Why is Odin tactical Rail Flashlight the best hunting companion?

Are you planning a hunting trip? Or do you have a plan to go camping with your fellows? Everything is complete, but a hunting flashlight is missing? Do you want to purchase the one with a high range and bright light but don’t know which one you should buy? If yes, you should search for a durable product, offer optimal performance, and have good battery time. All these features are essential to look upon in the night time hunting light, so you don’t face any problems during your trip. If you are not in the mood to hunt in the market and look for some reliable product, then give Odin tactical rail flashlight a chance.

Suppose you are thinking about why, you should prefer this high-rated product. Then have a look at the salient feature of this high lumen flashlight.

Optimum performance

Hunters, when searching for the hunting flashlight they first check the performance of the product. So, by purchasing Odin, you will find it a good-performing flashlight. It offers a maximum output of 2000 lumens and has a beam distance of 300 meters. Thus, it’s long enough to show you the things at a far distance and help you know some danger is present so you can divert your path or move to another side.


Thanks to the slide rail mount equipped with this green hunting light that offers quick attach and release with MLOK rails. It comes with a mechanical lock that is very handy, and you can unlock it without any hassle so, if you are in a hurry and want to release the torch or attach it to the rail, you just need a few seconds to do so.

The Remote Switch Is Another Plus Point

One more favorable feature that makes this long-range flashlight stand among the crowd is the remote switch. You can lock the function for quick operation. Moreover, it is tightly fit due to the presence of a slight push button on the ring. Along with a remote switch, this deer hunting flashlight also comes with a multifunctional tail switch. Through this, you can do magnetic charging, do the handheld operation and pair your remote switch for quick release or attachment of the torch.

Why is Odin tactical Rail Flashlight the best hunting companion? 1

Picatinny Mounts

The incredible night-hunting light also comes with Picatinny mounts. The removable slide rail lets you slide and adjust in a position that is comfortable for you. Plus, you can secure it with a locking system.

Battery And Charging System

Odin is the best rechargeable hunting flashlight because of its long run time and powerful battery. It comes with a single customized 5000mAh rechargeable battery. The high-strength battery delivers a maximum of 2000 lumens and has 8 hours run time. It means you can spend maximum time in darkness because of its high-intensity flashlight.

One more feature of this good hunting flashlight, due to which it stands out among competitors, is the MCC3 USB magnetic charging cable. Through this, it charges with the current of 2A that improv eth efficiency of the flashlight charging.

Tail Cap

The green hunting light also offers a unique tail cap. You can do the tactical operation with convenience through a tail cap having an integrated tail switch. It works best with a locking remote control system.

Strength And Durability

The flashlight body is sturdy and has high strength. It can resist pressure and accidental fall. It will not get any damage. Thus this durable product you should opt for hunting, camping, or while going hiking. You must buy this incredible option and make your hunting super easy and free of any issues.


The last but not least feature of this flashlight is the various modes. There are two settings for this torch. One is constant while the other is momentary. You can switch between any mode by holding the button. You will get the constant mode through the quick press, and when you hold for a few seconds, it transforms to momentary mode. The switch is smooth and clicks nicely when you apply certain pressure.

The lumens also vary. For the first two minutes, it is 2000 lumens, then drops to1000, then to 760 lumens, and finally to 300 lumens. In this way, it saves battery and offers a long run time.


Having the top-rated flashlight for hunting can be a breeze for a user. The high lumen, sturdy construction, long battery time, and superior built quality make the hunting convenient and free of any hassle. Thus, one can spend with confidence to enjoy the trip.


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