Best Gun Safe Door Organizers Reviews – 2020 Top Picks

Best Gun Safe Door Organizers Reviews
Are you worried about limiting your gun safe space? Want to utilize your safe doors for storage more efficiently? The most effective solution is for you to have the best gun safe door organizer. It helps you to ensure more discipline and organize techniques for your guns and accessories.

In my review article, I will explain in detail about the products that are highly efficient to provide you a top solution to organize your safe doors.

At the end this reviews you can attain great information about most of the popular gun safe door organizers.

How to choose the Best Gun Safe Door Organizer?

To choose Best Gun Safe Door Organizer is one the critical process that you need to come across. Because there is a wide range of options available on the internet.

You may buy your safe door organizers just making one click but think the purchased item really able to serve your purpose or not.

However, before buying the ultimate gun safe door organizers you need to go through an extensive range of options to explore and enhance your overall knowledge so that you can select your best-matched door organizers.

This process also gives you hassle free shopping experience that you are looking for.

Before I start my review here are some options for your best considerations.


It plays very vital role to select your safe door organizers. You have to buy the correct size to fit in your door. You need to check and decide first which door organizers really suitable for our guns and accessories.

If you have long firearms in your stock then the organizer’s height must be a minimum of 58 inches. It will ensure sufficient space for your rifle that 52 inches long including a barrel of 32 inches.


If you are planning to store heavier item then you need a long lasting durable door organizers so you can keep weighty items into the pockets.

You need to make sure that the pockets made from strong materials so it does not rip or tear while you keeping your gun related products and accessories.

Availability of space:

Sometime you may buy strong door organizers but does not have sufficient space to put on your gun and accessories.

So, before buying you need to check the pockets and their dimension including various pockets. It helps you to organize all your items in the same organizers that will save extra costs also.

However, If you have the plan to keep very small items then you do not think of multiple pockets. Just spend money for a simple and straight forward door organizers for few items.

Mounting facilities:

You can ascend most of the door organizers without using sophisticated tools. However, not everyone has these facilities so you need to do some extra drill work to make some holes to fix it.

You have to sacrifice some time if you plan to buy these door organizers. But you should look for the organizers those already have built-in mounting facilities and do not need any drill job.

Finally, just you need to keep in mind the above features and match with your current needs.

Top 3 selections

Top Rated

LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 10585 24 Gun Safe Door Panel

LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 10585 24 Gun Safe Door Panel Review
It has six rapid draw holsters’, able to keep your documents, fire protected pockets including zipper facilities.

Very handsome organizer including extra space for small handguns and other plunders.

High-quality fabrics are used to cover door panel included mounting brackets, with eighteen inches wide, forty-nine inches length and able to fit less than 23” wide door panel.

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Best Value for the Money

Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer for Stack-On Long-Gun Cabinets

Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer for Stack-On Long-Gun Cabinets Review
Reasonable price received approval from California department of justice confirms its highest acceptability storing firearms safely.

Price is considered value for money but maintains the highest quality standard.

They are Manufacturing proper dimension of door organizers to facilitates security cabinets and able to create extra storage by mounting on the inside door.

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Best Budget Model

Winchester 8″ W Door Panel Kit

Winchester 8" W Door Panel Kit Review
Able to make rapid and trouble-free access for small items including various petite compartments most appropriates for pistols, documents, and jewelry.

It helps you to organize your valuables most disciplined way so reducing the risk of losing your items.

The installation process is very simple need to clipping to the side and makes tighter.

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Top 20 Gun Safe Door Organizer: Comparison

Product NameDimensionMaterialWeightView on Amazon
Winchester 12″ W Door Panel Kit13.2 x 11 x 1.9 inchesNylon1.4 poundsCheck Price
Winchester 16″ W Door Panel Kit16 x 9.7 x 1.5 inchesNylon1.7 poundsCheck Price
Winchester 8″ W Door Panel Kit 8 x 46.5 inchesNylon1.2 poundsCheck Price
Winchester 26″ W Door Panel Kit 26 x 62 inchesNylon3.8 poundsCheck Price
American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit3 x 19 x 49 inchesNylon 3.6 poundsCheck Price
American Security Model 13 Premium Door Organizer3 x 13 x 49 inchesNylon2.6 poundsCheck Price
American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer3 x 28 x 60 inchesNylon6.3 poundsCheck Price
LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 10585 24 Gun Safe Door Panel20 x 16 x 12 inchesNylon2.7 poundsCheck Price
LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 10584 18 Gun Safe Door Panel20 x 16 x 10 inchesNylon2 poundsCheck Price
Liberty Door Panel – Fits Gun Safe Models 48-64 30 x 49  inchesNylon3 poundsCheck Price
Liberty Door Panel – Fits Gun Safe Models 30-35-4024  x 49 inchesNylon—–Check Price
Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer Small17 x 45 inchesMolle webbing3 poundsCheck Price
Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer Medium50 x 23 inchesMolle webbing4 poundsCheck Price
Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer Large 50  x 28 inchesMolle webbing6 poundsCheck Price
Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer9.6 x 9 x 1.4 inchesMesh nylon8.8 ouncesCheck Price
Cannon Pistol Door Mount3.8 x 17 x 7 inchesNylon1.6 poundsCheck Price
SPIKA Medium Door Panel Gun Safe Door Organizer18 x 2 x 48 inchesNylon2.3 poundsCheck Price
Snap Safe Door Organizer26.5 x 10.2 x 4 inchesPVC Coated Steel5 poundsCheck Price
Lockdown Door Organizer Gun Safe14  x 12 inches600D polyester2 poundsCheck Price
Explorer Magnetic, Hanging Locker & Door Organizer18 x 12 x 1 inches600D Denier Polyester1.9 poundsCheck Price


Best Picks of Gun Safe Door Organizer


Top 4 winchester gun safe door organizer

#1: Winchester 12″ W Door Panel Kit Review

Winchester 12" W Door Panel Kit Review
The Winchester 12” width door panel kit will be your best options to maintain your gun safe door well organized and ensure an additional space inside the door.

You can keep many of your small valuable items in your door organizers. You can facilitate your handguns because at least 4 pistols holders available in the organizers.

After putting the item you can zip up all the compartments. Also, it has a protective lining so help you to save your valuables in case of sudden fire.

It is 48” in length and 12” width can fits 48.5” door panel so before you buy make sure your door panel can comply this item.

What I Like
  • All pockets can zip up after storage
  • Simple and trouble-free installation facilities.
  • Can store your valuables and important documents.
  • Soft metal clips included and able to bent based on the thickness of the door panels.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Doors do not close if puts items in the peak shelf.
  • The fireproof compartment is so small to put standard items.

Bottom line:

All in all, it is you can consider an essential item for organizing your safe door.

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#2: Winchester 16″ W Door Panel Kit Review 

Winchester 16" W Door Panel Kit Review
To reduce the risk of losing your valuable items the Winchester 16 inches wide door panel kit would be your best solution.

You able to get fast and simple access to your items that have few little compartments. You can store your handguns like pistols, sensitive documents, and diamond or other jewelry.

It provides you free space that is really important when you have small safe also very simple to mount takes no more than one minute.

It has several zippered bags can fit your handguns accurately in the pockets but keep in mind the bottom pocket is very small where you can put your passport also have sufficient slots to keep your pistols.

What I Like
  • High-quality door organizer really worthy to buy it.
  • Gun clips included able to hang alongside the door
  • Adaptable straps ensure perfectly fits in your door panel.
  • Ultra strong no dropping or falling during you closing the door.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The item does not fit with bandit 14.
  • Limited options to keep handguns and accessories.

Bottom line:

This door organizer is fire protective and able to hold fire up to 40 minutes inside the door panel.

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#3: Winchester 8″ W Door Panel Kit Review 

Winchester 8" W Door Panel Kit Review
It is comparatively smaller but very essential item for your door organizers. You can store various documents in the built- in thermal pockets.

You can store your handguns and related accessories in Winchester door panel. It is also very simple to attach to your door.

Easy reachable and you can get access so swiftly than your expectation. Also, it will be an appropriate choice for your most susceptible documents.

The overall length of Winchester 8″ W Door Panel Kit is 46.5 inches and width is 8inches.

I would say it would be one of the perfect choices for you if you have very small rifle safes.

Or even,

You can buy this multi-purposeful organizer to utilize your door panel most efficient way.

What I Like
  • It able to fit Winchester nine-ten cubic feet safes.
  • have various colors and styles
  • able to save most valuable and sensitive documents
  • Trouble free access for your handguns, documents, and accessories.
What I Didn’t Like
  • May face some difficult in closing the door.
  • Interference among accessories if the sales greater than 42 cubic feet.

Bottom line:

You need to have some essential skills for mounting this particular organizer. You need to use some basic tools and regular home tools would be fine.

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#4: Winchester 26″ W Door Panel Kit Review 

Winchester 26" W Door Panel Kit Review
The USA made Winchester 26 inches wide door panel kit facilitates 4 pistols comes with zippers compartment. Very strong able to protect fire and has rapid installation system.

It offers reasonable price so you can afford it.

The dimension of this item is 62 inches length and 26 inches width and able to fit 62 inches inside the door panel.

Also, it has an adaptable length from 26.25 inches to 33 inches. You can fix it into different thickens level of your door panel.

It has multifunctional pockets fits plenty of items so I would suggest you can buy without thinking too much because this item is considered great value for money.

It has 4 large pockets along with some small pockets and able to keep 4 pistols.

What I Like
  • Does not require any special tools to fix it.
  • The installation process also very simple to follow
  • Able to bend various thickness levels.
  • Adjustable and very versatile door organizers.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Not exact match from their specifications
  • Does not fit with the bandit 14

Bottom line:

It has some limitations but things need to consider that it is made in Texas USA that further confirmation of highest quality, durability and ensure the best match to your choice.

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Top 3 American security gun safe door organizer

#1: American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit Review 

American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit Review
The American security model 19 door organizers are designed for people who have large safes. It can store at least 24 guns. It has sufficient storage for most of your handguns.

You also find at least 4 holsters that accommodate 4 pistols. It has various pockets can make storage from magazines to knives.

You need some household tools just need to loosen the door panel screw a bit more to put the brackets in.

When you place the Velcro just tight them up and start using your door organizers.

If you are looking for mixed safe door organizer then this would be your top choices but you need to keep in mind its bit expensive.

What I Like
  • Zippered pockets ensure most security to your small valuable items.
  • Able to store multi handguns and full-width pistols.
  • Can accommodate long gun without hassle including quick release band.
  • Clips work without using any tools.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Difficult to store items on the side of the organizer.
  • May find side straps are useless.

Bottom line:

All in all the safe door organizer is perfect fits for the safe door size to 19 inches wide and 48 inches long.

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#2: American Security Model 13 Premium Door Organizer Review

American Security Model 13 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit Review
The American Security Model 13 premium Door Organizer has 2 storage holster facilities. It enables to hold your full-size pistols.

If you have a small gun safe then this door organizer most suitable for you. Also, you can also make storage of your ammo. It can also facilitate your knives because there is a special location to store that.

You do not need to buy sophisticated tool just small household tools is fine to mount them up. It comes with all the brackets that you need to install your door organizer including two large and small sizes.

The different bracket size can put up the diverse gun safe.

What I Like
  • Every PDO can attach the inside door panel.
  • Can fit various sizes because it has flexible Velcro straps.
  • Able to accommodates different handguns including two full sized pistols
  • Can store the long gun and have easy and simple release band.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The clip is too small to fix with the thick door panel.
  • The plastic case closure is not up to the mark

Bottom line:

If you have a small quantity of pistol I would suggest you go for this one because you can get quick access to this item.

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#3: American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer Review 

American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit Review
The security model 24 is made with the special materials, the USA made superb quality. You may look for several brands,


This particular door organizer has most of the beneficial features that can fulfill your ultimate security for your guns and valuables in the home or office.

It has 6 rapid depict holsters, lots of zippered pockets and many small pockets so you can place your pistols or revolvers, ammo, documents, passport, and jewelry.

The door organizers come with Velcro straps so you can move around according to your choice spots.

The included clip able to work every door no matter it is thick or thin because it comes with enough clips that fit through the thin door.

What I Like
  • Have a mechanism to fits perfectly with any door panel.
  • It uses quality material that is very strong and solid
  • Can accommodate 2 full-size pistols
  • Special storage options for 2 long guns including hassle free rapid release band.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Some pockets may seem cheaply made.
  • It only useful the door panel that is not bigger than 23 inches.

Bottom line:

You can create a lot of free space so you can use storage for big or small items.

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Top 4 liberty gun safe door organizer

#1: LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 10585 24 Gun Safe Door Panel Review 

LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 10585 24 Gun Safe Door Panel Review
Liberty introduces one of the top class door organizers to fulfill your needs. The 24 model uses quality material and maintains excellent standard in the construction process.

It has maximum six holsters to put your valuable documents and also all pockets are well made have zippers ensures easy closing.

Also enclosed the door with thermal fabrics including Velcro canvas sack has the facility t adjust or tighten up in the panel,


Extendable storage area gives you most security including various model pistols and their accessories.
It comes with wall brackets so you can fix it easily into the door panel.

The dimension of the organizers is length 49 inches and 18 inches width and has the capacity to fit no more than 23inches wider panel.

What I Like
  • It has pockets that can store 6 pistols
  • The organizer is fire protective for valuable items and documents
  • Can use chained pockets for small items.
  • Mountain brackets ensure easy snap
What I Didn’t Like
  • Need to keep at least 1.5 inches free space between the safes and door panel.
  • Need some modification of the provided clip to fit inside the door.

Bottom line:

The USA made gives you confidence for outstanding quality. Also, an additional storage capacity seems very handy.

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#2: LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 10584 18 Gun Safe Door Panel Review 

LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 10584 18 Gun Safe Door Panel Review
The liberty 18 model has 4 rapid holsters and offers quite similar facilities compared to the liberty 24 model.

This particular door organizer provides you exact service that you needed or dreaming for.

You can consider a great product and has an outstanding capacity to keep your weapons, knives, magazines and other small scale valuable items including diamond, gold, and jewelry.

You also find the best value for money and assume that the money you spent well investment. It is long lasting, durable, heavy duty and perfect sizes for your guns and accessories.

The organizer is very strong made of thermal fabric will provide you expandable storage provision.

What I Like
  • The cool pockets really ultra protective from any kind of damage to your valuables.
  • Simple and takes just 1 minute for installation.
  • The extendable system provides you extra room for extra items.
  • Able to fit maximum 17 inches door panel.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Need to follow real dimension, specification in the manufacturing process.
  • Quite hard to close the door sometimes needs a push to close the door panel.

Bottom line:

You also consider this item because it is very versatile door organizer and exact match with the solution for your storage that you are looking for.

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#3: Liberty Door Panel – Fits Gun Safe Models 48-64 Review 

Liberty Door Panel - Fits Gun Safe Models 48-64 - Accessory and Organizer for Pistols, Handguns, Ammunition, Magazines, Choke Tubes and Other Security Products - Item 10587 - Black Review
The liberty 48-64 model is perfect for your gun safe door organizer. You can discover a premium quality with long lasting and durable organizers.

It is made from thermal black nylon is the further assurance of its superb quality. It included fashionable rugged holster and have enough space for storage.

You can use this with your existing door panel covered by fabric. It comes with exact mountain brackets to fit onto the door.

The straps allow you to hold the door organizer to the centered of the door panel.  It has 10 pistol pockets and has some elastic pockets that can hold mags and books. Also, have 2 small zippered pockets suitable for small items.

What I Like
  • Has large documents storage at the bottom
  • Keep Diamond and jewelry in the zipped pocket
  • Able to fit most safes need to check first.
  • Using heavy duty black nylon for long lasting.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Top Pistol holster is difficult to use to close the door.
  • Do not have any adjustable system for variations.

Bottom line:

You may use 2 larger pockets at the bottom part of your organizers are called cool pockets especially made for your valuable documents.

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#4: Liberty Door Panel – Fits Gun Safe Models 30-35-40 Review 

Liberty Door Panel - Fits Gun Safe Models 30-35-40 - Accessory and Organizer for Pistols, Handguns, Ammunition, Magazines, Choke Tubes and Other Security Products - Item 10586 - Black Review
If you are looking for big storage door organizer then you need to go for liberty 30-35-40 model. The made from a premium quality black nylon that ensures its durability and long lasting guarantee.

It is well-suited most gun safe doors and has rugged holster and expandable storage facility to make this item maximum productive.

It is a door organizer and facilitates maximum 8 pistols takes at best 5 minutes to install into the door panel.

If you buy this item it able to make at least 20% free space that ensures peaceful storage solution.

What I Like
  • It has maximum of 8 pistol pockets
  • Can fit much other liberty gun safe
  • You can fold the bottom part to fit any sized gun safe
  • It able to fit at best 500-pound safe based on the floor.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Price bit high compared to another door organizer.
  • Need additional screw to fit tight but sometimes does not work properly.

Bottom line:

Extra pocket holders are really excellent for your credit cards, gun purchase receipts and gun renewal documents, marriage documents, and benefits card or any personal documents in the pockets.

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Top 3 Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Organizer

#1: Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer Large Review 

Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer Small Review
This incredible gun safe door panel organizer allows you quick guns shifting from your tactical bag to safe door organizer.

You rely on this item because most of the door panel organizers have flaws. Most of the pockets and organization of tools is enduringly sewn into fixed position.

However, you find stealth molle very compatible to fit your need and have options to customize everything in accordance to your needs.

It’s included maximum 8 pistol holsters, has 2 medium size pockets, single netting pocket, and one shotgun shell and finally one large pocket for your large guns.

You just need to unbox all the items then place the clip in the middle position at top of the door panel. You need to slide the clip between the door and the board.

What I Like
  • Fully adaptable door panel organizer.
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to install.
  • Police and military people frequently using this item.
  • It’s compatible with at least 28 inches and at best 55.5 inches width door panel.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Price bit expensive
  • You can place very few items but need to pay more money.

Bottom line:

Unlock Velcro strap and finally add all the accessories through the webbing and securing to place your item in right position.

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#2: Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer Small Review 

Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer Medium Review
This particular gun safe door organizer is designed on the basis of uniqueness. You can customize according to your requirement.

You can shift your items from your backpack to your gun safe just taking few simple steps. You can also find similar item used by police or other service professionals including military units in most of the country.

In small stealth molle gun safe door panel you can find three pistol holsters, two different pockets including medium and large. Also, it has single tipple pouch specially designed for the pouch.

Also, the length of this organizer is 45 inches and width is 17inches. It can fit a maximum of 33inches wide door panel.

You do not need to panic as it included all the essential hardware you need during your installation process and it just takes several minutes to finish your installation.

What I Like
  • Lifetime warranty confirms its overall quality.
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Have clips that fit on five feet /eight inches fireboard.
  • Super fast installation process
What I Didn’t Like
  • Netting pocket not included with this particular size.
  • Need extra care when opening and closing the safe.

Bottom line:

It allows you to configure your door panel precisely no matter what way you want to.

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#3: Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer Medium Review 

Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer Large Review
This particular item made by tactical nylon you can consider is the best and easiest product that enables your gun safety more precisely.

You can fit into the door panel perfectly if needs any adjustment just do customization according to your guns requirement.

If you want to assemble according to the specifications you need to unsnap the clips and move your holsters and pockets.

The Velcro strap is three times long compared to competitors that enable you maximum strap into a 5feet 8 inches fireboard.

The length is 50 inches and 23 inches wide and it fits a height of 43.5 inches. It has maximum of 6 pistol holsters, dual triple mags pouches, also including one excellent mesh pocket, one standard pocket, and one big pocket.

What I Like
  • Customizable door organizer.
  • fully flexible can fits many of the safe door
  • Easy to configure according to the needs.
  • A lifetime warranty gives you best buying confidence.
What I Didn’t Like
  • A little delicate at the bottom part.
  • Difficult to find extra pistol holder on the internet.

Bottom line:

The super door organizer is Able to increase maximum security for your handguns and accessories.

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Top stack on gun safe door organizer

#1: Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer Review

Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer for Stack-On Long-Gun Cabinets Review
The stack-on SPAO-148 Small fabric organizer is a top class gun safe door organizer, especially for a long gun.

It has the long gun storage facility and also has various cabinets for accessories.
You can find it’s specially designed for outdoor activities and you able to put long hunting knives, even walkie-talkies in specified pockets.

It has mesh pockets so you can store little items. You can also convince of its expandable storage facilities.

The belt strap come along with the door organizer helps you to hang your rifles and other essential items.

The price also reasonable compared to other products that available in the market. I would say you start loving this item if you are looking a door organizer for your long gun.

What I Like
  • It quite big to accommodate long guns.
  • Have net pockets so easily find your items.
  • Come along with insistent Velcro that ensures effortless installation process.
  • It fits accurately inside the door panel.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Does not suit the 10 gun in the organizer.
  • Need to improve the overall quality standard.

Bottom line:

You can consider the design really innovative and very simple and easy process when mounting inside the gun safe door panel.

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Top cannon gun safe door organizer

#1: Cannon Pistol Door Mount Review 

Cannon Pistol Door Mount Review
If you have narrower safe then this item should be most attractive options for you.

You can make more space in any safe just need to install this door mount organizer. It is very simple and has quick installation facility.

Also, come along with 2 rods one at the top and another one at the bottom that ensures no sliding out.

You find the pistol pockets most suitable features that can free up space in the shelves.

The price is also very reasonable comparatively low but producing quality product like the best value for money.

The bottom part of the cannon pistol door mount organizer is really useful for your small and loses items.

What I Like
  • Pistol Pocket rug 100% similar to their description
  • Suitable for thinner safe
  • Big pockets at the bottom part
  • The pouch is handy to put all the holsters.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Need to make more pistol holsters rather big pockets at the bottom.
  • Need to be careful when closing the door where shelves conduct the door.

Bottom line:

The Velcro pistol holders are very strong and able to keep your full-size pistols and you can get quick access whenever you need them.

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Other brands gun safe door organizer

#1:  SPIKA Medium Door Panel Gun Safe Door Organizer Review 

SPIKA Medium Door Panel Gun Safe Door Organizer (18W48H) Review
The SPIKA medium Door panel gun safe door organizer is best suitable for shooting frills and hunting products.

If you are a professional shooter or hunter then you probably think about this door organizer. It seems the best match to your requirement.  It comes in 2 different sizes so you can have options to meet your current needs.

You absolutely love this product as it has many storage pockets at the top part it has handguns holster pockets so you can hang there.

Ultra strong Velcro, storage compartments are zipped up you may find it is heavy duty and looks very lucrative.

What I Like
  • Fully Adjustable holster pouch.
  • Can fit your door panel perfectly
  • Great door organizer especially who have a tall gun safe.
  • A wide range of pockets ensures maximum storage capacity.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Putting too much staff could cause damage or difficult to close the door.
  • May not put your handguns at the top of the door organizer.

Bottom line:

The medium size door organizer’s length is 48 inches and 18inches wide so you can able to adjust maximum 23 inches wide.

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#2: Snap Safe Door Organizer Review 

SnapSafe Door Organizer Review
The Snap safe door organizer would be your perfect choices to make most of your free space.

It comes with plastic coated pistol brackets that offer maximum protection for your handguns from sudden damage or scratches.

You can store multi accessories including mags, sensitive documents, ammo, chock tubes, and most of your shooting accessories.

This door organizer is also suitable for long handgun collection. The organizer can hold a maximum of 22 handguns and has 6 pistols bracket ensure the best security of your guns.

You can find this item more cost effective compared to another similar door organizer that are selling on the internet.

You can also put a small pouch of ammo under the pistols that give you flexible options to choose.

What I Like
  • Has PVC coated pistol brackets can accommodate 6 pistols,
  • Handguns also fit in the brackets.
  • Quick installation just takes one minute to complete.
  • Plastic coated frame ensures ultra protection from damage or scratches.
What I Didn’t Like
  • No instructions manual included.
  • Fire protection information also misleading.

Bottom line:

You may look for a bundle of Sanp safe door organizer to utilize your free space in a professional way.

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#3: Lockdown Door Organizer Gun Safe Review 

Lockdown Door Organizer Gun Safe, Medium Review
The Lockdown Door Organizer Gun Safe is renowned for producing universal vault door organizer.

You can utilize your free space just hanging the upper side onto the door panel. It is designed to keep several rifles and handguns and accessories in the various pockets.

The specialty is you can use both side of the organizer that able to lodge AR in one side and handguns on the different side.
The overall dimension of this door organizer is 30.5 inches in length and 8 inches wide.

What I Like
  • All hardware is included with this door organizer.
  • Ultra strong 600D polyester and elastic band are able to hold your pistols strongly.
  • Holds maximum of 3 handguns at once size does not matter.
  • Pockets are made from heavy duty mesh and zipper chain for best protection.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Unable to hold 6 handguns and 2 AR receivers at once.
  • Dimension also very small but too wide able to hold small-scale guns and accessories.

Bottom line:

It has 600D polyester pockets including elastic bands make sure your items are well organized and easy access whenever you need our guns.

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#4: Explorer Magnetic, Hanging Locker & Door Organizer Review

Explorer Magnetic, Hanging Locker & Door Organizer - Police, Law Enforcement, Security Review
You can consider this item is an excellent door organizer for any locker that is 12 inches wide. It has one built in mirror, 9 various sized pockets for your storage and one large pocket at the bottom of the organizer.

You put your dirty shoes; washable towels means can use for dirty or damp items. It has a separable locker hook helps you to hand them in the locker or door panel.

It has fantastic multiple magnets that enable you to organize your items in the steel locker including hanging hook gives your most beneficial experience.

You can use during your traveling time, with your wardrobe, doorways also with your locker.

You can clean them easily and has the long lasting capacity and very durable item.

What I Like
  • Offer 1 year no question guarantee.
  • Can use for multifunctional purposes.
  • Using material of 600D heavy duty polyester.
  • Has 12 magnetic strap can use for doorway even able to hand with hanger
What I Didn’t Like
  • It is too wide for metal locker
  • Do not have sufficient clearance for upper shelf.

Bottom line:

All in all, it is suitable for casual use and you can use for multipurpose storage and hanging solution.

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Top Gun Safe Door Organizer Brands

American security

It’s a USA brand a big company working over 1000 employees. The products that made in the USA are superb quality and bit expensive but their door organizers are long lasting and durable.


The Winchester has manufactured various safe and door organizers since 1866 are quite long time. So, they came across with great experiences and offering excellent quality door organizers from 1991.


The company is well known for manufacturing a wide range of home, gun, office and commercial safes and safe door organizers since 1988. The company is currently offering 3 most popular brands including Liberty, National Security, and Centurion.


Acorn engineering company was founded in 1954 producing mostly Plumbing fixtures for institutional and commercial markets and currently, the company is manufacturing gun safe door organizer and acorn Pistol holsters and acorn 3 pockets mesh pouch are very popular to the customer.


Cannon is one of the most popular brands that you can trust. They celebrated golden jubilee as 50 years of presence in the safe making industry.

They exist in the market with their exceptional hard work, gaining customer loyalty and admiration. They also focus consistency by producing quality products to meet customer affordability.


Lockdown is the brand name of Bettenfeld Technologies Inc. A USA company is producing most innovative, quality products under this brand name. They dedicated to producing best quality products according to customer needs.

stealth Technical

An American company has achieved reliability and goodwill by producing top quality products over 40 years.

It started its journey as conceal-A-Safe and after that, they introduced their safe and accessories products under the brand name Stealth and until now they are so successful in their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I need to buy gun safe door organizer?

Actually, if you buy a safe door organizer you can save plenty of space. You can also utilize your door panel and some of the items need to hang rather lay on the surface. You can put most valuable items in the pockets in a disciplined way.

Is the holster of the door organizer varying for different kind of pistols?

Pistols Size also varies including the size recommended by the government, commander size and also extended slide. The pistol organizers are able to fit all sizes of pistols but have limits to hold it.So, you need to check first how many pistols it can store inside.

Does the Velcro work perfectly on the metal surface?

Yes, it does work perfectly. When you are buying door organizer you need to buy the metal surface version.
Because it comes with an industrial standard adhesive that is attached to the back of the Velcro so it’s easy to fix in the metal surface door panel.

Does Velcro hold heavy items?

Yes, it can hold heavy items but totally depends on quality and manual already checked by the manufacturers.
So, first, you need to check of how much your particular choice Velcro can hold by checking advertising weight. If it fits your requirement then you can buy otherwise not.

Can I buy gun safe door organizer directly from the manufacturers?

Actually, you do not need to buy from the manufacturers because lots of sellers available on the internet with the same offer that manufacturers giving. Also, you can buy from stores by visiting physically.

Does gun safe door organizer offer fire protection?

Yes, it does but depends on what brand you are buying and how much money you spending. Because some brands are offering more fire protective pocket some are less. So, before buying you need to check first.

How to install the Velcro on the metal surface?

It’s not that much difficult process first you need to clean up the metal surface with rubbing spirit. Wait until it becomes completely air dry.
Open up the adhesive cover from the Velcro and Install the Velcro carpeting on the door organizer.
You need to wait at least 45 minutes once you find that everything is perfect then start putting heavy items onto the door organizer.
This process will make Velcro much stronger and glued up strongly with the organizer.

Does door organizer sag over time?

It depends on the dimension and size of the door panel as you need to check the user manual first because it’s clearly instructed the door panel sizes and you must follow the guidelines otherwise sometimes it starts sagging.

Can I use all the pockets that are placed at the both side of the door panel?

I would say yes you can, but sometimes if your door panel is too small you may not able to use the pockets on the both sides of the door organizer.

Final Verdicts

I took plenty of time to reviewed most of the safe door organizers and picked best 20 out of them. I found these are the best gun safe door organizer compared to other manufacturers.

The door organizer for gun safe ultimate goal is to achieve a proper storage management inside your gun safe. It will provide your best protection in your home and office from burglars and other possible risks.

You need to think how much storage capacity you want to keep all your items in your door organizer then finally invest money on it.

The money you spend will be a perfect investment if you consider the safety precaution that improves security for you and your home.

From my extensive research point of view, I give a top mark to the winner is Liberty safe & security PROD 10585 24 gun safe door panel kit because you do not need to absorb any panic for quality.

The USA made a product with outstanding quality and it’s also a mixed door panel organizer that able to fulfill most of your needs.

In comparison with above all the product reviews, I would say this particular door organizer deserves the top mark, not for the overall quality but you can select this item if you looking for an additional storage space.


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