Biometric Trigger Lock

Biometric Trigger Lock 1Being a gun owner means that you have to take all responsibility for your gun’s security. While using the gun, you must be focused, so you don’t miss the shot and aim correctly. However, when you no longer need to use it, it is necessary to keep it safe and out of children’s or any unauthorized person’s reach. You don’t want your weapon to be used in the wrong way. If you keep your gun without any safety locks, it can lead to great danger and unfavorable situations. Therefore, to keep your gun secured, you need a reliable trigger lock.

Most people use safes, cabinets, and cases to protect their weapons when not using. However, today we have lots of accessories that can double the security level. If you don’t want to have such safes and still want to keep your gun secured, you can always buy a biometric trigger lock. It is a universal biometric trigger lock that can be used with almost all kinds of Glock ® , revolver and other pistols. Biometric fingerprint trigger gun locks are being used worldwide by gun owners to increase the security of their guns. These devices are durable and have long battery life, and they are made up of zinc and steel, which makes it impossible to break these locks.

Let’s have a closer look at some exciting features of the Biometric Trigger lock:


Features of Biometric Gun Lock

  • It helps to unlock your gun quickly. It only takes 0.3 seconds, so you get access to the trigger instantly whenever needed. It simply means that you are keeping your weapon secured without any sort of compromise with time.
  • With this trigger lock, you get to have a smart fingerprint facility that offers complete security. Apart from all the security systems for guns, fingerprint lock is now considered the best and most reliable security system to use with your guns. The best part about these locks is that they are very responsive.
  • A common issue concerning fingerprint locks is that users have to place their fingers in a particular direction for the locks to identify them. However, with a fingerprint gun lock, you get 360-degree compatibility that enables you to unlock the device no matter how you place your finger on the sensor. The position does not matter!
  • Fingerprint gun locks have a long battery life, so you don’t have to charge them very often. You can charge one time and use it for about 800 to 1000 unlock.
  • You can give access to about ten users. However, if you ever want to remove someone’s access, it is easy to remove or add a fingerprint


Biometric Trigger Lock 2How Can Biometric Trigger Lock Help?

The biometric Trigger Lock can be used in different types of firearms for keeping their trigger locked. It compatible with most of the pistols and revolvers:
Glock® all models ;
Smith&Wesson® PISTOLS M&P M2.0 series, M&P SHIELD series , M&P BODYGUARD , M&P45 ,M&P40 SHIELD ,M&P9 SHIELD, SD9, REVOLVERS series;
Beretta® M9 SERIES , 92FS INOX Stainless Pistol,  PX4 Storm, BU9 Nano, APX Striker-Fired Pistol;
Sig Sauer® P220,P226,P229,P365,P320,M17-M18


Bottom Line

All gun owners must use these locks to ensure the maximum security of their weapons. Apart from all other locks, a biometric trigger lock is the safest and easy to carry gun, making it the first choice gun owners worldwide.

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