jackson Safety 25685 V30 Nemesis Safety GlassesPlastic material15.2 ouncesanti-fog glass, black frameCheck Price
Duco Men’s Shooting Glasses 8177aluminum-magnesium alloy frame4.8 ouncesYellow lens,  matte black frameCheck Price
Ducks Unlimited Shooting Eyewear KitPlastic 4.8 ouncesmulti-color lensesCheck Price
BLUPOND TITAN Polarized Metal Frame Sports SunglassesPolycarbonate 5.6 ouncesblack, yellow, dark mirrorCheck Price
PyramexAvante Safety Eyewearplastic material1 poundsBlack Frame/Clear LensCheck Price
Radians Revelation Protective Shooting GlassesPlastic material2.4 ouncesAmber Yellow Lens/Black FrameCheck Price

Best Picks of Shooting Glasses

#1: Wiley-X Saber Advanced Shooting Glasses Review

Wiley X Saber Advanced Sunglasses, Smoke Grey/Light Rust/Vermillion, Matte Black Review[aawp box=”B004H5L2B0″ template=”horizontal”]The Wiley X Saber Advanced shooting glasses is most suitable option for handgun shooting. You feel very safe with this shooting glass.

The lenses able to block 400 nanometers also give you almost 100% protection from sun rays.

It is one-piece, wraparound adjustable and secured design provides you maximum comfort. It is also perfect for any kind of impact resistance.

The shatterproof lenses made with nylon frame appropriate for daily wear.

It comes with safety strap system so you can consider it’s a goggle. The nose piece is adjustable and able to work perfect to fulfill your requirements.

It has super simple black glass mechanism for easy and hassle free and accurate view of your target. It is a wonderful solution to protect your eyes more effectively and efficiently. It can handle any outdoor or indoor condition.

What I Like
  • Distortion free, gray/clear/rust lenses able to handle any tasks efficiently.
  • Easy and simple to change the temple lenses.
  • Perfectly work in the desert.
  • Wonderful product at a great price.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Black glass not suitable for night use.
  • Nose piece would be clear to make them invisible.

Bottom Line:

It is made with a polycarbonate lens that is ultra thick. You can find almost double thickness compared to standard safety glasses. Also, it comes with outstanding quality as you find best safety glasses for shooting.

#2: Radians Shift Interchange Shooting Glasses Review

Radians Shift Interchange Shooting Glasses (5 Interchangeable Lenses) Review[aawp box=”B0055BCCUK” template=”horizontal”]The wonderful out looking Radians shift interchange shooting glasses have 5 identical lenses that perfectly fit for any conditions. It is able to provide you great pleasure for your range session.

The 5 different color mirrors give you ultra protection from the different light condition. Green mirror lens is able to protect you from bright sunlight.

The copper lens is for moderate light, an orange lens for limiting eye strain, amber light for increased visibility in low light conditions.

The copper lens is also able to increase your depth perception. Clear lens is most suitable for night and indoor use.

It can block 99.9% from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays and beat ANSI Z87.1 standards. It is highly recommended to purchase this shooting glass. It is much nicer, bit expensive but worth investment and you find multiple lenses is the best glasses for shooting.

What I Like
  • Fast and easy to changes the lenses as the condition changes.
  • Smart case included.
  • Very comfortable to wear this lens.
  • Work great with ear muffs.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The case size needs to be improved need bit bigger size.
  • Need to introduce vermilions/purple lens for optimal clarity for clays.

Bottom Line:

It has slip resistance mechanism made with soft rubber-tipped temples. It comes with an essential kit including excellent carrying case, lens cloths, extra nose pieces and foam padded compartment.

#3: Titus Premium G Series Multi-Lens Safety Glasses Bundle Review

Titus Premium G Series Multi-Lens Safety Glasses Bundle - Professional Range Glasses, 9 Piece Kit Review[aawp box=”B01GSUX3QS” template=”horizontal”]This particular Premium G Series Multi-Lens safety glasses bundle is specially designed for the shooting range. It comes with durable matte black frame along with 7 modifiable stems.

It comes with 6 piece color lenses to fulfill all shooting and range needs. The medium yellow mirror is suitable for low light conditions and able to provide your super clean HD view.

Vivid blue is for the foggy or snowy condition. Vermilion red is for highlighting and from full sunny to cloudy and also snow covered landscape.

Orange for medium to low light, mirror coated smoke for super bright light and clear for poor lighting conditions.

What I Like
  • Have 4 different position lengths.
  • About 1000s configuration for a maximum comfortable, custom and correct fit.
  • The wonderful part of this glass is the case and the price.
  • Single piece lens for integrated shields able to cover your marginal vision.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The color range bit excessive but with this price it is great.
  • Great quality but you need to know how to change the lens properly.

Bottom line:

The interior foam-padded compartment slots keep all the spare glasses separately. It also offers great protection when you are carrying your lenses. You can use this glass confidently because it is totally hypo-allergenic and SVHC free.

#4: Remington T-72 Shooting Glasses Review

Remington T-72 Shooting Glasses (Smoke Lens) Review[aawp box=”B000F7TVH6″ template=”horizontal”]The Remington sporty bayonet temple glass is designed for the best shooting range. It has the non-slip temple pads. You can adjust nosepiece as you require. The nose piece is made with soft rubber that gives you maximum comfort.

You find this particular shooting glass for both shooting and great fun under the sun. It is made with tough, polycarbonate lens provides you a clear view. You can enjoy this glass for multipurpose actions and find very durable item.

You can even aim your shooting from 20 yards distance. Also, it is perfect for bicycle commuting. It can protect your eye from dust with a speed of 20-30 mph while cycling.

The glasses are strong enough to stand firm from a list of things that might fly on your eyes.

What I Like
  • Very comfortable glass and well fit into your nose and face.
  • Smoke lens most for indoor activities also perfect for outdoor shooting and commuting.
  • Plastic frame and soft rubber nose piece are good combinations.
  • Protect your eyes 99.9% from UV rays and make safe.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The ear piece is not adjustable but well come off if you want to replace them.
  • A Little bit flimsy but able to serve shooting purpose.

Bottom line:

The reasonable price insists you consider Best Shooting Glasses for the money. Because it offers great protection compared to its cheap price. It is very flexible glass to serve your purpose.

#5: Jackson Safety 25685 V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses Review

Jackson Safety 25685 V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses, Indoor/Outdoor Lenses with Black Frame (Pack of 12) Review[aawp box=”B00982Y37M” template=”horizontal”]If you are looking for top class eye protection with affordable price then Jackson V30 Nemesis Safety glass is the ultimate choice for you.

The polycarbonate frames give you maximum comfort. It is able to provide you 99% protection from harmful sun’s UV rays.

It has a matte black wraparound frame along with 8 base lenses. Also, the soft-touch temple is especially for additional comfort. It comes with neck cord so it’s secured around your neck.

It followed the American National Safety equipment association for personal eye protection.

It gives you protection from flying particles, sun heat, chemicals and harmful elements from any kind of light. You can use this glass with face shields or helmets.

When you are dealing with molten materials or doing welding job it offers you additional protection.

What I Like
  • Durable glass from world renowned brand.
  • Maximum safety solution to protect smooth work processes.
  • Excellent eye protection equipment so you can trust.
  • Matte black frames have indoor/outdoor lens.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Smoke mirror lens may darker you need to adjust to your eyes.
  • Nose pieces may loosen sometimes you need to be careful.

Bottom Line:

It is suitable for both men and women. It is perfect for construction, manufacturing, gun shooting/shooting range. The reasonable price with best quality glass is the perfect combination to satisfying your needs.

#6: Duco Men’s Shooting Glasses 8177 Review

Duco Night-vision Glasses Polarized Night Driving Eyewear Men[aawp box=”B00LZK5R3Y” template=”horizontal”]This particular glass is able to serve a wide range of purposes. It is a functional glass that helps you from night vision, prescription, sports cycling glasses. You can consider this glass as the best prescription shooting glasses on the market.

Duco men’s shooting glasses have an anti-blue ray radiation protection mechanism. You can find this glass polarized glasses and protect up to UV400. It is excellent quality products with outstanding value for the money.

It ensures maximum safety during driving time. You can use this glass for multipurpose for indoor and outdoor activities.

The frame made of strong aluminum alloy ensure much stronger than the traditional metal frame. It is also very lightweight for your convenient use.

What I Like
  • Will not be broken if the lens hits with a hammer.
  • Offer 100% harmful sun’s UV rays protection.
  • Impact resistance mechanism is installed with the lens.
  • Anti-reflective lens for maximum comfort.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The driving night glare mechanism needs to be improved.
  • Anti-reflection coating needs to be installed properly next time.

Bottom Line:

It has night vision lens that able to reduce night driving glare and eye strain. It also has color clarity mechanism and optical definition. You can perfectly drive at night time, cloudy sky, rainy day or even foggy weather.

#7: Ducks Unlimited Shooting Eyewear Kit Review

Ducks Unlimited Shooting Eyewear Kit With 5 Anti-Fog Lens Options Review[aawp box=”B000LVJ2TS” template=”horizontal”]Ducks Unlimited Shooting Eyewear Kit is really wonderful quality. It is very popular with the shooters. These glasses are impressive comfortable fit.

The custom made nosepieces are well fit into your eyes. The frames are durably made from polycarbonate plastic materials.

All five lenses are optical quality and really high grade. It also impacts resistance and has clear view mechanism. The flexible indoor applications made these 5 interchangeable lenses unique.

The Amber-indoor glass is for low light conditions. The Vermillion is suitable for cloudy weather situation. The Orange lens is for high-impact low light and Sunblock bronze is perfect for outdoor activities.

The lens is super simple to change the glasses and you can use them for both shooting and as sunglasses.

What I Like
  • A wide range of colors you can choose from.
  • Well designed and great protection for great work.
  • Holding up well and perfect for outshooting.
  • Most suitable for hunting season.
What I Didn’t Like
  • It is best for use as sunglasses.
  • Need to keep in mind about shotgun and rifles shooting.

Bottom Line:

You can consider this particular shooting glass is the best shooting glasses for an indoor range. Because it has anti-fog lens mechanism comes along with microfiber cleaning bag. You find this item builds to exceeds the industry standard.

#8: BLUPOND TITAN Polarized Metal Frame Sports Sunglasses Review

BLUPOND TITAN Driver Glasses - Metal Frame Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses for Shooting Fishing Cycling Running with 5 in 1 Accessories Set Review[aawp box=”B01FSD4A6I” template=”horizontal”]Blond Titan Polarized Metal Frame sports sunglasses are specially designed to protect sun’s UVA and UVC rays. The lenses are 7 layers enable scratch-resistant coating. It has also anti-reflective layer and has additional layers for shatterproof.

It has a bend-resistance mechanism that able to provide you maximum protection. It is made with a rimless frame that is appropriate for different kinds of sports and outdoor activities.

It has also ultra durable and heavy duty hinges to ensure long using the facility. It can fit in the head of any sizes with the best fit securely.

All lenses purposely made with an injection process mechanism. It able to reduce your eye stress and gives you comfort.

What I Like
  • Lifetime warranty on frame gives you maximum confidence.
  • Also, has 30 days money back guarantee sign of quality.
  • A maximum of 17 layer lens for best eye protection.
  • Anti-reflective layer to reduce glare.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Plastic made and need to be considered as fragile.
  • The nosepiece needs to be redesigned.

Bottom line:

You can use this glass for driving, running, climbing, golfing, fishing, shooting, and hunting and many more purposes. It is also well known for best tactical shooting glasses. The magnesium and aluminum frame is very strong and able to cope with drops and squashes.

#9: Pyramex Avante Safety Eyewear Review

Pyramex Safety Avante Eyewear, Black Frame, Clear Lens Review[aawp box=”B001AECPVM” template=”horizontal”]The Pyramex Avante Safety Eyewear is very light weight curve styling well fit the face able to gives you top class protection. It has anti-slipping mechanism because it has built-in rubber nose pads.

It has also anti- fogging vented frame that ensure enough airflow including back flexible temples. The lenses are scratch resistant and able to protect 99% adjacent to UV rays.

The glass is able to provide you best eye protection along with ear. You never feel any pain after using this safety eyewear.

The glass comes along with re-sealable plastic sleeve. These glasses are Z87+ rated so you can buy them with confidence.

It fits close enough to your face that ensures excellent protection. It can also cut down a reasonable amount of glare that the best selling point of this product.

What I Like
  • Great quality product with this price range.
  • The rubber nose pieces are extra comfortable.
  • Never interfere with shooting muffs.
  • Grey tinted lens on gun metal frame excellent looking.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The tiny bit darker so you need to check before purchase.
  • Decent price but quality needs to be improved more.

Bottom Line:

The Pyramex Avante Safety Eyewear is also suitable for your shooting range and you can satisfy with the lenses. It never let you down of your aim and ability to provide you to accomplish your goal.

#10: Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses Review

Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses (Amber Yellow Lens/Black Frame) Review[aawp box=”B000F7R47U” template=”horizontal”]If you are looking for wearing comfort for a longer period then Radians Revelation Protective shooting glasses is most suitable for you. The superior fit four-position telescoping temples able to fit every head size.

It has Five-position ratchet adjustment for a perfect fit in your eyes. You can find the great bargain of this particular glass. It is easy to clean and comfortable to wear it.

It has amber yellow lens along with black frame able to protect 99.9% UV rays that come from Sun.

It’s made with a polycarbonate impact resistant mechanism that complies all ANSI Z87.1 requirements. It is also excellent protection against acquit wreckage.

What I Like
  • You can use this glass for your driving purpose.
  • Able to minimize halo effects around street lights.
  • Gives you a room to catch up an object by using your peripheral vision.
  • Reasonable price with various features.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Plastic made material becomes very light.
  • Excellent buy for clay shooting you need to think again.

Bottom Line:

It is great for heavy-duty usage suitable for the wide head. It allows you tight fit without any hassle. The price is also outstanding with great product quality. It is highly recommended to buy and try superior functionality.


How to choose the Best Shooting Glasses?

Eye protection is obvious whether you are professional or occasional shooters. Most of the shooting activities take place very close to the face and eye.

Whether you are getting training, at the range or in the field you need a shooting glass.

Shooting glasses also vary according to price and quality and sizes. So before you buy a shooting glass you need to consider several important issues for your convenient shooting experiences.

You have to closely examine and evaluate the following components to select best shooting glasses for you.


To select the lens you need to check the following criteria in the lens to get the best lens.

  • The material of the lens plays a very vital role during shooting time polycarbonate plastic material is best for shooting glasses because it is lightweight and durable.
  • Is the lens impact resistant and shatterproof or not.
  • The UV, UVA and UVB protection percentage to protect the harmful rays ejected from the sun.
  • Is the lens coverage wrap-around or not?
  • Is the lens multi-color because various colors are suitable for different conditions.
  • It the lens tested and certified by ANSI and US military or not.

Frame material:

Frames are generally constructed of plastic, aluminum or titanium. These material getting high ranked for comfortable and convenient to wear for longer period of time.

You need to look for adjustable frames or flexible temples suitable if any kind of adjustment needed for comfort. Stretchy temples allow you to wrap around the ear in the cable that helps to keep the frames in right position.

Also, changeable nose piece is most effective for different nose sizes. Soft rubber or silicon material is the best to keep them in perfect nose position.

Shooting glass brands:

There are thousands of brands available in the markets who are selling Shooting Glasses. The glasses features also vary by its quality and price. Some of them are very expensive and some are very reasonable. You have to select based on your budget, quality you are looking for and overall affordability.

The Oakley glasses are excellent quality but very expensive. ESS Eyewear, Smith Optics, Wiley-X, and Radians are very affordable and anyone can buy them to fulfill their shooting needs.


You can find a wide range of shooting glass on the market with different price range and levels of quality. The price range from below 10 dollars to below 300 dollars most suitable for non-prescription lenses and if you go for 200 dollars to 500 or more then you can easily buy prescription lens glasses.

If you go through the above criteria then you never regret after buying a shooting glasses.

The Importance of Eye Protection

According to research, at least 55% recorded eye injuries happen in the workplace. The most effective e way to protect eye injury is the use eye protection. Expert suggests that about 90% of eye injuries can prevent if you wear an eye protection.

As you know eye injury may cause severe consequences including lingering or permanent vision damage. But if you have protective glasses you can easily avoid many injuries and lead a tension free life.

The majority of eye injuries in the workplace are caused by small particles or objects that suddenly drop into your eyes. You have to follow the following principles to avoid general eye injuries whatever work you are involving.

To avoid damaging your eyes:

The eye is the most precious elements of the human body. So, if you are wearing protective glasses you can easily avoid by dropping tiny metal, particles or dust into your eyes and prevent them unnecessary injuries during your shooting, at the range, cycling or other activities.

To remove eye glare:

If you involve any activities without protective glasses your eyes may get fatigue. To remove or reduce glare you need to wear protective glass. Eye protective glass must be comfortable to wear all day otherwise you get panic by using it.

To get protection from harmful Sun’s rays:

It is also important that the sun always ejected harmful UV, UVB rays. To get the maximum protection you need to have glasses that able to provide you great protection. So, if you have protective glasses you can easily avoid many harmful rays and objects.

Minor injuries may cause long-term consequences:

Even a minor eye injuries may give you pain for a longer period of time. You may not feel comfortable in any situation. A minor injury is the beginning of the long time effects of your eyes. Sawdust, cement drywall or shooting debris may cause severe consequences if you are not taking any appropriate action.

Ensure optimal eye protection:

To get optimal protection from different light conditions you need to wear a different color combination of protective glasses. If you involve indoor activities you need a different set of protective glasses and for outdoor requires another set of protective glasses to adjust the different light condition.

To achieve accurate target spot:

It is also important to have appropriate shooting glasses that give protection from various lights and get accurate shooting spot targets. To achieve your target perfectly you need to have protective glasses that serve your purpose as well.

Top Shooting Glasses Brands

ESS Eyewear:

The company was born in 1998. It always focuses to create eye protection systems for military, law enforcement agency, fire rescue and shooting sports markets. This company is only authorized eyewear supplier to the US marine corps.

Currently, they are selling their products to 100 countries around the world. Their secret of success is behind their outstanding products, innovation and industry standard customer service.

ESS is fully subsidized by Oakley a renowned brand for quality expensive glass wear.

Smith Optics:

The Smith Optics was established in 1965 by Dr. Bob Smith and orthodontist invented the first sealed thermal lens and vent foam goggles that are breathable. Its dominating in the market for over 50 years by producing most advanced and innovative eyewear and other accessories for shooters hunters and general purposes.

The company is also revolutionized its outdoor experience through the introduction of the first interchangeable lens for sunglasses. Their products are perfect for almost every explorer, shooters, bike, fish, surf, snow and much more.


The Wiley-X company began to its journey since 1987 and become world leading manufacturer and marketing of protective eyewear. Their target customers are military, law enforcement and civilian markets.

They have a good reputation and strong bond within US armed forces and elite Special Forces unit. They are selling their products almost every region of the world and have corporate offices in different target markets.

Oakley Sunglasses company:

This particular brand is most popular to celebrities and athletes and the company was born in the Groovy in 1970.

The Oakley sunglass was created by Jim Jannard in 1975. He found that an enormous opportunity was remained untouched in the optical industry.

First, the company invented protective glasses for motorcycle riders after that they never laid back always in pioneer position in the protective glass industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the lenses UVA/UVB protective?

I think so. Every shooting lens has sun’s ray protective but varies with the percentage of overall protection. Some of them are 100% protective and some are 99.9% protective so before you buy them you need to check.

Are the various colors important for me to consider while buying shooting glasses?

Yes, the different color mechanism is being designed to meet the different conditions. For example, Grey lens is for super bright days, the yellow lens is for the blue or cloudy sky and vermilion is for the green background condition. You can buy multi-color lenses and later you can use them for different condition perfectly.

Can I wear shooting glasses in replacement of prescription glasses?

No, it does not. Because shooting glasses are too close to face but prescription glasses bit far from the face. So, you cannot wear this glass over prescription glasses.

Is all the shooting glasses nosepiece having an adjustable mechanism?

I would say it is not. Most of the shooting glasses have this mechanism but not every nosepiece. If you want this feature you have to check first before making your final decision to buy them.

What is the best prescription shooting glass?

There are some criteria you have to follow to have the best prescription glass and these are:

  • The lens must be impact resistant.
  • It must be able to pass drop ball test where the ball unable to penetrate or crack the lens.
  • The lenses must stay in the frame perfectly.
  • The frame must pass higher impact rating.
  • There must be marked the level of protection on the lenses and frames.
  • It must offer total exposure to protect the both front and sideways.
  • The lens must be marked by the manufacturer’s

Final Verdicts

If you are looking for shooting glasses for the first time or you need excellent quality one then you can choose from my best shooting glasses reviews.

It is desirable to have shooting glasses that would be simple to use and ensure maximum comfort. So, you do not look around just stick to my reviews and get the best match from the list.

However, from my shooting glass reviews, I come to conclude that not each one able to serve your purpose including features as well.

From the above-reviewed glasses, I nominated Duco Men’s Shooting Glasses 8177 is the best shooting glass I have ever seen in the market. It has the best features and wonderful price so you can afford it.


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