Concealed Holster Buying Guide

Having a firearm means that you should holster it well for your safety and the safety of other people. A concealed holster is an important tool that helps you carry your weapon comfortably without attracting too much attention. It also helps you to access your firearm fast in cases of danger.

There are different types of concealed holsters that you can find and they also vary in terms of features. What are some of the top aspects that you should check when buying a concealed holster? This guide provides you with more details so that you can make the right decision when buying one.

Why do you need best concealed carry holster?

Before we get into details, it is important to understand why you need a concealed holster. A concealed carry holster is important because it provides you with many benefits which include the following:

  • Protects and holds your weapon
  • Prevents accidental discharge
  • Offers quick access
  • Prevents theft or loss of your weapon

Here are some important aspects that make up the best concealed holster.


Sometimes you can find yourself in a situation where you need to access your firearm fast. Ideally, it should not take you more than 45 seconds to get your gun. This means that you should choose a gun holster that will help you access your weapon fast in cases of emergency.


Before you make your purchase, you should know that there are different types of materials that are heed to make concealed holsters. You can find holsters that are made of plastic, nylon, and leather.

Leather holsters are comfortable, durable and they easily conform to year body. They also come at a high price and can sag with time as a result of frequent use.

Concealed holsters made of plastic are the most common today. They are durable, lightweight and have nice retention. The only drawback with these holsters is that they can be uncomfortable because they do not conform to your body well.

Lastly, nylon holsters are soft and comfortable but they are prone to wear and tear. Depending on the material that you want, you can pick the right holster that suits your needs, comfort, and budget.


Another important thing that you should check when buying a concealed holster is the style. There are different styles that you can choose from which include shoulder straps, belly bands, ankle holsters, OWB and IWB among others. Depending on the style that you love, you can pick from the above list. Each of the above styles has their own pros and cons in regards to the accessibility, comfort, wardrobe flexibility, security and much more. Go for the most comfortable style that you love.


The best concealed holster should be comfortable. There are several things that affect the comfort of a holster. These include the material and the style of the holster. Make sure that you pick a comfortable material so that you will not have issues when carrying the holster.

Concealment and security

A good gun holster should provide you with concealment regardless of the style that you choose. Some holsters offer more concealment than others so you need to be keen when choosing. For instance, IWB holsters offer more concealment as compared to OWB.

Apart from concealment, another important thing that you should check is the security. Does the holster hold your gun securely to prevent other people from drawing it? Make sure that you pick a quality holster that will give your weapon the desired security.

Trigger guard cover

This is a crucial feature that you should check to prevent your gun from discharging accidentally. Ensure that the holster you buy has this feature for safe use.


This is another great aspect that you should consider when buying a concealed holster. Retention refers to the ability of the holster to hold your gun in place. The retention varies so you should select the best concealed holster that provides better retention. Some holsters have a locking mechanism whole other models have retention screws. Whichever option you choose, make sure that your holster will hold the gun in place.


The price is also another vital aspect that you should consider when buying a concealed holster. The holsters come in different price ranges so you need to weigh your budget and look for a holster that matches with your budget needs.

Final Words

Every firearm owner requires a nice concealed holster to hold your gun in place. Choosing the right concealed holster can be hard especially if you are buying for the first time or do not know the features that make a quality holster.

After going through the above tips, it will be easy to pick a holster that provides the right concealment. You can choose from different materials, styles among other features depending on what suits your need.

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