Top Seven Tips for Using a Gun Safe [INFOGRAPHIC]

You may have the best gun safe in the world, but it won’t last long if you don’t take good care of it. From choosing a place to install it, to protecting it against moisture that can result in your guns to becoming affected by rust and corrosion, the following are seven things to remember in using a gun safe:

Tips for Using a Gun Safe

[INFOGRAPHIC] Top Seven Tips for Using a Gun Safe

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1. Look for a stable place to install it.

You just don’t install a gun safe in your room because you want to. When looking for a place to install the gun safe, you should also consider the moisture level in the area. The safe should be placed in an area where a 70-degree temperature can be maintained, and where humidity levels are at 50 percent.  You should keep in mind that too much moisture can cause rust to form in the guns, but too little of it can also lead to cracking.

2. Use a dehumidifier.

Speaking of moisture, many gun owners agree that this is the number one nemesis of gun safes. Even the best biometric gun safe isn’t free from moisture, as well as molds and mildew that may develop as a consequence.

Although you can put a desiccant inside the safe, the problem with silica gel packs is that you will have to place it in the oven every now and then to be able to re-use it. That’s quite a hassle for busy gun owners. That’s why a dehumidifier is a better option that a desiccant.

3. Avoid using cases and sleeves when the guns are inside the safe.

One of the biggest mistakes gun owners make when storing their weapons is keeping them in padded sleeves and cases. The truth is that these accessories are designed only for transporting guns.

Moreover, the material of these cases is capable of absorbing moisture from the air. Thus it puts moisture in direct contact with the guns, which can result to rust and corrosion affecting the weapons.

4. Gun locks

There have been many unfortunate instances when children were able to open cheap gun safes and causing lives in the process. In 2003, a three-year-old named Eddie Ryan Owens died of a gunshot wound after his father’s gun was accessed from the gun safe.

The moral of the story is that whether you have a fingerprint gun safe at home or a mechanical dial gun safe, it is still best to secure your guns so that unfortunate things like this can be avoided.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, there are several safety options to prevent unintentional gun firing like trigger locks that prevent pulling of the trigger, and cable locks to avoid loading and firing.

5. Keep gun safe away from common fire origins

You may have a fireproof gun safe but this doesn’t mean that you will place it in the kitchen, which is the most common fire origin.  You should not put the gun safe in any room which opens to the kitchen. Moreover, keep the gun safe away from rooms where people smoke or burn candles as these are also triggers of fire.

6. Minimize obstructions.

Most gun owners keep a gun safe in their room. While there’s no problem with that, you just have to make sure that there are minimal obstructions such as books, drinks, and photos that can block your path from the bed to the vault.

Inside the gun safe, guns and magazines should not be grouped closely. The ideal placement is one where you can grab the weapon without hesitation or deviation.

7. Practice how to access your gun at night

Humans tend to revert to instinct when they are under duress. During an attack, you will have to train yourself how to safely and efficiently access your gun from its storage. Practice regularly how to get your gun, especially coming from your bed.

These seven tips are guaranteed to help you make the most out of your gun safe.  Do keep these things in mind so that you can ensure the longevity of your gun safe, and more importantly, you can get to it in case of an attack.


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