6 Tips to Start Strong with a Rifle

Start Strong with a RifleMany people enjoy shooting firearms for a variety of reasons. Some may do it for recreational use to relieve stress. Still, others may enjoy competitive shooting sports or even turn it into a career. Shooting skills are developed over time at the shooting range, and many will often upgrade from basic handguns to rifles. We, at Shooting Range Industries believe that practice makes perfect, which is why the following advice can help beginner rifle shooters improve.

Learn The Basic Prone Position

Beginners should aim to perfect their prone position as it yields the most accuracy when shooting. The basic idea is to get low on the ground with your legs spread apart. While your legs are spread, your toes should be pointed outward with ankles lying as flat as possible on the ground. A seasoned marksman knows that this is not only the most accurate shooting position, but it yields the best learning experience for beginners.

It’s Okay To Rotate Positions

When you’re first learning how to shoot a rifle, you will want to achieve as much accuracy as possible. Sometimes, you will find that certain positions are easier for you to master than others. In these instances, it’s okay to revert back to a position that yields the most accuracy. You will start out with the prone position, but in time, you will need to learn to shoot standing, kneeling, sitting or on the bench.

Avoid Paper Targets

A beginner rifle shooter will want to avoid using paper targets down range as they won’t show progress accurately. Of course, the choice of your targets will depend on the shooting range you’re at. For those beginning work with a rifle, metal targets are the best option. Not only is it satisfying when you hit the metal, but you will see the aprogression of your bullets.

Keep Both Eyes On The Target

One of the worst offenders when it comes to beginner mistakes is closing one eye when aiming a rifle. It makes it harder to shoot accurately and does hinder your field of vision. Having both eyes open and on the target will help you aim and visualize optimally.

Shoot In A Relaxed Form

Most beginners find that it can be hard to block out negative thoughts or anxiety before taking aim. Take a few deep breaths if you feel anxious in any way and you will see improvement almost instantly. Aiming a rifle in a calm and deliberate manner allows you to hit your target, whether it’s through a scope or not

Always Follow Through

Loud shots can be jarring for beginners to hear on the firing range, but choosing to grow accustomed to loud noises and distractions can take an okay shot and turn it into an amazing one. The follow through concept is often ignored by beginners, but it’s much better to slow down and follow through versus learning to shoot with minimal accuracy. Keep your aim perfect by slowing down and paying attention to your breathing patterns along with squeezing versus pulling the trigger.

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