Sports Afield Gun Safe Review

Sports afield gun safe is that long-term solution you have been looking for to secure your weapons and minimize the numerous risks associated with them especially guns.

After going through the sports afield gun safe review, you will agree with me that this is a quality safe that you need to invest on.

You do not wish to acquire yourself a rifle only for someone with wrong intentions to set their hands on it and do regrettable damage.

The blame will surely be on you for not being cautious enough.

This is why it is advisable you get yourself the sports afield gun safe which comes with quite impressive features to keep your guns and other ammunition safe and secure from unwarranted users.

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Highlighted Features

The sports afield gun safe when well analyzed reveals several key features that give it an upper hand when weighed against other gun safes in the market.

These are the features that will guide you in getting the best and quality sports afield gun safe from the market. These range from but not limited to:

  • Electronic programmable lock system that allows you to set a preferred private password.
  • Adjustable Shelves that can accommodate ammunitions of varying sizes.
  • Fire Resistant structure that keeps your ammunitions safe from fire.
  • Steel Doors which are hard to breach access by intruders.
  • Variable sizes hence you can select your preferred based on storage needs and space availability.

Features of Sports Afield Gun Safe

There are quite a number of thing that you will love about this safe. Here is a breakdown of the best features of this safe.

Electronic programmable lock

Access to the sports afield gun safe is highly controlled through the electronic lock system incorporated within its make structure. Your guns and other weapons stored in the safe are thus secured once the lock system is activated.

You personally program the lock system to suit your needs by setting a private password that is only known to you.

This means no one but you can access the safe. This will ensure that you keep unwarranted persons from setting hands on your weapons as it may lead to dire consequences which may again result in you being held accountable.

Adjustable Shelves

One of the key considerations I make my purchase of any item is its flexibility.

Sports afield gun safe caught my eye due to the fact that its shelves which are large enough to accommodate my weapons accordingly are easily adjustable.

You simply set the shelves depending on the weapons you are storing as well as their sizes.

It allows you to store all sizes of ammunition in the sports afield gun safe apart from those that are extra-large. This feature of the safe has made it favorite to many clients.

Fire Resistant

The sports afield gun safe is made out of a hard steel material that can withstand very high temperatures.

It is made in a way that it can withstand temperatures of up to 1200 degrees F for a duration of forty minutes.

It implies that your weapons are safe from fire because even in case of an outbreak, you are able to take corrective action before the forty minutes duration is over.

Your guns are thus safe when stored in the sports afield gun safe because fire is a great threat to any form of ammunition.

Steel Doors

The door is the access route to your safe and thus should be made with quality material that makes any intruders hard to bypass easily.

The sports afield gun safe has taken this into consideration and ensured that the safe’s doors are made out of hard stainless steel.

The doors besides being made from steel are fitted with quality locks and hinges that one cannot easily interfere with.

This guarantees the safety of your guns and other weapons stored in the safe because no intruders will get access without your permission or awareness. The doors, in addition, have that fine finish enhancing the visual impression of the safe.

Variable sizes

Most of us need an installation that will minimize on space available and provide the needed storage capacity. Sports afield gun safe ensures you have these issues of storage and space addressed by being available in different sizes.

You are thus able to choose your preferred size depending on the space available in your room as well as the number of ammunition you wish to secure in the safe.

The sports afield gun safes come in the following sizes 60x 33 inches, 60x 40 inches as well as 72x 40 inches. Just go for your convenient size.

Additional Standard Features

  • Smoke seal for better protection.
  • Chrome handles for opening and locking the safe.
  • Steel bolts to firmly hold the safe structure.
  • Internal AC power and removable external power cord.
  • USB ports.
  • Well carpeted inner walls thus classy interior look.


  • The adjustable shelves allow you to store both small and medium size ammunition.
  • The fire and smoke seal ensure the safe is free from damage.
  • The gun safes come in various sizes thus varied choice.
  • The electronic lock system enhances privacy and high security for the ammunition in the safe.
  • The steel doors are hard to breach hence increased security.
  • The safe has a fine outer finish giving it a classy visual impression.
  • Interior walls are neatly carpeted to give the interior smart appearance.


  • The sports afield gun safes are very costly.
  • The gun safe is only legible for shipping domestically within the United States of America.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a person located outside the USA order for the sports afield gun safe to be shipped to them and what is the shipping cost?

A: The unfortunate thing about shipment of the sports afield gun safe is that it is restricted only to the domestic market. Only those located in the USA can order for shipment of the sports afield gun safes which are shipped freely by the dealers of the gun safes.

Final Verdict

Having the sports afield gun safe in your possession is not enough. You need to ensure that the gun safe has all the standard features of a gun safe so as to provide the required protection for your valuables.

You need not rush in making the purchase decision without prior knowledge of the standard features as this may lead to you regretting your decision.

This is why the sports afield gun safe review is necessary to equip you with all the information you should know before buying the product.

This is because the sports afield gun safe is costly thus ought to give you value for your cash. When all these are done and you have your sports afield gun safe with you, your important items are safe than never.

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  1. I have been looking for a safe to store my firearms in, but I’m not sure where to begin. I like that you mention how internal dimensions are important for gun safe buyers so they know their rifles can fit. I will have to measure the size of my guns and find a safe that can fit them all. Thanks for sharing!


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