What is the Most Accurate Reloading Press for the Money?

Are you having trouble getting those bullets to work? Then it’s time you consider getting the most accurate reloading press so you will get optimum results each time out.

Just because reloading presses have the same purpose does not mean they’re built equally.  One brand that has carved out a solid reputation for accuracy is Lee Precision, and that is why I am taking a look at two of their top reloading presses here.

The Challenger Kit II and the Classic Turret Kit are two of their more popular products because of their precision. But which one is better? To find out I conducted this detailed reviews.

Best Picks of Most Accurate Reloading Press

#1: Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit II

Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit II[aawp box=”B00162RM3E” template=”horizontal”]

This kit includes the Challenger Kit II, safety scale, powder measure and safety prime system. It also comes with other accessories like sizing tubes, powder funnel, case length cutter and more.

The Press

The best reloading equipment for accuracy must have a quality press and Lee does not disappoint. Called the Challenger, it’s a type O press with revamped toggle links and breech lock.

Reloading is smooth and it’s easy to mount on a wood or metal surface. Unlike other turret presses you don’t need to apply a lot of pressure and it’s more heavy duty.

Compared to previous versions this press is beefier and sturdier. That adds some weight but it’s not much and actually makes the press more stable.

Safety Scale

The Lee safety scale is simple but effective and complements the powder measure well. it’s easy to use, accurate and speeds up the charge weighing process.

Safety Prime System

The prime system is nothing flashy but it gets the job done. The manual states clearly what you have to do and it runs without a hitch.

Can you get a fancier prime system? Yes but this actually works so for novices this will do just fine.

Powder Measure

The powder measure hopper has a good size and throws charges from small to large cartridge. A chamber meters the charges and uses a drop tube to put the powder in place.

The powder measure works fine, but you’ll want to weigh the charges for consistency. If you don’t want to weigh every charge do so every 5th or 10th charge.


The Challenger kit includes a sizing lube, a funnel for the powder, a case cutter, primer pocket cleaners and a chamfer utility. These are basic accessories but they’re fully functional and that’s what counts.

#2: Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit

Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit[aawp box=”B008M5TSCG” template=”horizontal”]

There’s a reason this is called the Classic as it offers the tools you’ll need to reload. Let’s take a look at the main pieces.

Turret Press

This is a 4 hole, automatic indexing press with a well linked lever and easy to mount Ram Prime. It’s easy to use and the fact that it’s ambidextrous says a lot about the design.

The turret works on small and long guns and there’s very little cleaning needed. The turret plates are easy to swap and allows you replace caliber swaps.

Its auto indexer works well for pistol ammo and you can take off the indexing rod and utilize it as a single turret. This level of versatility is hard to find in other turrets.

Powder Measure

The Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure is mostly plastic but works fine. It’s easy to adjust the powder level and it’s also accurate.

The powder measure is a basic tool but it produces a consistent charge. Even with different handgun loads there is little variance in terms of charge.

Safety Primer Feed

There are two feeds, large and small, included in the Lee. Difference in size aside they work the same way when releasing a primer in the Ram Prime.

The primer feeds are made of plastic but they operate smoothly. The key is to use it properly so you can avoid problems with performance.

Prep Accessories

The turret set also throws in a case cutter lock, primer pocket cleaner, a chamfer tool and a lock stud for the trimmer.

These are simple accessories and do what they’re supposed to. These are made from solid components and should last a long time.

Safety Scale

The safety scale is designed for novices but it’s good enough to be used extensively by seasoned reloaders.


What is the Most Accurate Reloading Press?

The best single stage press for accuracy is not dependent on cost as your main focus needs to be on your requirements. When it comes to accuracy I have tried a lot but I can say Lee is the best out there.

After going through the various Lee Precision reloading presses I have to point out the Challenger and the Classic are the most precise. On the surface it might seem like these presses are not that different from others. After thoroughly reviewing both products I conclude they are more accurate than the other brands.

Things to Consider before Buying Most Accurate Reloading Press

If you want to get maximum value and greater productivity, consider the following.


If you want the most accurate single stage reloading press you’ll want to buy from a reputable brand like Lee. Not only are you assured of its accuracy but the other accessories are well made.


Reloading press kits come with a lot of accessories, but how do you know which are essential and which are fluff?

The relevant accessories will depend on the kind of turret you use. At the very least you’ll need primer cleaners, a chamfer tool, powder funnel, case length cutter and a sizing tube.

Final Verdict

After reviewing these reloading presses it is clear to me the Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit is the better of the two. It comes with a lot of accessories and a powerful press but doesn’t compromise performance wise.

The Classic is the most accurate reloading press based on performance, usability and flexibility. It is not only precise but is bundled with practical and useful accessories.


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