The 20 Best Diversion Safes Reviews

The 20 Best Diversion Safes Reviews
Do you need to buy a safe that is ordinary not a typical safe? Need to make hidden safes a part of your household, ventilation or heating systems? Want to keep your valuables in plain sight? The best diversion safes would be the most effective solution to keep your small scale valuables a secret.

Diversion safes are designed to store any special objects or elements that need to hide within a small space that made from daily useable objects including coke can soda can, a fake book or candle. It helps to deflect the burglar not to enter the house for the purpose of stealing.

The diversion safes who want to make their valuables in the workplace secured in the most economical way to protect them.

In this article I will discuss most popular diversion safes, reasoning to buy them and some possible answer to your questions. It would be your most beneficial experience and gain knowledge if you go through this article.

What Is Diversion Safe?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were able to hide your valuables in such a way that no burglar can find them?

Diversion safes or hidden safes are made for this purpose. They are safes made to look like your normal household items and are indistinguishable from the actual product.

They are made from the same material as that of their look-alike and are even weighed to make them appear full! The only difference is that their interior is reinforced.

With these qualities, you can hide them in plain sight without worrying that a thief will find them.

Types Of Diversion Safes

Can Safes

Imagine a safe that looks like a can of baked beans. This is exactly what can safes are. They are modelled into whatever you want them to look like say a coca cola soda can or even a spray can.

You are able to screw off and on both the top and the bottom of these cans to get to the inbuilt compartment where you will put your jewellery, money and other valuables.

Size varies with the product.

Rock Safes

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. A safe is hollowed out of a rock! This safe works best if it blends in with your environment to avoid attracting people and potential thieves.

You will have to study the characteristics of your garden to determine the size, color, shape, and style of your rock safe. You wouldn’t want the thief to trip over an oversized rock safe only to uncover a house key or your valuables!

Book Safes

Here real books with the actual original pages are used. The interior has a tough protective compartment which is located on numerous pages.

Again, it is advisable to use a dull book that won’t attract attention.

They are found in large and small sizes.

Things to consider when buying the best diversion safe

As already you have known that diversion safes have different sizes and functionality. So before purchasing diversion safes, you need to consider the following principles that help you to choose appropriate diversion safes for you.

Look ordinary item

It is really important to buy diversion safe that looks ordinary household items so you can keep them in plain sight. Because you can easily hide items so people cannot mark them and keep them either in the freezer or on your bookshelf. If you go for sophisticated items with the beautiful look then it will be more attractive to the intruder.

Not safes but it’s a container

Another important issue you need to keep in mind before purchase a diversion safe is that it is not a typical safe that you are looking for. Generally speaking, it’s a kind of storage options to keep your valuables inside the compartment and leave them either in your bedroom or use them while traveling. It cannot protect your items from fire nor an option for large storage but it has the tremendous ability to disguise people who have interest on them.

Shapes and Sizes

The shapes and sizes of the diversion safe my vary and it is most suitable for small storage so before you buy them make a plan whether you need book diversion safes for relatively large storage capacity or want to buy small nuts and bolts everything to your choice.


Diversion safes really inexpensive even you need to spend few dollars to buy them. Most insurance companies recommended these highly effective items for hiding your valuables.

As it is not that much expensive so check your current needs before you buy them, however, you need to spend very little costs so it is advisable to buy them and get some practical experience on it.

Best Picks of diversion safe

#1: Trademark Home Dictionary Diversion Book Safe with Key Lock, Metal, Dark Blue – Full Size Review

Trademark Home Dictionary Diversion Book Safe with Key Lock, Metal, Dark Blue - Full Size[aawp box=”B003TOBM1K” template=”horizontal”]

The most striking feature of the diversion book safe is looking quite similar to a real book. So, it is very difficult for an intruder to realize it’s safe and you can simply keep with other books blending with them.

The safe comes with 2 keys and made from ultra strong material so you can store valuable items including jewelry, petty cash, debit or credit cards and other key items inside the safe.

The safe ensures your valuable items is secured gives you appropriate hiding space and straight access to the valuable items, only need to make sure buying original Stalwart USA made products.

[aawp box=”B003TOBM1K” template=”horizontal”]

#2: Aquafina Water Bottle Diversion Safe Can Stash Bottle Hidden Security Review

Aquafina Water Bottle Diversion Safe Can Stash Bottle Hidden Security[aawp box=”B008C3YU4E” template=”horizontal”] This particular water bottle diversion safe made from a real water bottle and able to provide you best hiding benefits from the unadorned spectacle. You can keep a roll of money, keys, jewelry and other rolling items.

You can fill the top part with water just need to open the cap so everybody understands it’s a water bottle, not a safe that is the real advantage of this bottle safe.

You find plenty of space inside the bottle so place your money on it and leave it in the fridge even your beloved one could not realize unless you tell them. It’s a worth investment for such diversion safe.

[aawp box=”B008C3YU4E” template=”horizontal”]

#3: Southwest Specialty Products 30007C Barbasol Can Safe Review

Southwest Specialty Products 30007C Barbasol Can Safe[aawp box=”B000HZ8RN0″ template=”horizontal”]
The Barbasol can safe is made from original product containers and most suitable gift for any occasion also provides you best storage facilities for your home, office, and school including travels.

It looks solid build genuine visibility with superior quality and price bit high compared to other competitors still I would recommend you to buy this plain sight most invisible diversion safe to hide you most important regular useable items.

This diversion safe gives you secured storage opportunity so you can feel much safer from any unusual accidents as you find exact looking even you can store your diamond rings and necklaces.

#4: Throw Pillow Safe, Insert is a Diversion Review

THROW PILLOW DIVERSION SAFE. Insert has a secure secret Hidden compartment Stash all your valuables. Best for "Hide in plain sight" Safety Proof Your Life ~ Be Prepared. Handmade USA Quality[aawp box=”B018GLNRKE” template=”horizontal”]
The throw pillow safe is best-secured diversion safe while traveling, or staying in the hotel or dorm rooms, nursing houses, camping, truckers and RV or even for the hospitals.

The pillow is for dual purpose uses including a pillow and has secret storage facility so you can keep your most valuable personal belongings inside the pillow safe.

The top gift items solution for all ages and it is stretched depending on your fabric choices.

This excellent quality non-allergenic machine washable pillow case with 9×11” secret storage capacity gives you protection when you are in public place where needs the extreme care of your valuable items.

#5: Coca Cola Coke Soda Can Diversion Safe Stash Review

Coca Cola Coke Soda Can Diversion Safe Stash[aawp box=”B008RZ7F1M” template=”horizontal”]

The coca cola soda diversion safe is designed from a real soft drink can with almost original color and logo able to keep your small valuable items more safely and securely inside.

It is suitable for your home, workplace or while traveling as you may find the outlook of the can may vary because of a promotional or regional marketing campaign.

You can find this diversion safe as a conventional soda can that made from aluminum and plastic jar included gives you ultra protection from extreme heat so that it could not damage your valuable items.

The safe offers a most effective solution for the items that want to hide with wonderful light weight and seamless soft drink can.

#6: Pepsi Cola Diversion Hidden Safe Can Review

Pepsi Cola Diversion Hidden Safe Can[aawp box=”B007MCBGH0″ template=”horizontal”] The Pepsi Cola diversion hidden safe is able to serve your purpose if you want to hide your small valuable items in natural sight. It looks exactly original retail Pepsi cola can so no one even guess it’s a hidden safe.

The inner part is decorated by small plastic bottle including dried plaster. It has also screwed at top of the can so it just sits without any movement. The bottom part has set rotating mechanism so the central part never changes that gives a liquid filled real can.

The safe price also very reasonable you get satisfied and you can store your item inside with room temperature.


#7: Lock Box with Key, Diversion Book Safe Review

Lock Box with Key, Diversion Book Safe (Portable Safe Box, Great for Traveling, Store Money, Jewelry, and Passport) by Stalwart, Dictionary - 6 x 9 in[aawp box=”B01MZI6X6C” template=”horizontal”] The Lockbox with key diversion book safe is being introduced by Stalwart, as featuring a real book and can easily mix with other books on the shelf specially designed for your home products security and also for traveling purpose.

The diversions safe is made from stainless steel come along with 2 keys and have enough storage space for jewelry, emergency cash, and other important documents.

It is pretty simple to keep your item inside with the dimension of 2×5.6×9 inches able to provide you appropriate hiding place and getting super simple access whenever you need them. So, it is highly advisable to buy this safe if you are planning to purchase a diversion safe.

# 8: BOLT SAFE! New! Diversion Stash Hide Valuables Review

BOLT SAFE! New! Diversion Stash Hide Valuables! Clever Design totally stealth![aawp box=”B001IZ2VYE” template=”horizontal”] The bolt safe looks like an original nut & bolt are designed to let you the head can be unscrewed getting a shaft that enables you to store little items safely including petty cash, jewelry, and other valuables.

It is made from strong stealth material so you can consider an excellent hiding spot that you especially looking for hiding your valuables especially a roll of bills from any intruder.

It is not a large hidden safe but I can recommend you to buy this item to keep in our garage with some other larger items so no one can realize it’s a diversion safe.

#9: IMounTEK Home Security Steel Dictionary Book Safe Review

iMounTEK Home Security Steel Dictionary Book Safe (Key-Locked, Two Keys, Diversion Safe, "The New English Dictionary", Jewellery/Coins/Money/Valuables) - Dark Blue[aawp box=”B01BX300PW” template=”horizontal”] ImounTEK steel dictionary book safe is designed to look an English dictionary on the hardcover but it serves as a small diversion safe to protect your valuables.

The stainless steel dictionary safe comes with 2 keys and the appropriate size fits in your regular bookshelf bending with other books.

The book safe is quite large compared to other diversion safes so you can store a wide range of items inside and its floor proof and ultra strong so even if it falls down from the shelf it will also provide you best protection of your valuables.

It provides you industry leading customer support with 1-year full manufacturer’s warranty ensures quality diversion safe with the best value for money.


#10: Streetwise Fake Large Hardbound Diversion Book Gun Safe Review

Streetwise Fake Large Hardbound Diversion Book Gun Safe Secret Compartment

[aawp box=”B00ZAQMIAE” template=”horizontal”]

The Streetwise large handbook diversion gun safe has the most secret compartment to keep your valuables inside just look like an authentic hardbound book come along with original printed paper pages inside.

The dimension of the compartment is 6.5”x3.5” with 1” thickness provides you enough space for your credit or debit cards, jewelry, important keys and emergency cash to put in that will give you top protection from any suspicious mind.

It is well recommended to buy this diversion safe if you are frequently traveling or busy professional juts need to stay outside the home or you can carry to the beach and place easily on a coffee table or on the nightstand.

#11: Morton Salt Diversion Safe Review

Morton Salt Diversion Safe - 26 oz by Party Monstr[aawp box=”B00SU046ZC” template=”horizontal”]
The Morton salt diversion safe is the perfect solution to keep you jewelry item a secret. It’s an awesome idea to have this safe as you can open from the bottom part of the can and looks real nobody even realizes it has storage options unless you show them.

It has enough room to keep your emergency cash also bit weighty so no one suspect rather understands it’s a salt pot.

The mechanism is you can keep your valuable in the bottom part and put salt in the upper half and you can keep them in your kitchen cupboard or on the dining table without taking extra care of your money.

#12: Hair Brush Diversion Safe Stash Review

Hair Brush Diversion Safe Stash with Smell Proof Bag by Stash-it - Can Safe - Secret lid on top opens to store your valuables![aawp box=”B01LFE2HBY” template=”horizontal”] The hair brush diversion safe has two functions as you can use it for a hiding place or even as a hair brush. There is small compartment inside can hold up to five hundred dollars only when you roll them and keep them inside the brush.

It looks real hair brush as you can carry with you in your car, handbag or inside your purse so everybody would realize this is a hair brush but work as hidden safes like dual action at the same time.

The dimension of this diversion safe is 1.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep come along with cap, smell proof bag, and retail box so it would be a perfect gifts option to your choice.

#13: STEELMASTER Cookbook Safe Review

STEELMASTER Cookbook Safe with High-Security Lock and 2 Keys (221269206)[aawp box=”B00FG3RMM0″ template=”horizontal”] The STEELMASTER cookbook safe is specially made to fit ordinary shelf and looks pretty inconspicuous as it is constructed with ultra-strong steel and is most suitable for your passports, petty cash and regular jewelry at hand.

The dual interior hooks give you extra benefits to hanging your necklaces come with high-security lock make quite hard for thieves to get access.

The most interesting factor of this diversion safe is designed to assume it is for daily use but actually, it protects your valuables utmost securely and safely.

The steel master decently made in size and shapes and able gives you best hiding solution, can hide your pain medication inside no one even realize.

#14: 2pc Faux Book Safe Set Review

2pc Faux Book Safe Set[aawp box=”B009MMWBEU” template=”horizontal”] This particular diversion safe is wooden made covered with faux leather that makes outstanding hidden safe. It has a magnetic closure and the interior is filled and lined with stopper paper so able to hold your items inside nicely.

The outsider may find this as a real book until they do not discover it has a secret storage compartment inside. It allows you to hide your important documents and valuables in between the pages and can store them in your regular bookshelf.

You can also park this book safe right corner of your desk marking as writing supplies or even put them inside your living room because it just looks antique and wonderful décor piece.

#15: Stalwart 82-5894 Wall Clock with Hidden Safe Review

Stalwart 82-5894 Wall Clock with Hidden Safe, 10"[aawp box=”B0143C0ONI” template=”horizontal”] Another wonderful diversion safe is from stalwart silver color wall clock cum hidden safe. It is fully working the clock and an excellent storage capacity for your valuables including cash in hand, debit or credit cards jewelry especially diamond and another small buy most important valuables.

The 10 inches real clock nobody every realizes it’s a safe and it has to face open mechanism and you can find 2 shelves inside as one you can use for keeping your valuables and another one rounded ledge allows you to keep your cards.

It requires one 2A battery to run the clock properly only three inches deep so you can put pill bottles, car keys or even USB drive.

#16: UNISHOW® Hair Brush Diversion Safe Review

UNISHOW® Hair Brush Diversion Safe W/ a FREE Velvet Unishow® Pouch - Assorted Colors[aawp box=”B00GIRO4NI” template=”horizontal”] The hair brush diversion safe storage capacity is about 3.75×1.1 inches and has to screw and unscrewing option at the top of the brush.

When you take off the top cap of the brush you can easily use it as a diversion safe and keep your very tiny valuables inside. You can use this hair brush to carry some emergency items to escape any unusual situation.

The USA made products come with outstanding quality and looks pretty much a hair brush and able to save your small items in plain sight.

The styles and colors will differ and you need to make a choice. It is a great safe to keep several hundred dollars that not bad either.


#17: WD-40 Safe Can Diversion Stash Container Review

WD-40 Safe Can Diversion Stash Container+Free Pack of 1 1/4 Rasta Wrap[aawp box=”B0031YH3DO” template=”horizontal”] This particular diversion stash container is designed with the keep in mind the real WD-40 can. It has untraceable screwed at the bottom part so no one understands it a fake can. You can hide your valuable in plain sight and it has some weight that is perfect to assume it’s an authentic WD-40 safe can.

You can make nice gifts plan and make a surprise of your beloved one as it is wonderful fabricated item has a storage tube is about 1 ½”wide and 3 ¼ “ deep just you need to roll the paper bills and put them inside you can consider it’s a great product for you.


#18: Pringles Stash Can Diversion Safe Review

Pringles Stash Can - Diversion - Safe - Hide Vanuables - (BI-MAR 44) Assorted Flavors Packages[aawp box=”B00VPE1BF8″ template=”horizontal”] The multicolor Pringles secret can diversion safe with real sound when you shake them up and no one would understand it is nothing but an original can of chips. You find the compartment inside works perfectly as you expects from a hidden safe.

It has big storage space and it is solely made for keeping small-scale home products securely. It is wonderful stash that opens from top to bottom part can decently store your valuables inside.

It comes with various flavors including cheddar cheese, BBQ, and Jalapeno so you can buy all of them and keep them together in plain sight to hide your most important items.

#19: 3M Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Diversion Safe Review

3M Scotch Brite Lint Roller Diversion Safe[aawp box=”B00ULWGWEA” template=”horizontal”] The Brite lint roller diversion safe is approximately a medium sized storage box that is looking lofty prescription bottle with cap and has plenty of space inside. It has secret compartment so your money will be safe inside the diversion safe.

It looks like just a traditional lint roller until or unless you have to take away the lid and restore.

It would be your best gift choice if you are planning to celebrate some special events with your beloved one or even Christmas gifts for a friend would be much better choice.

You able to hide a handful amount of cash and fits prescription pills inside and suitable for a delivery man.

#20: Men’s Speed Stick Diversion Can Safe Stash Review

Men’s Speed Stick Diversion Can Safe Stash Review[aawp box=”B00JXBGCA4″ template=”horizontal”] The round shape men’s deodorant diversion can safe is about 1” front to back and 2.5×2.5 inches in depth and length has 2 compartments one on the top and other one sealed at the bottom that helps to separated stash from the deodorant area.

It looks pretty ordinary but able to serve best-hidden solution that you may not find in the locked safe also look like original power fresh that is the reason no intruder able to figure out it’s a safe and store some valuable inside.

It is perfect safe for the gym; shopping or even your school time gives you ultimate peace of mind if you have this special diversion safe.


Advantages of owning a diversion safe

From the study, it is found that a burglar spends approximately 6-8 minutes inside the home searching for valuables as they have a better idea that people hide their valuable items either under the bed or under the drawer.

In the case of any burglar enter the home you need to make sure making them fool by putting your valuables inside the safe deposit box in your bank or in the hidden safe especially diversion safes.

There are plenty of benefits of having a diversion safe and these are:

  • The safe offers hassle free quickest access to your valuables.
  • Allow you only knows where are your valuable items are.
  • It gives you maximum protection for your expensive jewelry.
  • These tiny diversion safes also come with a certain period of warranty.
  • Offers ample storage opportunity for your emergency cash, and documents.
  • To fulfill the insurance company requirement.
  • To ensure simple but ultra protection in plain sight.
A diversion safe, not expensive but able to provide you a way to keep your valuable items and documents in the safe as it does not look a conventional lock box but quite similar to coke or soda can or binding book that helps to hide your important items from plain sight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me, what exactly a diversion safe is?

Well, a diversion safe is any kind of small container with various compartments inside depending on different sizes. It could be a bottle, Coke, Pepsi or a soda can or even fake hair spray bottle. It can make your valuable items disguised in plain sight only you come to know where you keep your items.

Can a diversion safe hold a lot of valuables?

Honestly speaking a diversion safe can hold the very small amount of items including jewelry, emergency cash, keys, and documents. It is not suitable for large items like guns and other big items.

Are diversion safe effective to protect from an intruder?

I would say yes! It gives you best protection to your valuables and only you know about that unless you are telling someone. First, you need to keep them secret during your opening make sure no one able to see the function and put them in the right place where it should be.

Do I need to buy tools to install a diversion safe?

Not every diversion safe you need to use tools, however, if you buy wall socket diversion safe then you need some tools to install it buy your normal household tools is fine no need to buy separately.

Can I use my diversion safe outside?

I think the mimics a rock you can use for outside diversion safe or there is some other outside diversion safe so you can only hold your keys.

Final Verdicts

Now I can come out to the conclusion that almost everybody loves to have the best diversion safes that fit their lifestyle and it is really handy if you have some diversion safes to maintain the secrecy of all your items.

After analyzing and completing extensive reviews on diversion safes I found every small safe has their own functionality and able to serve your purpose, however, from the entire diversion safes review I give top rated and highest mark to Streetwise Fake Large Hardbound Diversion Book Gun Safe.

Because it looks like a book with real printing papers included and can hold on your bookshelf and cleverly made to give the best protection for your valuables.


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