The 2 Best .177 Pellet for Hunting

Hunting using airguns is a popular pastime for a lot of people. For many hunters, using the best .177 pellet for hunting is more humane compared to using real bullets since the former will not blow the quarry to bits.

The airgun needs ammo which will rightfully accommodate its capabilities so it is requires that hunters only look for quality, proper pellets for their stock. Choosing is made easier as long as you know what you want and the kind of prey you are after whether birds, rabbits, squirrels or deer.

There is a wide variety of .177 pellets in the market right now so hunters are given enough options to accommodate different stocks, needs and abilities.

If you want to know more about popular products, you can proceed reading this handy guide. In this review article, I am going to discuss two known available pellets and which among the two fare better in terms of quality, performance and value.

Best Picks of .177 Pellet for Hunting

#1: Gamo 632282054 Luxor CU Sharp Pyramid Hunting Pellets 0.177 Caliber, 150 Count

Gamo 632282054 Luxor CU Sharp Pyramid Hunting Pellets 0.177 Caliber, 150 Count[aawp box=”B00IQANEBI” template=”horizontal”]

The Gamo 632282054 is Luxor Cu pellets do not contain traces of lead and it comes with a copper layer which adds in to minimize weight and sustain proper air circulation rates whenever the ammo is in flight. Paired up with a proper airgun, the product can even break the sonic wall.

If used with a generic airgun, the pellets are still capable of sustaining a normal energy level which goes beyond 20 percent and this gives them significantly higher penetrating powers. The inclusion of copper material meanwhile lets the pellet keep hold of 100 percent of its total weight even after spreading out.

This allows the ammo to go deeper inside the target and produce greater wounds for a quick kill. Pointed pellets like this product are built particularly for hunting since the sharp tip is there to eliminate the prey quickly.

The Luxor Cu’s head design is unique though because it is more than pointed—it has a pyramid shape which goes straight to your prey and kills it within seconds. This is for the hunter who likes humane kills when taking down pests and vermin.

In terms of accuracy, the product delivers as well. It has good reach if used with an airgun that corresponds to it well.

Due to the inclusion of a copper layer, expect the ammo to still retain majority of its weight during trajectory for better flight as it zooms in straight to the target. Other than the distinctive pyramid head shape of the product, the copper layer is also another unique characteristic of the pellet.

If you want the best .177 pellets for hunting rabbits, you can check out this product. It is dependable, has good weight, quality materials, great knockdown power and flight stability so it’s recommended for hunting small game.

#2: Crosman Field Hunting .177 Cal, 7.4 Grains, Pointed, 1250ct

Crosman Field Hunting .177 Cal, 7.4 Grains, Pointed, 1250ct[aawp box=”B000BTNLVK” template=”horizontal”]

When it comes to hunting, the speed of the ammo does not bear weight if it does not strike the quarry. There are lots of pellets that are good for hunting however Crosman’s Field Hunting pellets are one of the best .177 pellets for squirrel hunting right now.

It comes with a solid shape and weight so it can provide excellent precision when hunting or plinking. It makes tight groupings even at around 30 ft. It can even take down prey along that range.

You can take any stance you are comfortable in from standing, kneeling or sitting and you could still accomplish solid groupings with these pellets.

The pointed shape of the ammo makes them excellent for hunting since it gives the pellet additional penetrative powers. Pointed pellets are in fact engineered for flight stability, precision and distance—the product has all those factors hence making them a favorite in my list.

It displayed excellent penetration, has high velocity and displayed solid accuracy during good weather. I have heard of reviews stating that the ammo will not fit gun barrels however as far as I know, they were made to exacting standards so it can accommodate a good selection of models. Just press them within a bit harder compared to common pellets.

The pellets are jammed in bulk so keep in mind that a few might get deformed as a result. Which is something the manufacturers can improve on—it would be good if the pellets were produced a bit harder so it won’t get misshapen.

Also, the product contains tolerable amounts of lead. It appears the package can accumulate a bit of lead dust within it so handle the pellets with extra care and do not inhale the dust nor put the ammo in your mouth.

All in all though, these are reliable ammo which will not put a dent on your wallet. Good for hunting and plinking.

What are the .177 Pellet for Hunting?

We all have a single priority when hunting—to take down prey and this means investing on the best .177 pellet for hunting. So what makes good hunting ammo for your .177 then?

Of course the ideal ammo for your hunting needs is the one that will provide you with the best output. A great hunting pellet is the product that will give you solid confidence to set off the trigger and a firm knowledge that the hit will go precisely where you want it to be.

Furthermore, it is also crucial to keep in mind that factors which are essential for one shooting chore might not be that significant for another shooting chore. For example, for hunters, the ballistic coefficient is essential however it is not necessarily vital for target practice.

Remember that pellets come in a great variety, and function for a variety of purposes. Hence you must also have a nice selection of it to suit your needs.

Final Verdict

Investing in the right hunting pellets makes a difference in terms of performance so I am going to close this review with my choice—the Crosman Field Hunting product is the best .177 pellet for hunting since it is budget-friendly and at the same time, displayed excellent performance. It has accuracy, a good weight and shape and has made hunting small game a breeze for me.

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