How a Biometric Gun Safe Works

Whether you have a firearm for shooting, hunting or self-defense, safety should be one of the major considerations that you should think about. You don’t want to leave your gun at any place in the house where kids and other unauthorized personnel can access. While there are many different ways in which you can keep your gun secure, having a gun safe is the most convenient and provide a high level of security.

Maybe you are planning to buy a biometric gun safe and you are wondering how the safe works. This article explains everything in details so that you can have a better understanding of the functioning of a biometric gun safe. Learn more about them here.

What Exactly Is A Biometric Gun Safe?

This is a type of gun safe that that is an upgrade from the traditional model and the combination systems. It uses metrics like fingerprints for user identification. It doesn’t use only fingerprints but also other metrics like eyes, voice, and DNA among others.

Biometric gun safes are 100% secure as compared to other safe codes that can be easy to hack after trying several times. The safes can be used at home, business institutions, locker rooms, banks among other places.

You should also know how to choose the best biometric gun safe since not all models you will find on the market are the same. There are several factors that you should have in mind when picking a biometric gun safe which include the following:

  • Ensure that the hinges are quality and not easily hacked
  • Consider the proofing
  • Do you want a safe that runs on batteries or plugged into a source of power?
  • Can you access the safe easily and quietly in cases of emergencies?
  • Consider how you want to mount the safe

How Do Biometric Gun Safes Work?

Biometric gun safes provide the best safety because they are hard to hack. They are safe as compared to using keys and passwords because it is hard to change your physical or behavioral characteristics. There are different types of biometric gun safes that you will find on the market today but they all have a similar system they follow in regards to the identification. They basically follow the following process:


This is where you are required to provide your basic information which is recorded as well as your personal traits.


The traits that have been recorded are changed into codes or graphics and then stored in the system.


This is the most crucial part of biometric gun safes. The system then compares the data that has been recorded with the ones that is displayed at that particular moment. Based on the outcome, the system can either accept or reject your access.

Features of a Biometric Gun Safe

Now that you understand how biometric gun safes work, you should also know some important features of a biometric gun safe. All biometric gun safes have an onboard memory that stores fingerprints in digital copies.  The safes vary in terms of features depending on the manufacturer. Some models are designed to hold more guns while others can only hold a few.

Another important thing that you should note is that some biometric gun safes are more sensitive than others. This means that if you do not apply fingerprints well, then it will be hard for the safe to open. Many users prefer to store different versions of their fingerprints at different angles so that it can be easier to open the safe.

When it comes to locks, biometric gun safes use electric locks. Some locks use only battery power while others can use both battery and power supply.

Mounting is also another thing that you can check in biometric gun safes. You can get a model that can either be mounted internally or externally. If you have no experience in installation, you can seek professional help. For those people who need a safe to keep their handgun, you can consider models with top-opening so that it is easy to store the safe in a nightstand drawer.

Final Words

Every firearm owner should have a gun safe to keep their weapons safe and out of reach from unauthorized personnel. There are different types of gun safes that you can pick but if you want a model that will guarantee you 100% safety, a biometric gun safe is the best. These safes are hard to hack as compared to the models that use keys and passwords.

Owning a biometric gun safe is great but you should also understand the working mechanism of this safe. I have given you more details about how a biometric gun safe works to keep your weapon secure.  After going through this guide, I know you will have the right information about biometric gun safes and how they work.

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