How to Hide a Safe in a Closet: A Few Clever Ways to Hide Your Home Safe

In the modern world, the construction of safes has significantly improved as manufacturers integrate modern technology and advances in material science to produce high-quality safes.

However, despite the efforts made, no safe is fool proof. Therefore, after acquiring your safe, you have to hide it. The following is a detailed description of how to hide a safe in a closet.

Despite the numerous security features that your dealer or manufacturer has insisted your safe possesses, if given enough time, an experienced thief will crack it.

The trick, therefore, is ensuring that the safe is out of sight of any intruder that may break into your house.

Although different homes differ in construction and organization, there are several features that are common in a majority of the houses.

When a thief breaks into your house, there are several places that they will begin their search for valuables. Such places include:

  • The master bedroom: many people love to keep their valuables near them and often, many people will store their valuables in the master bedroom. A burglar will most likely head into the master bedroom the moment they enter your house.In the master bedroom they will generally search under the mattress, in the closets and drawers.
    Therefore it would be a nice surprise for them if they found you also hide your safe inside the said places.
  • The living room: the living room is a popular spot for burglars as it is likely that it is the first room they will enter into your house. Valuables assets in public display will be vandalized and they will also go through any drawers and desks that may be in the living room.
    Do not be surprised to find the pillows of your sofa set out of place as they search if you have hidden treasures under the pillows.
  • Kids’ bedroom: nowadays, children possess some very expensive electronics and gaming machines. This has not gone un-noticed by thieves and they will quickly move into the kids’ bedroom looking for something valuable to steal.
  • Bathroom: although there are not many valuable items that you are likely to hide in the bathroom, the drug cabinet is a popular spot for burglars. As you are aware, majority of the people who have the audacity to break into your home are addicts. Therefore, they are likely to pick your drug cabinet clean.
  • Home office: thugs know that the home office is rich in electronics and valuable documents and will more than likely raid the home office. The desks and drawers in the home office will be completely worked on and any valuables in the room are likely to be stolen.

From the above breakdown, it is clear that no place in the house is completely safe. Therefore if you are going to hide your safe, you will have to up your game.

Improvising has become the order of the day with safe owners finding new ways to hide their safes. As stated before, the trick lies in ensuring that you don’t give a wannabe burglar the chance to have a go at your safe.

Putting your safe under the bed or in the closet is only a temporary solution and in the unfortunate event that a thief breaks into your house, they will find it and you will lose your valuables.

The following are the two best methods of hiding a safe in a closet:

Use of a secret door

The use of a secret door has become a popular option in home security for many people. Although the technique is a bit high tech, it really works and will go a long way in protecting your valuables.

Installing a secret door is no mean feat and will require the hiring of a specialist. The installation work has to be meticulously done to the extent that even you as the owner of the closet cannot tell whether there is something lurking beyond the wall of the closet.

When installing the secret door, the specialist will ensure that they leave enough room for the closet to perform its normal function. You will be able to keep your clothes and shoes inside the closet as you would normally do.

Making the closet appear as normal as possible is a major security feature of the secret door.

The installer will then device a secret way of opening the closet’s secret door and furnish you with the procedure. If done by a professional, a secret door should be completely un-detectable by any other person opening the closet.

You can then proceed to store your safe inside the secret door. If there is enough space, you can also store other valuable items that you have that cannot fit inside the safe.

Use of a secret compartment

As in the secret door, a secret compartment is also built inside the closet and made as un-detectable as possible.

The installation of a secret compartment does not require as much expertise as installing a secret door but will require skills in wood working and installation.

You can do the job yourself if you have the correct procedure and skills or hire a professional to do the job for you.

Secret compartments if well-built are hard to detect and a thug is likely to bypass it.

It should have ample space for you to keep your safe inside and be easily accessible to you.


Although a safe is meant to keep your valuables safe, it also plays a role in making them vulnerable to burglars.

Whether we are talking of a common thief, relatives and cleaning people in your house, anytime they come across your safe laying around in your bedroom or in your closet, it will naturally arouse curiosity and even a discussion about it.

What follows curiosity as we all know is an attempt to break into the safe and if given time, your safe will more than likely be broken into.

Hiding your safe is your primary source of security for your valuables and you have to hide it well. If you learn how to hide a safe in a closet, you will not only keep it away from prying hands but also guarantee the security of your valuable items.

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