How to Reset a Stack-On Gun Safe

Stack-on Gun Safe Combination LockStack-On gun safes are renowned for their excellent gun storage qualities. In addition to ensuring your gun does not fall into the wrong hands, they also protect your gun from damage caused by fire and other environmental degrading agents.

Stack-On gun safes are equipped with top-class locks. For security purposes, the locks differ in locking and unlocking procedures. Stack-On gun safes are bought with a default combination code. The default combination code is common to all Stack-On gun safe locks.

Once acquired, one has to reset the existing default combination code and input their desired, unique combination code. In other instances, one may feel the need to reset a combination code for reasons best known to them.

Changing the combination code of a Stack-On gun safe is not a direct process. One has to follow a sequence of steps in order to change the combination code of the safe. The following are the two main procedures used to reset Stack-On gun safes depending on the type of lock on the safe.

Procedure #1

  • Input the correct combination code to open the safe’s door. With the safe’s door open, press the ‘*” key followed by the pound key on the keypad,
  • Input the safe’s current combination key again and press the pound key.
  • Input the new combination code that you desire. It should be a six digit figure followed by the pound key.
  • Repeat this step again.
  • You can test your new combination by pressing the ‘*’ key followed by your new combination and the pound sign. Your combination code is set.
When changing the combination code, ensure that you test the new combination with the safe’s door open ensure that the combination makes the locking bolts engage and disengage.

Procedure #2

  • Open the safe’s door using the current combination. On the inside of the door, there is a small red button near the hinge. Press the red button and release.
  • A yellow light will turn on. You can only change the access code while the door is open and yellow light is on.
  • On the keypad, enter your new security access code and confirm it by punching the ‘#’ sign on the keypad.
Do not close the safe’s door without testing whether your new code works. Enter the new code and press the ‘#’ sign with the safe open to see if the locks engage and disengage. If the process was not successful, repeat the process to change your pass code.

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12 thoughts on “How to Reset a Stack-On Gun Safe”

  1. I have a Feild and Stream safe. I followed PROCEDURE #2 but the code doesn’T take. My batter went dead, luck I had access to the key. I pushed the red butt, yellow light comes on, i enter a 4 digit code AND#, lughts goe out. I lock door, enter code, and get a red light.

  2. Try a 6 didgit code not a four diDgit code as a new code .like 1,2,3,4,5,6, that works you are not putting a long enough code in It . In other words the PROCESSOR is looking For a longer code than Four dIdgits.

  3. The battery died and when we replaced it the code would not work. He has misplaced or locked the key in the safe. What do we do now.

  4. After I changed the battery it would not accept the new code after following the procedure to change the code. The 159# doesn’t work either… what now?

  5. I have moved my safe and Will not open now.
    Who has a right left right commendation pattern with three numbers three Times around clear and will not open it’s never done this before.

  6. check the internet on how to open the door by striking the box while turning the dial. I had to do this and then I made it impossible to do it again by modifying the latching system under the inside cover

  7. How do you reset the stack-on series Y613DL it’s an older model it also has a key that i can’t find where it go?


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