Top 8 Safety Tips for Airsoft

Top 8 Safety Tips for Airsoft 1Many airsoft players disregard safety as they may think that nothing really bad could happen in a game of airsoft. However, that is not always the case. Hundreds of people get hurt by underestimating how they think they can’t get hurt or injured. Not only do they make the game more dangerous for themselves, but also the other people around them.

Airsoft often uses pellets or BBs, although they are made of plastic, they can still cause injuries if they are shot using a well-built and powerful airsoft gun. So, what should you do to enforce safety in every airsoft game?

Safety Tips

1.   Keep Your Gun Unloaded when You’re Not In-Game

When you are not yet in-game, make sure that your gun is unloaded. This will help prevent any accidents in which you may accidentally shoot something or someone who is not yet wearing their gear.

You may say that you’re not yet gonna start shooting as the game has not yet started, but there have been cases where friends start to joke around before a game and have caused accidents such as accidentally pulling the trigger.

Using guns, even if they are often seen as “toys” has caused injuries when used inappropriately. These toy guns are still guns that shoot out hard plastic pellets or BBs that cause minor or even serious injuries. So, if the airsoft game has not yet started, make sure that your gun is not yet loaded. You’ll have plenty of time to load it later on.

2.   Wear Protective Clothing

Even though pellets and BBs are made out of plastic, they are still made of hard plastic which can cause minor to severe injuries. Wearing protective gear such as gloves, masks, and goggles will help prevent injuries, especially to the eyes and face as they are one of the most vital parts of the body. And if in any case you partake in airsoft games but don’t wear any kind of protective gear, then you shouldn’t be playing at all.

3.   Never Put Your Hand on The Trigger if You’re Not Planning To Shoot

If you are not planning to shoot your target, don’t put your finger on the trigger. Never let your finger rest on the trigger. Why? This is because there have been instances where a person was shocked or surprised by something and in turn, they would instinctively pull the trigger which could hit someone unintentionally. So, to avoid these types of accidents, make sure to never put your finger on the trigger if you’re not planning to shoot.

4.   Don’t Always Rely on the “Safety”

Airsoft guns typically have systems to avoid any accidental shooting in both mechanical and electrical airsoft guns. However, they are not always foolproof, they don’t always work in the way you want them to.

Always treat your airsoft guns as if they are already loaded and ready to fire. And always refer to tip #3.

5.   Be Sure of Your Target

Always be sure of your target. Double-check whether it is your target or not. This will reduce the risk of unnecessary shooting and will also save you from wasting pellets/BBs.

6.   Use Great Quality Pellets/BBs

Low-quality pellets and BBs have the tendency to shatter on impact which could result in plastic shrapnel flying in all directions. This could cause injuries to both you and your teammates. So it would be better to invest in high-quality pellets/BBs to prevent any flying shrapnel from injuring you.

7.   Don’t Alter Your Airsoft Guns if You Do Not Have Tech Experience

By altering your airsoft gun without proper training or experience, you’ll only be risking breaking your gun and you may also create something more dangerous. Before you start altering or improving your gun, give yourself time to learn about the basics and how to upgrade airsoft guns properly. It would be best to confide with an airsoft gun professional and learn from them. Plus, they’d be able to recommend you the best alterations and upgrade your airsoft gun needs.

8.   Learn How Airsoft Guns Work

The most important safety tip is to learn how your airsoft gun works. By learning how they work, you’ll be able to understand what is wrong and what went wrong with your gun which will lead you to know how to alter or upgrade your gun as needed. Plus, you would be a lot safer on the playing field because you will know how to correct any issues that may occur. And, you will know how to prevent those issues to happen in the future.


Your safety should be your topmost priority. So knowing the safety measures will help not only to keep yourself safe but also your teammates.

But remember to have fun, look out for each other, and use a great airsoft gun!

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