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Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box Review
Are you looking for Best Stealth Gun Safe to protect your handguns from theft, burglars or kids? Want to keep ready for any emergency use of your guns? But having difficulties to find the appropriate handgun safe? I am here to help!!!
My best pick stealth gun safe reviews will assist you to choose the top gun safe that will meet your gun storage requirement perfectly.

I compiled 4 best stealth gun safes after involving extensive online research and watching videos. So, after reading my review article definitely, you can come out with all the pros and cons and gain appropriate knowledge to select the right one.

As you know, it is a legal requirement as your guns need to be locked up in a safe place also needs a protection from fire and water.

So, if you have gun safe stealth made that would be perfect to give you ultra protection and portability of your guns.

Top 4 best Stealth Gun Safe: Comparison

NameDimensionWeightMax capacityView on Amazon
Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe9″ H x 9″ W x 12″ D 15 pounds3Check Price
Stealth Best College Dorm Safe14 x 7 x 20 inches30 pounds2Check Price
Stealth Original Handgun Safe Steel Pistol Box Concealed Weapon Storage4-1/4″ H (5-1/4″ H with knob) x 12-9/16″ W x 10-1/4″ D (11-1/2″ D24 pounds2Check Price
Stealth Portable Handgun PS1210EZ Pistol Box with 13.5 Inch Dean Pistol Sock10.09″ D x 12.26″ W x 4.13″ H14 pounds1-2Check Price

Best Picks of Stealth Gun Safe

#1: Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box Review

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box Review[aawp box=”B01JSR3K5C” template=”horizontal”]The new, innovative and improved version of Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe provides you ultra fast store of your handguns. You can keep 3 ready handguns in 3 steel rods that are sturdy to hold your guns.

The rods are coated with heat shrink tubing that gives you maximum protection so your guns do not damage, spoiled or scratched. You just need to slide to place your ready pistols on it.

The 2 doors of the stealth handgun hanger are about 3/8” thick fully spring loaded and give you quick drops facilities just after entering correct combination and with the reasonable price can consider best Stealth Gun Safe for the money.

What I Like
  • Free security cable included.
  • Electronic lock and blue LED light for an interior
  • Best quality safe with maximum durability.
  • Audible feedback included for maximum safety.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The beep when your press the button quite loud.
  • If you go too fast to open the door it reminds you to start from the beginning.

Bottom line:

The stealth handgun hanger safe is rock-hard and almost impossible to pry open because it has ultra thick with superior latch strength, All in all, it is an awesome safe with the best quality and maximum durability with excellent construction mechanism.

#2: Stealth Best College Dorm Safe Review

Best College Dorm Safe | Prevents Laptop, Phone & Medication Theft | Charges Your Electronics While Locked Inside | Protects Your Dorm Room Accessories | Opens with a Swipe of Your Credit Card! Review[aawp box=”B005F69G5E” template=”horizontal”]The purpose built Stealth Best College Dorm safe especially designed for college students that provide you top security for your expensive items including laptop, smartphone, mp3player and even your handy cam.

The safe made with solid steel and custom designed vertical factors give you plenty of room inside and you can park under your reading desk or into a closet also able to store a maximum of 18 inches laptop.

The safe has the most secure holding mechanism as comes with attached plate just you need to bolt down to the floor to make the safe strong.

What I Like
  • Vertical orientation allows you to utilize the top shelf of the safe.
  • The electronic lock system is powered by a 9v
  • Low battery alarm system enabled.
  • Custom designed especially for a college
What I Didn’t Like
  • Need to have some replacement battery with you.
  • Locking mechanism wants to more improve to ensure maximum protection.

Bottom line:

You can use your personal pin to open the safe just needs to swipe your driving license or credit/debit card, comes with 2 eyelet holes at the bottom rear that allows you to charge your smart devices while putting them inside.

#3: Stealth Original Handgun Safe Steel Pistol Box Concealed Weapon Storage Review

Stealth Original Handgun Safe Steel Pistol Box Concealed Weapon Storage Review[aawp box=”B00UIKSF54″ template=”horizontal”]The Stealth Original Handgun Safe is designed to protect your handguns is considered hardest and most steadfast handgun safe I have reviewed ever. It uses 10 gauges strong steel body including 3/16” rock-hard steel wrap surrounding the door.

You find the safe is very simple to use and most reliable simplex lock system. It will take at least an hour if any burglar tries to open the safe because it has a maximum of 1081 combinations.

It also uses 3/8” steel heaves; ultra thicker chrome plated locking bolt and dual solid deadbeats that ensure it is almost impossible to break the safe.

What I Like
  • Gas piston mechanism for soft close and opening the door.
  • Chrome plated handle for easy carry and transportability.
  • Can easily fit 2 full-size pistols and extra ammo.
  • Easy installation and great constructed pistol safe.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Need proper care of the hinges of the safe.
  • Little bigger than table drawer.

Bottom line:

The inbuilt 4 pre-drilled bolts down holes enable you to mount the safe in the car, nightstand, and drawer or on the even surface. The USA made handgun safe comes 1-year warranty gives you a complete handguns storage solution.

#4: Stealth Portable Handgun PS1210EZ Pistol Box with 13.5 Inch Dean Pistol Sock Review

Stealth Portable Handgun PS1210EZ Pistol Box with 13.5 Inch Dean Pistol Sock Review[aawp box=”B018USNRPS” template=”horizontal”]Another ultra strong hard-rock steel made 1” door overlap for pry resistance is the stealth portable handgun pistol box. It is very easy to carry wherever you want to take them.

It does not have any batteries or a biometric scanner that provides you a hassle free gun safe using experiences and make this handgun safe simple to use.

The whole body of the safe is constructed by 14 gauges rock-hard steel plate with an inch overlap door gives you pry resistance system comes along with 4 pre-drilled bolts included at the bottom part of your safe.

What I Like
  • Thick steel constructed with the tamper-proof
  • The simple combination and easy to reset.
  • Locking mechanism works flawlessly that gives you ultimate peace.
  • The USA made attractive outlook with reasonable price.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Need to use your passcode frequently otherwise you may forget that.
  • Need to make a bit bigger relative small but fits 2 handguns.

Bottom line:

The safe is coated with black chrome thick powder finish and 1-year warranty gives you tension free using experience. The mass thickness pluck foam included that enables your exact sized pistol inside.


History of Stealth Safe Brand

Have you ever wondered why we protect our handguns from theft, burglars or reach of kids? Well, stealth safe brand was constructed for that purpose.

The main agenda of its construction was to keep guns safe and keep them ready for emergency use.

In 2000, two Americans Smith and Wesson agreed to manufacture handguns with a built-in lock, but boycotts curbed sales.

Safe storage laws were made to promote responsible gun owning practices, and unauthorized users from gaining unsupervised access to deadly weapons.  Legally gun owners were required to store them in stealth safe.

Where Stealth Safe are Made

You might want to know where stealth safe are made so as you purchase one.  Do not be nervous, all you need is to be calm, think of the mode of transportation to your place. Do you know it is made by hand in the USA?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose to have the security cable for?

It depends on how you use them, however many manufacturers offers free security cable that is used for secure the box as it makes difficult to steal. You can connect the cable to the stealth gun safe and enfold it around a secure to unfasten item.

Does every stealth gun safe have a warning system for low battery?

Most of the stealth gun safe comes with a key so when you use the key manually then it provides you a signal whether batteries are low or not and some of the safe come with beep so before buying just check the gun safe.

Can I make the light and sound off especially quite room?

In the original model, it is not possible but some newer version has this facility so you can enable them silent mode in quite an environment.

I have the 19-inch laptop can I fit inside the stealth safe?

You probably fit your 19-inch laptop inside the stealth gun safe because officially it said 18 inches will be the best to fit inside there still some space available. Only you can try to put in diagonally just after that shelves. I would recommend you to put 18 inches inside as the manufacturers recommended size.

Is there any special instruction to lock the safe?

I would say yes! First, you need to close the door and coil the knob same movable direction and you have to make sure the battery have a life otherwise it gives you a serious headache may be cannot open or close properly.

Are all stealth gun safe fitted in the drawer?

I would say no. some safe is a bit bigger than the drawer size. So, if you want to keep the gun safe into your drawer it is advisable to check the manufacturer’s guide or manual if you still confused then check overall dimension of the safe then you should go for buying.

Final Verdicts

So, to select the best stealth gun safe is not a challenging task but I would say its bit cheeky to choose from a wide range of options.

I found the entire stealth guns safe that I reviewed today are able to provide you maximum protection and all are almost similar to their features and usability.

However, my pick for today from my best stealth gun safe reviews is Stealth Original Handgun Safe because it is the USA made and top versatile gun safe I have ever found on the market.

You have to look overall ratings and protection capabilities from theft, fire, water, burglars or vulnerable before make your final decision to buy.


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