How to Install a Drawer Safe? Step by Step Guide

BARSKA-Top-Opening-Biometric-Fingerprint-Safe-drawer-safeAs the name suggests, a drawer safe is a safe that is installed inside a drawer. Drawers in your house or workplace vary in size and location.

The size and location of a drawer play a key role in the installation process of a safe inside the drawer. The following is a detailed description of how to install a drawer safe.

If you work on a desk, it is highly likely that you come into possession of valuable objects, and documents that you would like to keep safe from prying hands.

A drawer safe installed in your desk will perform the task efficiently and effectively keeping your belongings safe.

Factors to consider when installing a drawer safe

  • Location: As stated earlier, location is key for a safe to efficiently play its part. No safe can be described as being completely fool proof. If given enough time, any burglar will be able to break into any safe.Therefore, ensuring that your safe is out of sight in the first place is important.If your desk has several drawers, choose the drawer that is least conspicuous.
  • Size: Space is very limited inside a drawer. If you wish to install a safe inside a drawer, you should be conscious of the amount of space inside the drawer.A drawer safe is not meant to be huge; you should choose a small safe to avoid complications and to leave enough space for the drawer to perform its original purpose.
  • Motion: A drawer safe can either be static or mobile.A static safe is installed inside the drawer and is fixed in position. When you open the drawer, it is visible, and you only input the safes unlocking procedure to open it.A mobile drawer safe is more complicated and requires more installation time and skill. The safe is equipped with a motor or a hydraulic system that allows it to come out when needed and retreat to a hidden position when not in use all at a touch of a button.

The amount of money you are willing to put into the project will determine the complexity of the drawer safe you get. If you are willing to spend big, you can get a high-tech drawer safe that is very hard to detect.

The following is a detailed procedure of installing a simple Drawer safe.  

Material required

The following are some of the tools and materials you will require to install a simple drawer safe in a wooden desk.

  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • A small hammer
  • A small wood drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Chisel
  • Small drawer safe
  • Pencil
  • ruler


  • After selecting the drawer that you want to install the safe in, remove the drawer fully from the desk.
  • The dimensions of the drawer safe are governed by the size of the safe you choose to acquire. Do not acquire a safe that is bigger than the drawer you intend to install the safe in.
  • The dimensions of the safe should be provided in the manual of the safe. You can also use the measuring tape to measure the exact dimensions of the safe.
  • Using the pencil and a ruler, mark out on one side of the drawer the outline of the safe. The outline should be about an inch larger than the dimensions of the safe.
  • Ensure that the outline you draw does not in any way interfere with the motion of the drawer when it is being opened and closed.
  • You will then have to remove the piece of wood that is within the boundaries of the outline. Use the chisel and the small hammer to commence the process of removing the piece of wood. Using a chisel requires the use of force and may damage the drawer.
  • The wood saw is also used during this step as it is better suited to ensure you do not damage the drawer.
  • The drawer safe comes with pre-drilled screw holes. Fit the drawer on the drawer and mark out the spots where the screw holes are.
  • Using a small wood drill, make the screw holes on the drawer.
  • With the safe still not screwed on the drawer, return the drawer inside the desk. If you screw the safe on the drawer outside the desk, returning the drawer into the safe would be very difficult.
  • Fit the small safe into the hole that you have created. Using the screwdriver and the screws, fix the small safe tightly on the drawer.
  • The safe should be installed in a position that is easy for the owner of the safe to access when required but not too conspicuous for anyone opening the drawer to notice that there is a safe hidden inside the safe.


For a person who handles sensitive documents and objects on a daily basis, having a drawer safe is very crucial. If installed correctly, a drawer safe can be a viable option to secure your belongings short term at home or in the office.


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