Best Shooting Mats Reviews

Best Shooting Mats Reviews
Are you still struggling to find your best shooting mat? Then you probably miss the latest and the Best Shooting Mats review, the greatest informative content today!!

I deeply understood your difficulty that is why I am writing this review on the basis of selecting top shooting mat and their best useable criteria so you can add a shooting mat to fulfill your most current requirement.

But do not panic, your most reliable and trustworthy reviewers is here and provide you a critical analysis of each and every popular shooting mat so you can make your best

Tactical shooting mats choices from these lists of reviews.

 Top 3 selections

Top Rated

Voodoo Tactical Roll Up Shooter’s Mat

Voodoo Tactical Roll Up Padded Shooting Mat, Coyote Tan Review
This shooting mat is purposely built to maximize shooter’s performance including a full-size mat that is ultra portable as considered like a slipping bag which is secured by muscular buckles.

The elbow wings make unique features; reasons getting higher customer’s positive feedback, also closed cell design ensures ultra protection over any adverse weather conditions.

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Best Value for the Money

VISM by NcStar Rifle Case Shooting Mat

VISM by NcStar Gun Case Rifle Case/Shooting Mat/Green (CVSM2913G) Review
It is considered best shooting mat for the money, can facilitate you  a range bag, VISM rifle case and shooting mat as like 3 in one that able to keep sufficient ammo, has gearing mechanism for a quick sprint to the range.

Extra horizontal shooting facilities including rational padding and able to provide you the best service during unfavorable weather conditions.

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Best Budget Model

Midway USA Competition Shooting Mat

MidwayUSA Competition Shooting Mat Review
The shooting mat is capable of meeting your buying budget, has thirty bucks and rolls up quickly; heat resistance under sunlight keeps you cool, and also has corner bolts with holes that stack down under heavy wind.

It has least padding ensuring low weight and small size, a light shooting mat with affordable price, is certainly a choice for you on a budget.

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Top 10 best shooting mats: Comparison

Product Name Material Dimension Weight Price
US PeaceKeeper P20300 Tactical Shooting Mat Nylon 38 x 21 x 6 inches 9.2 pounds Check Price
BLACKHAWK! Pro-Shooters Mat Denier nylon  28”W x 83”L. 1 pounds Check Price
VISM by NcStar Folding Shooting Mat Nylon (18” X 36”) 1 pounds Check Price
VISM by NcStar Roll Up Shooting Mat Soft nylon 36″ wide by 68″ long less than 4 lbs   Check Price
MidwayUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat Polyester Unrolled: 73-½” Long x 35-½” Wide
Rolled: 8-½” Diameter x 35-½” Wide
7 pound  Check Price
Boyt Harness Bob Allen Tactical Shooting Mat, Tan, Left/Right Rubber, Coated foam, poly webbing 27 x 85 x 1 inches 4.2 pound  Check Price
Roll – Up Shooter’s Mat Polyester, foam padded Measures 69 x 48  5 pounds  Check Price
VISM by NcStar Rifle Case Shooting Mat Nylon  Measures 46″ long 6.2 pounds  Check Price
Elkton Outdoors Tactical Gun Shooting Bag With Built In Shooting Mat and Backpack Straps- Soft Rifle Case PVC Coated polyester 42x3x15 inches 7.5 pound  Check Price
Midway USA Competition Shooting Mat Polyester 67″ Long x 26.75″ 5 pounds  Check Price


How to choose the best shooting mats?

Shooting mat is considered very important part and parcel of shooting sports. Its simple concept of using profound clothes including some pouches for accessories, heavy corner come with many different styles and disparities.

The manufacturers are always trying to come up with new and innovative materials and design to provide you maximum benefits in this competitive market.

Here are some criteria so it will help you to choose most suitable shooting mat to meet your needs:


Price plays a very vital role considering what shooting mat you are going to buy. Depending on your budget and overall analyzing current need you can make your buying decision no matter it is expensive or not.

If you want to buy good quality shooting mat you need to spend a bit higher price.

Weight and Size:

Simple equation! The bigger the sizes the bigger the weight depending upon what material they used producing your desired mat.

The biggest size appropriate only if you can park your next to your shooting place and consider padded shooting mat.

If buying for hunting or PRS style shooting competition then your need to go for light, portable and least padding shooting mat.


It is important to select a shooting mat considering most elasticity and would be perfect for any extreme weather conditions with extreme durability.

The core materials that the manufacturers are using to make a shooting mat are very crucial. You need to select an ultra sturdy, anti-water and able to absorb any external pressure and right shape.


The materials using to make shooting mat is really important because you have to use it under sunlight and also adverse weather conditions. If the shooting mat roasting hot while you lying on and becoming wet quickly because of muddy or snow surface you cannot consider buying this shooting mat.


A big padding mat becomes bulky also has a close relation to weight and size. Some of the shooting mats have thick padded some are thinner and deep and heavy padded mat ensures your overall comfort so need to match your criteria before buying a shooting mat.

Design and efficiency:

The top class shooting mat comes with most innovative features that you may find in the overall design pattern. Design adds the best performance and able to meet all kind of shooting burden. A good storage capacity and how well you can carry your shooting mat is considered its efficiency.

Best Picks of Top Rated Shooting Mats

#1: US PeaceKeeper P20300 Tactical Shooting Mat Review

US PeaceKeeper P20300 Tactical Shooting Mat Review
It is one of the top gun much-needed accessories to provide excellent service during your shooting time.

The shooting mat is well made with excellent quality. The price is also very reasonable you can consider great value for money.

The brand is producing durable mat and versatile products rather just focusing on style and price. Also, you can buy within your budget range.

You never roll up in your squared position during shooting time and an ultra thickness gives you best support even in a rough surface.

The dimension of this mat is 81.5 inches length, 36 inches width and .75 inches thick. It has special features so that it does not slip your elbows including ammo pocket, log book.

What I Like
  • Perfect for the damp
  • Anti graze system for morning use.
  • Highly functional for using shooting competition
  • Lifetime warranty is the guarantee of quality excellence.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The product made in china bit concern about quality.
  • Quite heavy to carry nearly 10 pounds weight.

Bottom line:

You can enjoy sheet window for ballistic cheat, has zippered pocketable to keep your accessories and additional ammunition and pens.

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#2: BLACKHAWK! Pro-Shooters Mat Review 

BLACKHAWK! Pro-Shooters Mat – Coyote Tan Review
If you are participating rifle, pistol or shotgun competition wants multidimensional shooting position then the Blackhawk Pro-shooters mat will capable of fulfilling your requirement.

It uses 1000 diner nylon and approximately .375 inches closed-cell foam ensures the most durability of the mat.

It is really perfect for prone shooting even in hot weather it keeps you cool. It is ultra strong and perfect size to lug in the field.

It is highly recommended to you because of it extremely comfortable and handy. It able to serve what exactly you are looking for a shooting mat.

The mat is constructed with a different layer so that the outer shell able to minimize the noise level.

The closed-form also provides best shock confrontation with small or even no wetness preservation. It has a special mechanism so it can adapt any weather condition also perfect for uneven surface.

What I Like
  • External contact patch textured ensures long lasting.
  • The innovative twofold secure strap provides maximum support for the critical
  • Easy and simple configuration.
  • Hydration compatible pouch and tube- routing system.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Looks bit weird design
  • Relatively thinner compared to another shooting mat.

Bottom line:

All in all, it is very useful shooting mat provide you top class support during your any kind of shooting competition.

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#3: VISM by NcStar Folding Shooting Mat Review 

BLACKHAWK! Pro-Shooters Mat – Coyote Tan Review
This particular folding shooting mat has an excellent quality feature with the half inch rich deluxe thick padded surface.

It can provide you most portability because it has one lug grip and shoulder strap. You can use for 6×3 feet shooting platform.

You can find the shooting mat is used super heavy duty PVC fabric for external shell confirms very durable product.

You can easily roll up whenever you want and when opens it remains flat. It helps you to stick your elbow and knee surface without slipping and able to hold your position for your perfect shot.

You also keep your accessories and extra ammo in the pouches including a chained ballistic chart to provide you best support not to lose them in any situation.

What I Like
  • Has dual snap buckets and 5-panel folding shooting mat
  • Metal D-rings helps to protect from windy days.
  • Comparatively larger make your experience a big difference.
  • To fold it takes less than one minute.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Quite complicated to handle while traveling.
  • Difficult to attach handlebar and range bag.

Bottom line:

You can use this shooting mat for your exercise purposes because this particular shooting mat is also multifunctional.

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#4: VISM by NcStar Roll Up Shooting Mat Review 

If you have VISM by ncstar roll up shooting mat you wan

VISM by NcStar Folding Shooting Mat/Tan Review
t to count your shots as well as its capable of proving your best support for your elbow and proper resistance system for your knee.

The shooting mat ensures your maximum control during your critical target time. It keeps you stable and helps to achieve your desired goal.

It has extraordinary facilities to hook and loop straps so it will provide you best results for a roll up, simple storage and quick transportability.

A carry strap will provide you maximum flexibility when your hands are completely full and you unable to carry by your hand. So, you can easily take with you by using the built-in shoulder strap.

What I Like
  • Ability to craft shooting from a horizontal
  • Can roll up to a maximum of 19.5width and5 inches length.
  • Dual carrier system including a carry handle and changeable shoulder strap.
  • Used high quality hard and durable PVC materials and chemical resistance.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The possibility of scratching metal.
  • Can feel small rocks and gravel easily.

Bottom line:

It has also a travel handle so you can easily move around whenever you need any adjustment.

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#5: Midway USA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat  Review

MidwayUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat Olive Drab Review
The Midway USA pro series competition shooting mat is basically designed for various championship competition purposes.

You can consider this item is the best value for money and many American shooters using this mat for local, state, national and international championships.

It has excellent Velcro strap helps to roll up properly also wonderful padding, sufficient room, a critical shot point included.

You do not feel any distress when using it on uneven floor especially concrete and small rocks and even snow surface.

You can maximum output when you buy this item for high power rifles or CMP also greatly eligible to provide you service for small bore competition.

What I Like
  • It is made of high-quality polyester material.
  • All corners are very strong and provide extra prevention from wind lifting.
  • Elbow and knee pads included.
  • Bipods never sink onto the mat but other thicker foam mats do.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The shooting mat bit heavy so check before you buy them.
  • Do not have sufficient padding to protect your elbow and knees.

Bottom line:

It is highly recommended for your because its outstanding quality, ruggedness and considers a solid base for shooting job.

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#6: Boyt Harness Bob Allen Tactical Shooting Mat, Tan, Left/Right Review 

Boyt Harness Bob Allen Tactical Shooting Mat, Tan , Left/Right Review
The boys harness Bob Allen shooting mat is specially designed for the top protection of your guns and rifles during your shooting competition.

It is thousand times better to have a tactical mat with you rather taking a cardboard to target the range.

It is an ultra durable item that offers you maximum defense including water resistance and foam padding. It has also an extra pocket for an additional storage.

What’s more! Nylon zippers for personal medical aid, ultra strong poly webbing, a handle bar also a shoulder strap gives you best possible service that you dreaming from a shooting mat.

You do not slip because it uses an ultra rubber surface including close cell foam and it is easy to roll up and shift wherever you want.

What I Like
  • Very light weight, fine construct, and happy roll.
  • Suitable for any weather conditions.
  • Can be used for camping mat.
  • Excellent shooting mat suitable for a tall
What I Didn’t Like
  • The black part may burn you during a sunny
  • Has single stitched that poorly reached finishing

Bottom line:

It’s perfect for any weather conditions and any surface even mud, rocks, hot or cold ground that able to provide you a maximum comfort.

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#7: Voodoo Tactical Roll Up Padded Shooting Mat, Coyote Tan Review 

Voodoo Tactical Roll Up Padded Shooting Mat, Coyote Tan Review
If you want to target from a dry and leveled surface then I would suggest you just go for Roll-up shooter’s mat. It is lightweight, provides padding protection and simple to roll-up.

Whenever you make aim to your target it provides you best horizontal position to shoot from.

It has a small pocket so you can keep your pen, also has detachable tool pouch can keep your ammo including a bullet slots for rapid access.

The length of this shooting mat is 69 inches and wide 48 inches that you can roll up to 20×8 inches dense.

You may find the lowest price ever on the internet with all of those excellent features. You can release the buckles quickly as it has adjustable straps.

What I Like
  • It is not an expensive item just value for money considers worth investment.
  • Ultra comfort shooting range from a horizontal
  • Suitable for short to long time shooting.
  • Can use as an alternative item with other shooting tools
What I Didn’t Like
  • The material they are using very slippery.
  • Quite small and slimmer compared to midway shooting mat.

Bottom line:

It is very small even you can put them up in your rucksack so you carry more convenient way.

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#8: VISM by NcStar Rifle Case Shooting Mat Review

VISM by NcStar Gun Case Rifle Case/Shooting Mat/Green (CVSM2913G) Review
If you are planning to buy a shooting mat for dry surface especially want to use in the forest area, the NcStar Rifle case shooting mat will be your top choices.

It is able to provide you best horizontal position to shoot exact spot. You also can carry favorite rifle more easily and conveniently.

You can use this shooting mat for any weather conditions also have plenty of room including external and internal pockets for your cartridges at least 10 and can keep most of your shooting accessories like rangefinders and binoculars.

The shooting mat has 4 altered colors including black, green, camo and tan give room to choose your favorite colors.

What I Like
  • Have both exterior and interior pockets.
  • Have available options for selecting your target, tripod keep additional ammo.
  • Can have options to carry your shooting mat for many different ways.
  • Protect up to 15lb rifles inside.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The pockets may not useful to serve your purpose.
  • May find long slipping mat at the back of your schooldays, very poor quality.

Bottom line:

A strong PVC-Coated material including ultra chunky padding gives you the best protection and you can use this item like a briefcase.

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#9: Elkton Outdoors Tactical Gun Shooting Bag With Built In Shooting Mat and Backpack Straps- Soft Rifle Case Review 

Elkton Outdoors Tactical Gun Shooting Bag With Built In Shooting Mat and Backpack Straps- Soft Rifle Case Review
It is not bulky can hysterics three full-size rifles including enough magazines and other shooting related accessories that you may require during your shooting time.

Comes along with tactical gun bag at the top, a padded shooting mat and also you can carry as a backpack.

You do not panic to carry extra shooting mat with you as the dimension of the mat is 42 inches in length, 15 inches wide and 3 inches thickness.

You do not need to buy any extra accessories if you have Elkton Outdoors Tactical Gun Shooting Bag with you.

What I Like
  • Able to keep long rifles including HK-93, AR-15, Mini-14 and much
  • This equipment is built by using high-quality PVC Polyester.
  • Have interior Velcro straps inside that ensure maximum security.
  • Removable padded back pack straps facility ensures the best
What I Didn’t Like
  • The inside Velcro straps poorly designed and made.
  • Straps are not able to hold rifles in the middle of the bag when packing them for the back.

Bottom line:

The purpose built multifunctional shooting mat is designed to provide you a mixed functional experience.

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#10: Midway USA Competition Shooting Mat Review 

MidwayUSA Competition Shooting Mat Review
The Midway USA competition shooting mat is designed equipping with non-slip materials for your elbows and knees that built with ultra-strong 400D PVC coated polyester.

This particular shooting is very popular in the USA to shooters from different groups and for various purposes.

You can discover this mat is a wonderful bargain to your price range and it is made through involving an extensive of trial and error project.

If you are considering yourself a professional shooter then the shooting mat is probably best matched to fulfill your requirement.

You also find this product bit larger, thicker, and better cooler under the sun too. You can buy this item within your budget range, a long-lasting product then you are expecting.

What I Like
  • Made with 400D sturdy polyester.
  • Capable of providing best support on rocks, sands or any uneven surface.
  • The appropriate color used for elbows and knees areas so keeps you cool.
  • The base part is made of high quality textured, and anti-water material.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Comparatively small for a tall
  • Not suitable for large-bore competition.

Bottom line:

It has ultra strong corner bolts that enable to protect your shooting mat uplifting from strong wind or sudden wind blast.

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Top shooting mats Brands

Midway USA:

The Midway USA Company was founded in 1977 with just simple hard work and passion it became one of the renowned outdoor products manufacturers.

Their secret of success is to build a super qualified team of leaders to produce high-quality products throughout its history.


The company was established in 1990 since then they are producing best quality gear. They produce their product with an extensive form of research work, refining and creating an ideal product to provide customer’s best gearing experience.

US Peacekeeper products:

US peacekeeper was founded in 1976 well known for designing and manufacturing products, particularly for police and army.

They manufactured Duty Boot and unique holster at the beginning of their production time. They are well known for exceptionally designed products with very competitive pricing.

NcStar sporting products:

The company founded in southern California in 1997 with a view to producing best quality products with the highest consistency. The customer can buy their products because they currently offering an affordable price.

They created new brand VISM in 2010 producing products with an extended warranty and exceptional customer service and latest products.

Bob Allen Company:

Bob Allen company was established when the World War 2 was over. He was young national shooter targeting clay before the war. He was selected an instructor for south pacific and he first designed long billed cap and the company was born.

After the world war, he started to produce hats, shooting vest, pouches, and bags. Finally, he manufactured top class shooting mat with the best value for money.

Elkton Outdoors:

The particular company is the well known for producing hunting and fishing products and accessories with excellent quality and outstanding customer service. They are one of the best outdoor shooting and other accessories provider that assists you to get most out of your adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is shooting mat most suitable for me?

If you are planning to go for small bore competition then you need to have light, portable and small shooting mat and vice versa.

If you are going to participate your shooting in the muddy or snow surface then buy water resistance mat but thinner mat for even or forest surface.

Are all mats durable or how long they last?

Depending on overall purpose the mats are using for and the frequency of using it. Most of the manufacturers’ offering durable shooting mat. But you need to check the material and usability of the mat.

Is there having any warranty for shooting mat?

I would say yes because some of the manufacturers offer long time warranty and some of them giving short term. Even some of the manufacturer providing a lifetime warranty. So, it is advisable to check before your purchase your desired shooting mat.

What materials do they use for shooting mat?

Well, mostly nylon materials being used to produce shooting mat because it is long-lasting. Also, foam padding, Velcro straps anti-water fabric, and heat resistance materials use to make shooting mat.

Can I use any cleaning spray to clean my mat?

Yes, you can but you can wash your shooting mat like any other mat at home. Just use a hose pipe and a cleaning brush also uses some soapy material if needed.

Is the entire shooting mat having similar dimension?

No, actually not. Because different manufacturers producing different dimensions using various materials so that it can fulfill your demands. You find the dimension on the advertising leaflet just your need to check before you buy.

Does the shooting mat suitable for left handers?

Yes, there is an option for left-handers but it is advisable to check the manufactures specification to avoid the unusual situation.

Final Verdicts

You always find exact products information mentioned above would be the Best Shooting Mats review I have ever made for you.

I come to make a conclusion based on customer’s preferences and demands by selecting the best shooting mat that probably helps you to choose from.

From my reviews point of view, I voted the best budget shooting mat for the boat harness Bob Allen shooting mat and best long lasting shooting mat for VISM by and maximum reward for quality for midway USA pro shooting mat

The entire shooting mat I described on the basis of customer preference and reviews that provide you ultra protection from dirt and harmful chemical.


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