Things to Consider Before Buying Comfortable Ladder Tree Stands

A ladder tree stand is an important hunting equipment that every hunter requires for successful hunting trip. It improves your visibility when hunting and prevents the deer from accessing direct sight line which can make you seen and therefore the deer disappears. On top of that, ladder tree stands play a huge role in ensuring that the human scent is above the nose of the deer. With all these benefits in mind, having the right ladder tree stand is important. How are you going to choose the best from the many choices available on the market today?

For you to get a comfortable tree stand for long-hour hunting, you need to consider several factors in mind. This will help you select the right hunting equipment that will make your hunting trips successful. The following are some important things you should consider when buying the best ladder tree stand.

Where You Are Hunting

This is one of the major things that you should have in mind when selecting a comfortable ladder stand. Your hunting terrain determines the type of ladder tree stand that you need to buy. For instance, if you will be hunting in heavily wooded areas with straight trees, almost every stand will work fine. However, you need a different model if your hunting place features heavy branches.

Seat Comfort

The seat is another major thing that you should focus on when selecting a ladder tree stand. Since you will be spending several hours high to achieve a perfect shot, you need to have the most comfortable seat. A ladder stand designed with a comfortable seat reduces soreness and stiffness when you are seating for longer hours. Check to find out if the seat is thickly padded for maximum comfort. Additionally, consider a seat with backrests that also enhance your comfort.

Weight Considerations

Ladder stands have different weight capacities so you should ensure that you choose a stand that supports your weight as well as the weight of your hunting equipment. A good ladder stand should be able to accommodate a maximum weight limit of 350 ponds; however, you can find some models that support a higher weight limit.


A quality ladder tree stand for hunting should be durable enough and able to withstand even the harshest weather condition. You don’t want to invest your money on a ladder stand every season. Check out the type of material used and ensure that the construction is superb. A quality ladder tree stand should have a heavy duty and thick gauge steel with a wider base for stability.

Safety Features

The last thing that you want is accidents when you are using a ladder stand. It is important to check if the manufacturer has stated some potential dangers to reduce accidents. Some of the most important safety considerations that you should check include a safety trap and a four point fall arrest system. You should also ensure that the ladder stand is wobble free to guarantee you a safe performance.

Hunter’s Size

Are you a smaller or larger hunter? The size of the hunter and their hunting experience also determine the type of ladder tree stand to buy. If you are a beginner hunter, you need a platform the size of a coffee table. Otherwise a bigger platform can make you frightened. If you fear using a ladder stand, it is wise to look for a model that has a rail to help you feel secure.

If you are teaching your son how to hunt or simply love a companion during hunting, you should consider a stand that has two seats. Larger hunters should look for a ladder stand with a sturdy and solid steel construction as compared to those models that are made of aluminum. Additionally, if you are an older hunter with problems climbing trees, you should also look for a ladder stand with rails to make ascending and descending easier.

Added Features

If you are spending several hours up there, it can be tiring if you will be holding your hunting equipment like binoculars, muzzleloader and rangefinder among others. Look for a unit that is designed with bow and rifle holders, hang it all belts and shelves where you can keep your hunting tools and accessories safe and within reach.

Final Words

If you want to enhance your hunting experience and achieve accurate shots when you aim at your target, having a ladder tree stand can be a great idea. Since not all ladder tree stands work well, you need to be selective to find the most suitable stand. I hope after going through the above buying tips, you will have no problems selecting the right ladder tree stand. Make sure that you put the above factors into consideration and you will find it easy to choose the right one.

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