How To Safely Store a BB Gun

How To Safely Store a BB Gun 1Unlike firearms, bb guns or airsoft guns are not lethal by design; however, that does not make it any different when it comes to safety, it can still injure people, and it must be kept away at all times, especially from children. A BB gun is best treated as a firearm when it comes to safety precautions, as it still could produce injuries; thus a BB gun should be stored in a safe, secure location to prevent unauthorized and unintentional access.

Difference Between BB Guns and Rifles

A BB gun is a type of airgun designed to fire spherical projectiles, commonly referred to as BBs (ball bearings). BB guns generally have a smooth bore barrel and are designed to fire only smaller-caliber BBs. BB guns typically fire at lower velocities than rifles and make less noise, making them suitable for target shooting, training, and recreational shooting. The projectiles of a BB gun are typically plastic or copper-plated steel and are not typically considered lethal.

Rifles, on the other hand, are designed to fire cartridges, typically containing a metal jacketed bullet. Rifles are typically more potent than BB guns and are designed to be used for hunting and shooting at longer distances. Rifles are considered more powerful and potentially a lot more lethal than BB guns.

If you have children at home or often throw parties with many people invited, it is best to store bb guns in a place inaccessible to guests or kids. Also, if you store ammunition with the BB gun, please ensure that the ammo is securely stored in a location that no one can accidentally access. The ammo should be stored separately from the gun.

While each household’s situation is different, some best practices are standard:

  • Use a gun safe

If possible, a gun safe is an ideal home for your BB gun. A gun safe should be lockable, have a combination or key padlock, and be made from a solid, heavy-gauge steel lockbox. A mounting system can also be used to keep it secure and stable.

You must ensure that the gun safe is secured; bolts should be installed to attach it to the wall, floor, or door. You can hide the safe in a closet or a corner of your house, but make sure that it is out of sight.

If you have locked storage for the gun, please ensure that the ammo is safely stored separately. The ammo doesn’t need to be locked as it poses no danger but it is best if the bb gun and the ammo are separated.

  • Use a Gun Cabinet

A gun cabinet is different from a gun safe because it usually comes with locking doors. The cabinet has to be well-constructed and protect your firearms. There should be separate compartments for ammunition. These cabinets should be placed in a room where there are no young children present and away from the busiest part of the house, such as the garage or a maintenance room.

  • Inspect Your BB Gun Before Storing It

Instead of just tossing your bb gun in its place, you should look over your bb gun before storing it. Check the barrel for any obstructions, ensure all screws are tight, and inspect rubber seals for damage or wear. If anything seems off, disassemble the gun and clean it.

  • Use a trigger lock

A trigger lock is a cost-effective way to keep your bb gun safe and secure. A trigger lock is a device that goes over the trigger of a firearm to prevent it from being fired accidentally. Trigger locks are an excellent way to keep your weapon safe. The lock screws onto the gun and prevents anyone from firing it until the lock is removed. It’s highly recommended that you use a trigger lock on your BB gun when it is out of use.

  • Label your BB Gun

Finally, it is best to label your BB gun with a warning label, such as “Danger – This is not a toy!”. You should also include instructions for disassembly, cleaning, and proper storage. This is important as it will remind everyone that bb guns should not be used without proper safety precautions.

Following these tips, you can safely and securely store your BB gun and keep it away from curious children and guests.


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