Best EDC Gun Belt Reviews

Best EDC Gun Belt Reviews
How many times have you experienced your pants falling especially when your pockets are loaded? If you are carrying your gun during normal daily activities or going for a shooting practice, you need to upgrade your normal belt with the best ECD gun belt.

Not only should the belt give you a comfortable fitting, it should also give you a smooth and fast draw.

Before you begin purchasing a gun belt, you need to ask yourself some few questions so that you can pick the best choice.

How are you planning to use your gun belt? What accessories do you intend to carry? What type of firearm do you have?

Once you answer these questions, selecting the right belt will be easy. You can get it right through professional guidance like this.

Read on to find reviews of top ten solid and sturdy gun belts that any gun owner will appreciate.

Top Rated Best EDC Gun Belt Comparison Chart

Product NameBrandMaterialColorPrice
Blue Alpha Gear 1.5″ Cobra EDC BeltBlue Alpha Gear1.5″ nylon webbingBlackCheck Price
Rattler Strap Paracord Survival EDC BeltRattlerStrapNylonBlackCheck Price
Pantel Tactical EDC Every Day Carry Belt with Cobra BucklePantel TacticalHigh strength double layer scuba webbingBlackCheck Price
Condor Tactical BeltCONDORNylonOlive Drab, Black, Tan, Coyote BrownCheck Price
Blue Alpha Gear 1.5″ SR EDC BeltBlue Alpha GearNylon webbingBlackCheck Price
Elite Survival Systems Cobra Rigger’s Belt with D Ring BuckleElite Survival SystemsMil-spec type 13 webbingBlack, coyote tan, or olive drabCheck Price
Hanks Belt Concealed Carry CCW Full Grain Leather Gun BeltHanks Belt100% FULL GRAIN LEATHERBrownCheck Price
Blue Alpha Gear 1.5″ Hybrid Cobra EDC BeltBlue Alpha GearNylon webbingBlackCheck Price
BLACKHAWK! CQB/Rigger’s BeltBLACK HAWK INC.1.75″ webbingBlack, Olive Drab, Desert Sand Brown, and Coyote Tan.Check Price
Grip6 Belts Adjustable Nylon Aluminium No Holes Men’s Classic BeltGrip61.5″ belt webbingNinjaCheck Price

Top 10 EDC Gun Belt Reviews

My team and I spent several hours of research comparing and analyzing different types of ECD gun belts. I must admit the options that you have are many, and this is why I have narrowed down your search by providing you with top ten best ECD gun belts that you will love using.

#1: Blue Alpha Gear 1.5″ Cobra EDC Belt  Review

Blue Alpha Gear 1.5" Cobra EDC Belt (Black, 34 (Pant Size)) Review[aawp box=”B01E6HZL0G” template=”horizontal”]Do you want to have a comfortable and rigid gun belt that will last for many years? It’s difficult to deny the fact that Blue Alpha is one of most gun enthusiasts’ favorite EDC gun belt.

Not many of its kind can match the complicated network of threading and high-quality construction put into the designing of this baby.

This edc gun belt is engineered with comfort in mind and it’s pretty easy to adjust. With its double-layer nylon webbing, it is both perfectly rigid and gentle on your waist.

You’d put it on for a whole day without feeling any strain or discomfort.

The fact that it doesn’t stretch makes it perfect for carrying guns of different weights, including heavier ones.

Velcro is easy to use and helps lock the belt perfectly in place. With Velcro, no way your belt can slowly loosen with continued activity because that would be disappointing.

Besides, its design gives it an elegant look that would go with most styles. It would look good on you if you decided to dress up in your simple everyday look or if you were covered in your EDC/ccw gear.

Highlighted Features
  • A product of nylon webbing, which never stretches
  • Easy to adjust with Velcro
  • Double layer webbing defines its rigidity and comfort
  • Strong foundation for edc/CCW gear
  • This is a strong ad fairly durable EDC gun belt

#2: Rattler Strap Paracord Survival EDC Belt Review

RattlerStrap Paracord Survival Belt (Black, Medium (36-38)) Review[aawp box=”B00AGKL8CI” template=”horizontal”]This is a pretty nice and tough EDC belt made for adventure. It’s innovatively-designed to withstand extreme conditions so that it can stand the test of the outdoors; and time of course.

I can assure you that the TheRattlerStrapParacord serves lots of other functions that would make your adventure more complete and satisfying.

If you are looking for a decent EDC belt that can stand the test of time, weather, and destructive elements in the wild, then I guess this would be a good choice.

It is as tough and dependable as it looks. The RattlerStrapParacord boasts UV/water/wear resistant properties that make it suitable for the outdoors; better than what most of its competitions have to offer.

They come in a variety of sizes so that you get to choose what best suits your size or needs.

Holding your pants in place and carrying your gun isn’t the only thing that it does perfectly. In case of an extreme situation, you can take it apart when that is the only option left to make things right.

The double cobra weave contains more than 80 feet of cord. That is enough cord to help in attaching a towline, make a shelter, craft a weapon, and carry out any other necessary activity in the outdoors.

Highlighted Features
  • It’s made from premium material
  • Can be worn in most places, whether you are in office or in the outdoors
  • There is always the right size for everyone
  • Provides more performance and aesthetics than the usual EDC gun belt
  • Perfect for adventure since it’s UV-resistant, water-resistant, and wear-resistant

#3: Pantel Tactical EDC Every Day Carry Belt with Cobra Buckle Review

Pantel Tactical EDC Every Day Carry Belt with Cobra Buckle 1-1/2" (Black/Black/Black, Small (32-38)) Review[aawp box=”B019HZRPUG” template=”horizontal”]This belt might look a little too simple for a tactical gear foundation, but it is for sure a fantastic piece of EDC gear. You can carry the heaviest gear on this belt and you won’t even feel the weight.

Even better, the belt doesn’t loosen no matter how heavy the gear is, and you can move around with it freely for longer without feeling the strain.

The Pantel Tactical EDC is your everyday carry belt and would suit you if you prefer a classy belt for the sake of your stylishness.

With the kind of tactical gear that we have today, you need a steadfast foundation; the kind that this EDC gun belt has to offer. It’s versatile in the fact that it easy suits the ever-changing EDC needs.

I would recommend it to any outdoor enthusiasts who want the kind of EDC gear foundation that stands at nothing to provide the best performance.

It suits the profile of an EDC gear whose design regards safety and rigidity whether you are on a motorbike or running in the wild while on your wildest missions. It doesn’t wear easily, keeps out water, and would survive the test of time.

Highlighted Features
  • Fit with the AustriAlpin cobra buckle
  • That could mean that it fits through most belt loops
  • You don’t need to remove your buckle to thread the belt
  • Super strength double-layered scuba webbing
  • Provides solid foundation for heavy EDC gear

#4: Condor Tactical Belt Review

Pantel Tactical EDC Every Day Carry Belt with Cobra Buckle 1-1/2" (Black/Black/Black, Small (32-38)) Review[aawp box=”B003MYJTYO” template=”horizontal”]This is one nice-looking tactical belts available. From the look of things, this just another great addition to the EDC gun belt collection on the market. It is tough and fits its position as a tactical gear in every way.

Let’s just say that it is the kind of belt that will give you extra storage space for your tactical gear when you need it, and it doesn’t matter whether you are in the office or outside trying to make every second count.

It has two detachable pouches in which you can put smaller stuff like a pen or flashlight.

This belt is adjustable up to 44-inch waste. You just need to customize your fitting depending on your waste size. You can get it in different colors like black, coyote brown and olive drab.

If you need a belt that will serve you for many years, this might be a better deal. It is designed with a strong nylon material that not only provides you with a long life but also strength when carrying your firearm and other accessories.

Highlighted Features
  • Two detachable pouches
  • Different color options
  • Strong nylon material
  • Adjustable for up to 44 inch

#5: Blue Alpha Gear 1.5″ SR EDC Belt Review

Blue Alpha Gear 1.5" SR EDC Belt (Black, 34 (Pants Size)) Review[aawp box=”B01MDKVXJR” template=”horizontal”]If you have used non Velcro belts, you know how they keep loosening and you need to keep adjusting them or else your pants fall down. Avoid such inconveniences by getting a quality belt that will serve you for many years.

The Blue Alpha Gear 1.5″ SR EDC Belt is a USA based product made to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

The belt is designed with built-in Velcro that allows easy adjustability for a custom fit. Its Velcro ensures that it stays in place so you will not experience any loosening or sagging.

This is a high-quality belt made with double layer nylon webbing to provide both comfort and strength. The advantage of this material is that it doesn’t stretch as compared to the leather belts.

This affordable belt is also lightweight. When you are carrying your firearms, hardly will anyone notice, thanks to the stiff nylon webbing. You can wear the belt all day long without feeling uncomfortable.

Highlighted Features
  • Built-in Velcro
  • Double layer nylon webbing
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Durable and rigid

#6: Elite Survival Systems Cobra Rigger’s Belt with D Ring Buckle Review

Elite Survival Systems Cobra Rigger[aawp box=”B00K96RH0G” template=”horizontal”]When you are on the loom out of a gun belt, not only should you concentrate on the best EDC gun belt for the money but also a belt that is comfortable.

You do not want to end up with a heavy belt that makes you feel uncomfortable.

The Elite Survival Systems Cobra Rigger’s Belt is one of the most lightweight tactical belts weighing only 1.1 lb without compromising its quality.

The combination of the patented quick release system and the D-ring give you the strength that you need.

Wearing the belt and taking it off is simple and in cases of emergency, it has a quick release safety buckle that frees you immediately.

You can get it in four different sizes to suit your needs. It is also available in different colors like olive drab, black and coyote tan so you are not limited when it comes to options.

For the price of the belt, you can be sure it will give you back your money’s value because it is built to last.

The fact that it is made in the US and its stiffened construction guarantee you of longevity and the ability to support more gear without compromising your comfort.

Highlighted Features
  • Lightweight
  • Different sizes and colors
  • D Ring Buckle with quick-release
  • Internal stiffening layer

#7: Hanks Belt Concealed Carry CCW Full Grain Leather Gun Belt Review

Hanks AMA2495 Gunner Belt -1.5" - Brown - 44 Review[aawp box=”B00ZG567VU” template=”horizontal”]Do you want to replace your old belt or are you simply purchasing your first gun belt? Either way, it is great if you would consider the Hanks Belt Concealed Carry CCW Full Grain Leather Gun Belt.

As compared to other types of belts, leather belts are the most common among gun owners because of their sold nature.

The USA made belt features a thick and durable material so you are sure that the belt will not break. For its price, you will enjoy a long-lasting use.

Unlike other cheap belts, you do not expect this one to split, thanks to its 100% full grain leather.

Another great thing about the belt is its ability to anchor your holster and this allows you to access your gun with ease. This comfortable belt is 1.5 inches wide and around 22-23 thick.

No more rollover and stretching as seen in other belts. Even if you are using it daily carrying more ammo, this belt is built to last.

The belt has a removable buckle for a perfect fit. You can easily fasten the buckle with removable Chicago screws. You can also opt to change the buckle when you need to.

Highlighted Features
  • Thick and durable material
  • Anchors your holster
  • Removable buckle
  • No sagging or breaking

#8: Blue Alpha Gear 1.5″ Hybrid Cobra EDC Belt Review

Blue Alpha Gear 1.5 Hybrid Cobra EDC Belt (Black, 36 (Pant Size)) Review[aawp box=”B072YY88HL” template=”horizontal”]As a gun owner, you need the best belt that will serve for so many years. Women looking for a nice gun belt that will fit their small belt loops will love the Blue Alpha Gear belt.

The belt feels very comfortable and has a hybrid cobra buckle perfect for female users.

The belt features a comfortable yet very rigid construction that makes it ideal for everyday use. It is designed with 2 layers of strong nylon webbing so you can’t really question its durability.

For the most comfortable fit, the belt has an adjustable Velcro system that keeps it in place. You do not need to keep adjusting it because it doesn’t loosen up, unlike other cheap belts.

The best thing that I love about this unique belt is that you can wear it for almost every occasion.

It is very comfortable to wear for business because it is easy to adjust and can support various handguns.

Its stitching is also great so you do not expect to let you down. This is the USA made a product designed to last for decades.

Depending on the size of your pants, you can get a perfect size that suits you.

There are different sizes starting from as small as 25 inches and other bigger ones up to 48 inches.

Highlighted Features
  • Adjustable Velcro system
  • Suits all occasions
  • Different sizes available
  • Comfortable and rigid construction

#9: BLACKHAWK! CQB/Rigger’s Belt Review

BLACKHAWK! CQB/Rigger[aawp box=”B0012REUIS” template=”horizontal”]Holding your gun and other accessories while still keeping comfortable requires a quality gun belt.

With the many options of tactical belts available, choosing the best can be a nightmare.

The best thing that you can do to acquire a gun belt that will serve is putting your needs fast.

If you are looking for a smaller tactical belt that doesn’t break your bank, try the BLACKHAWK! CQB/Rigger’s Belt.

You can get it in different colors like coyote tan, black olive drab and desert sand brown based on your liking.

When it comes to size, different options are also available for small, medium and large. Choose the best size depending on the size of your pants.

The belt is made with parachute grade buckles and adapters for easy fastening. Additionally, it has hooks and loops that secure running end.

Highlighted Features
  • Affordable
  • Different color and size options
  • Parachute grade buckles and adapters
  • Hooks and loops

#10: Grip6 Belts Adjustable Nylon Aluminium No Holes Men’s Classic BeltReview

Grip6 Adjustable No Holes Men[aawp box=”B018I1NPG8″ template=”horizontal”]It’s a minimalist EDC belt presenting a clean, synthetic design that many gun holders would prefer to include in their EDC gear collection.

It is a simple but highly functional belt with several eye-catching features including a flat and low-profile buckle made from a high-quality solid piece of aluminum plus ultra-durable military webbing.

As for comfort level, the Grip6 Belts would pass many users’ comfort test.

Let me just say that I find it exceptionally comfortable and super-easy to interchange. Whether you have a lean body shape or still working on getting that kid of body, no worries, the good news is that this belt fits all body types, big or small, tall or short.

It’s fully adjustable and interchangeable and that makes it a perfect choice for everyday use.

Another thing that makes it a special is the innovation put into its designing that gives it the regulated lightweight design because it makes it even easier and more comfortable to use.

In fact, sometimes you’d even forget that you have a belt on when there isn’t too much weight on it.

The Grip6 Belts is suited for the outdoors but performs excellently in every environment no matter how extreme or easy the environment might be.

Highlighted Features
  • Boasts super-high breaking strength of up to 2500 pounds, which makes it well-suited for its job
  • High-quality look and feel with elegance written all over its design
  • Easy to buckle and unbuckle or to operate in general
  • Holds tight and easy all day
  • The buckle provides extremely comfortable fit
  • No holes, no belt flap


Frequently Asked Question About EDC Gun Belt

Q: How do I choose the best EDC gun belt? What are some of the things that I should know before buying?

A: There are a few considerations that you should make when you are choosing a gun belt. Some of them include the durability of the belt, level of comfort, color, size and design among others.

Q: How do I take care of my belt so that it can last longer?

A: If you are not using the belt, it is advisable to avoid wadding it up into a small ball. This brings about unnecessary stretches because the outer layer compresses the inner layer and this causes the belt to lose its natural stiffness.

Q: How do I choose the right size of gun belt? I’m confused which size will fit me well.

A: Choosing the right belt size depends on your pant size. Take pant your measurements before purchasing a gun belt so that you can get the right size.

Final Verdict

My team and I went through the best of the best EDC gun belts on the market to select the top 10 EDC gun belts that can possibly be and here is the result.

These are 10 amazing EDC gun belts that will help hold your gun in the right position anywhere, at any time for safer carriage.

Each EDC gun belt in this exclusive guide is unique in its own way, and that allows every user to find whatever it is that suits their taste.

I take the Blue Alpha Gear 1.5″ Cobra EDC Belt’s amazing rigidity, perfect design, and decency. The gun also comes at a reasonable price so you don’t have to spend more to enjoy its great qualities.


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