The 3 Best .22 Pellets for Accuracy

The pellet is an essential companion of an airgun and air rifle enthusiast. The best .22 pellets contribute in the overall performance of the shooter and the right kind will help enhance the shooter’s capabilities, leading to accurate shots.

Pellets often come in 4 basic calibers or sizes like the aforementioned .22, the .177, .20 and the .25. .177 is the smallest while the biggest is the .25. There are also special-sized pellets like the .303, which was made for powerful airgun models.

While shooters won’t have any problems looking for good pellets because of a sizable amount of selections in the market, it still pays if you do some research before investing in one. Reading more information and airgun pellet reviews will help you acquire the most accurate 22 pellet for your airgun.

Thus this helpful guide aims to assist you in your search for best .22 pellets for hunting or plinking. Read up and discover what model ammo will suit you best.

Top 3 .22 Pellets: Comparison Table

Here are the specifications of my 3 recommended .22 ammo.

ProductCaliberWeightShapeQuantityView On Amazon
Crosman Premier Hollow Point Pellet .22 Cal.2214.3 grainHollow-point500Check Price
JSB Diabolo Jumbo Exact Monster .22 Caliber.2225.39 grainDiablo/domed200Check Price
H&N Hornet Pointed Airgun Pellets .22 Caliber.2216 grainPointed200Check Price


Best Picks of .22 Pellets

#1: Crosman Premier Hollow Point Pellet .22 cal, 14.3 Gr., 500 count

Crosman Premier Hollow Point Pellet .22 cal, 14.3 Gr., 500 count[aawp box=”B006O74XQ0″ template=”horizontal”]

The Premier Hollow Point pellets from Crosman is a popular product due to its efficiency and capability to enhance a shooter’s precision.

Hollow point pellets are made to spread upon impact so it can provide more damage to the target. They are good for shooting close-quarters due to its weak ballistic coefficient or knockdown power.

The coating used on this product is lead and this leads to even more damage to quarry. It has a weight of 14.3 grain and the package contains 500 pellets in every tin.

When it comes to power, it has the capability of penetrating thicker items of roughly a half inch at 30 ft. For plinking, shooters can expect the ammo to penetrate tin cans cleanly at 50 ft.

This is nice ammo for folks who do not want to make use of real bullets for their hunting and plinking needs. Even though it does not make for significant power, they’re easy to use and affordable.

Because of the price and enough knockdown to tackle small vermin, it is recommended for beginners who want to practice their skills in plinking and to take down smaller game.

You can use it for a good while since the tin comes with 500 pellets—hence if you are the type who is serious with your accuracy game, you can enjoy target practice and pest-hunting using this product for as long as you want.

#2: JSB Diabolo Jumbo Exact Monster .22 Caliber

JSB Diabolo Jumbo Exact Monster .22 Caliber[aawp box=”B003M4IGUC” template=”horizontal”]

If you want the best 22 pellets for accuracy, you can check this product from JSB, the Diablo Jumbo Exact Monster. The ammo comes with intermediary weight, has a round nose and is designed to enhance stabilization of flight and better precision.

This is a product that suits hunting and long-range shooting best. It comes with a weight or grain that has been selected to suit a good majority of formidable air rifles. The pellets have excellent quality—it has a substantial weight which retains its stability even at 50 joules yet it can also match up rifles that are more than 70 joules.

Every ammo in the package is examined thoroughly for quality by control staffs in order to guarantee superior value of the product. The product though requires the use of a powerful rifle however if you are after accuracy and a sizable ballistic coefficient, then this is the item for you.

The product is more expensive though compared to the Crosman and the package only contains 200 pellets. However if you need to invest on just one ammo, you may want to consider this—it is precise, has tons of power and will absolutely go well with your tougher-than-tough rifles.

#3: H&N Hornet Pointed Airgun Pellets .22 Caliber / 16 Grains (200 Count)

H&N Hornet Pointed Airgun Pellets .22 Caliber / 16 Grains (200 Count)[aawp box=”B00TU66PFY” template=”horizontal”]

Pointed pellets like the H&N Hornet Pointed Airgun Pellets are designed to accommodate light to medium airguns. Because of the manner in which the head was designed, these pointed types are not recommended for airguns with higher power.

The product is a great addition for air rifle enthusiasts due to its longer range and its capability to take down smell-medium quarry. The pellet is different from other pointed models though since it comes with a brass tip instead of the polymer types usually present in the market today.

Due to the inclusion of the brass tip, it might lead to a better center or balance. I was right in assuming that the material will contribute to the accuracy since the pellets did well in consistent shots—it was capable of producing solid groupings.

However the product is pricier compared to other products. If you want to spend more on accuracy though, you may as well give this one a try.

Additional grain or weight is also more than welcome since it will definitely enhance the level of capability that the product already comes with.

Recommended for its capability for taking on medium game in a more humane manner. The product gives consistent, tight groupings and gives great precision too.


What is the Best .22 Pellets

There is no doubt that the market has a huge availability of pellet products for air pistols and rifles out there. If you are an enthusiast though, you may be knowledgeable enough to believe what makes the best .22 caliber ammo.

The best product for your airgun is something that definitely matches and accommodates your stock. There are products out there that are hit or miss and it may take some time for you to discover what will work for your rifle or pistol.

However extra knowledge will always make shopping for pellets easier for you. Hence if you want to find the best, you can always refer to the best .22 cal pellets reviews as fast reference.

Things to Consider Before Buying .22 Pellets

Before you go ahead and buy the first tin of pellets you see online or in a brick and mortar store, it is best that you first consider the right ammo shape for your airgun and your activity needs. This is an essential factor you must not miss because there are different types of pellets out there.


The pointed kind is recommended for hunting small vermin and it can contain its velocity for long-range shooting.


Also called the diablo pellet, this type is best for versatile activities since it has a nice aerodynamic design. The round shape makes for accuracy, good trajectory, maximizes velocity, capable of deflecting wind and great for field target shooting.


Also called the flathead type, this kind of pellet makes for steady, solid shots. The shape is recommended for hunting since it makes for significant impact and controlled penetration.


The hollow-point kind is recommended for taking down small vermin. The design is capable of expanding upon contact without fully penetrating the quarry.

Final Verdict

It is always a great idea to spurge on the best .22 pellets so the product that makes the great would have to be the JSB Diabolo Jumbo Exact Monster .22 Caliber.

It has tons of power, great accuracy, sufficient weight and has overall excellent quality.

Featured Image by Waleed Alzuhair/ CC BY

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