How to Make Secret Stash Containers

Secret Stash ContainersSecret stash containers are made of ordinary containers commonly used in the house. They are designed to mimic the actual containers. The following is a detailed step by step guide on how to make secret stash containers.

When a thief enters your house, they know that they have limited time to steal whatever they can and run away.

They will quickly search for valuable items in the house as quickly as possible. It is highly unlikely that a thief will search the contents of every household item they come across.

Having a secret stash container for storing some of your valuable items is a sure way of keeping them safe. That is of course if someone does not accidentally knock the container down.

What makes the use of secret stash containers interesting is that you don’t have to hide them. In-fact you are encouraged to make them as conspicuous as possible.

A tomato sauce can stashed with cash and stored in a shelf full of other tomato sauce cans is almost fool proof. It would take a lot of luck for a thief to detect the hidden money.

Another interesting aspect of using secret stash containers is the ease of making them. Sometimes you do not even have to make one, an empty container is most of the time ready for use.

Some of the factors to consider when making a secret stash container include:

  • Secrecy: the main reason why one would decide to use a secret stash container is to keep their belongings away from prying hands. Secrecy is key to ensure that. Access you stash container secretly and ensure that only you and the people you trust have knowledge of your deception.
  • Mimicry and blending in: a stash can is not meant to be hidden. The security of the stash container is in its ability to appear as normal as possible. This is achieved by storing it among other similar containers.You should ensure that your container does not stand out in a group of containers. It should never arouse any suspicion save someone decides to check it out.
  • Accessibility: although the secret stash container is not meant to be hidden, it should always be accessible to you whenever you require it.
Therefore, even if it is in public view, if you need to access whatever you have stored in the container, you should have a way of accessing it without raising alarm.

The following is a step by step guide of how to make secret stash containers:

Material required:

  • Used up aerosol can or similar type can
  • Can opener
  • Disk magnets (or other similar powerful magnet)


  • Ensure that the can is empty. Especially if the can you are using previously contained poisonous or flammable materials e.g. aerosols, you should ensure that the can is empty.
  • Remove the bottom of the container. This can easily be done using the can opener. Ensure that you do not scratch the outside of the container as you are carrying out the process. Any damage on the container will make it stand out and may attract attention.
  • Clean the can. When the can is open, you will be able to see whatever may be lurking inside the container. Some of the contents of the container may be contagious or corrosive and destroy whatever you are planning to store in the container. Therefore you should ensure that the container is completely wiped off anything it may be containing.
  • Place your magnets inside the can: since the can is made of ferrous metals, the magnets will easily adhere to the surface of the cans.
  • Stash the valuable you want to secure inside the can: the number of valuables you store in the can depend on the size of the can. You should also observe the weight of the container relative to an actual container that you are mimicking. The container should not be too heavy to make a person who may try to lift the container know that there is something foreign in the container.
  • Replace the bottom: since the bottom is also made of ferrous metals, it should easily adhere to the rest of the container. The strength of the magnet determines how well the bottom of the container adheres to the container. It also determines the weight that the container can carry.
  • ‘Hide the container in the open’: as stated earlier, the secret stash container is not meant to be hidden. Once you are through with the process, be sure to place the container in the open among other containers that are similar to it.
Secret stash containers are a popular choice for people who do not want to spend over the board to acquire a conventional safe. Despite their simplicity, they offer a surprisingly solid level of security and one does not require to possess special skills to learn how to make secret stash containers.

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