How to Install a Gun Safe in a Car

Gun Safe in a CarOwning a gun is legal in all states in the United States. However, any person willing to acquire a firearm must come to terms with the various responsibilities that are bestowed on them. Among the responsibilities that they will have to bear is guaranteeing the safety of the gun.

Depending on their specifications, one can own different types of firearms ranging from handguns to high caliber automatic rifles.

A handgun comes in handy for people who desire to have their weapon on them at all times. A handgun is small and can be carried around at all times. Consequently, it gives the owner a sense of security at all times.

Carrying a gun at all times also comes with certain shortcomings. Although owning a gun is legal, it is not all places in the country that one can visit wielding a firearm. This will necessitate that one leave their gun somewhere when visiting such places.

Most of the time people tend to leave their guns inside their vehicles. Although this may work, the car may be broken into and your gun stolen. Therefore, if you have to leave your gun inside your car, it has to be secure.

Having a gun safe in your vehicle is a sure way of securing your handgun when you have to leave it in the vehicle.

Reasons for Acquiring a Car Hand Gun Safe

Interstate travel

Gun laws change from one state to another. In some states storing your gun in the glove compartment of your vehicle may not be a big deal. But in many states, it is considered reckless and illegal.

When traveling from one state to another, you have to consider all the restrictions that you as a gun holder may face and prepare for them.

Owning a gun safe will help you avoid most if not all of the restrictions that are present in some states.

Preventing theft

In most instances when one leaves their gun in the car under the seat or in the glove compartment of the automobile, it is vulnerable to theft by anyone who may break into the car.

Owning a gun safe makes the task of the wannabe gun thief much harder and goes a long way in ensuring the safety of your gun.

When visiting areas where carrying a gun is prohibited

Many government institutions have specific restrictions on carrying guns when visiting them. If you are visiting someone in a school, then you have to leave your handgun somewhere.

Other places such as courts, post offices, and many public places have strict restrictions on gun carrying.

If you’ve to visit such places, then you have to leave your gun in a secure place in your vehicle, and a handgun safe is probably the safest your handgun can be.

Keeping the gun out of unauthorized hands

Whether it is your children or just ordinary occupants of your vehicle, it is important to keep your gun out of their reach.

Children can cause grievous accidents if allowed access to your gun and a gun safe is necessary to keep them away from your hand gun.

Types of Gun Safes used in Cars and How to Install Them

Console Safe

Console SafeIt is a very popular gun safe as it is installed in the cavity of the console of the vehicle. What makes it very popular is that only the owner of the safe knows that it is there.

It’s highly unlikely that a person who will break into your vehicle will look in the cavity of the console.

Installing a console safe is a straightforward task. A console safe is supposed to be immobile, i.e., not portable. The safe is bolted down into position.

Installing the safe does not require any special skills and all one has to do is be able to carefully bolt down the safe in the cavity without blocking the USB ports in the console.

The safe is popular as once covered, the console gives no indication of a foreign object concealed in it. Also, you can operate the USB ports even with the safe installed.

Having the gun stored in the console also makes it easily retrievable when required.

Cabled safes

SentrySafe-PP1K-Portable-Pistol-Safe-openThese are types of safes that come with a cable that is used to hold them down into position. The main advantage of these types of safes is that you can store them in any position in the vehicle you desire.

Once the cable is in place, the gun safe is ready for use. This types of safes are suited for people who move from one vehicle to another as they are easy to move around.

Although these safes can be placed anywhere in the car, it is important to keep them out of sight.

Mounted safes

Mounted safesThese types of safes are completely mounted on the vehicle and installing them or uninstalling them will require the attention of a professional.

The safe can be mounted on the trunk of the vehicle or any other part of the vehicle that may have enough space.

A mechanic can install the safe. Since it is a permanent safe, its location should be private to the owner of the vehicle.

Such safes are usually larger than the previous types of safes and can carry more than one gun.

Popular Spots to Install Gun Safes

There are two popular spots where gun safes are usually installed in a car; the trunk of the vehicle and under the drivers’ seat.

Ideally, the gun safe should be able to keep the gun away from unwarranted people but make it readily accessible to the owner. Therefore, if the gun is supposed to be used for protection, it should be stored as close as possible to the owner.

The only shortcoming of these ‘popular spots for installing gun safes’ is that being popular, they are also the first places that a thief will peruse when they break into your vehicle.

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