Miniature Ar15 Replica Rifle Review

This is a small to scale copy of an ArmaLite rifle labeled Ar15. It has been built at 1/3 of its real size and only 11” long. With an ejection port and a charging hammer that works perfectly. It has some dummy ammunition that are loaded inside the magazine, the barrel stock has three positions.

This replica rifle is ideal for teaching the different parts of a gun, its safety mechanism and equally safe for all to use including children.

The Miniature is ideal present for veterans out of service as a reminder of their ‘’babies” and can be customized to preference. The rifles are currently used for sporting.

Let’s look closely at the features of why small Ar15 got miniature replicas and eventually gifts models. Indeed it is a very exhaustive reproduction.

Important Features

Cast metal

It is made of fully die casting metal where the metal in molten form is moulded onto an AR model cavity. The surface is smoother and not an expensive material. The whole body part is made of metal making them sturdier and well detailed. The miniature is spray painted to the desired color then polished to shine. It is not as heavy as it looks it is 1:3 scale with interchangeable attachments.

Measures around 11 inches in length and it is black in color. All features are original as the main Ar15 rifle.

Adjustable Parts

It has adjustable parts just like the real big gun. Three flexible stock position to help in folding. The Picatinny rails for mounting scopes have adjustable spaces. You can as well buy a miniature scope and mount at the top. Making the rifle customized just like the real AR15. The charging handle is a small T shaped spot at the back that you pull back. This action sets the ammunition at the chamber set for firing. The ejection port at the base opens and closes. It has a clicking sound just like the real gun, giving you a taste of handling guns. The pistol grip is ribbed to enhance grip and hold


They have miniature bullets as well but cannot be engaged in the barrel as the barrel is sealed.  They are 3 dummy rounds that look almost real if not real. The magazine is removable and can be loaded with the small bullet for modelling purposes. The magazine is metallic and has a release function that dislodges it from the barrel. The trigger squeezes is well curved and can flex, but not fire.

Has slip rings and upper sling swivel that work along with the Picatinny rail. The hand guard is grooved to enhance grip as one focuses through the rear sight hole. The rear sight hole is aligned with the front sight hole for perfect range view and shooting.

Trophy Stand

It comes with a broad, long, firm stand that holds the miniature Ar15 replica rifle to place. Not necessary glue on. The stand looks oriental yet impressive as it blends with the rifle color. It is a very cool miniature to showcase at the wall unit, desk, display stand and also bookshelves. They blend well with other decors in the room especially curios and artefacts. They astonish anti-gunners and create an atmosphere to learn more about guns. They always are a topic of discussion.

The miniature is a great product to gift it out as the craftsmanship is good.

Easy To Assemble

Miniature Ar15 Replica Rifle Review 1The Miniatures parts are shipped while dismembered. But they are easy to assemble without strain if one follows the step by step guide. The assembling bit is a thrill to especially the veterans. One can order online and shipped to the destination. The manuals packaged in give more details of the products.


  • Great quality
  • Presentable
  • Awesome product
  • Can be displayed no need to worry about its discharge.
  • Attention to detail


  • The real gun looks better


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do they come with instructions manual?

A: Yes they do have a manual in its packaging. But you can as well visit the Goast-Guns webpage to get a comprehensive step by step guide about the product more so on its assembling.


Q: Can one build their own?

A: You can buy the attachment parts from Goat-guns and build your own miniature, however, ours remain more authentic and a known brand. Nevertheless, customization of the replicas is the fun part as you paint and color it to preference.


Q: Do the miniature rifle fire?

A: They are collectibles souvenirs and learning tools and don’t have the ability to shoot

Final Words

These miniatures look just like the real models, having the same action aside from firing of course. It’s a great tool to aid teaching. More so on gun part and safety to even children. It is a great product to add to one’s collection. Dudes now have Barbie dolls to make them grin more.

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