Top 7 American Security Safe Reviews

American Security Safe Reviews
To have a gun security safe gives you ample peace of mind, Moreover, if you want to have the Security safe that would be your best decision you have ever made to buy a gun security safe.

Definitely, you will have sufficient information if you follow my best American Security safe reviews that will lead to choosing the right gun safe as your choice.

They have a wide range of options with various sizes and customizable options to choose from exterior color and textures give you a wonderful buying experience.

It is really important that you want to buy a safe that has an appropriate storage space, outstanding fire protection, maximum fire rating, lock mechanism, installation system and warranty period that may best fit to your requirements.

Do not panic I am here to help!! I would assist selecting the best gun safe, just I would like to request you to read my article to get informed all of your queries.

Top 7 AMSEC Safe Reviews (Comparison table)

NameDimensionColorWeightFire RateView on Amazon
American Security BF Series Gun Safe65-1/4″  x 36″ x 26″Black1319 lbs120 minutesCheck Price
American Security BF7250 Safe, Matte Black71-1/4″x 50″x 28″Matte Black1789lbs120 minutesCheck Price
American Security TF Series Gun Safe55.25″x 17.34″ x 16″Black286 lbs30 minutesCheck Price
American Security FS914E5LP Residential Fire Safe15.8″ x 19″ x 13.5 “Smokey ash87lbs60 minutesCheck Price
American Security Defense Vault14″ x 52″ x 6 “Black75lbs30 minutesCheck Price
American Security Products Electronic Security Safes9″ x 16″ x 13″ x 13 1/8 “off white33 pounds1 hourCheck Price
American Security Products U.L Listed 1 Hr Fire Combo Safe15.6″ x 14.2″ x 19.8″Dark silver126  pounds1 hourCheck Price

Best pick of American Security Safe Reviews

Deciding to get a gun security safe can be one of those decisions that guarantee peace. The best thing about these safes is that you can store anything of value to you. Due to their impenetrable nature, it’s right to say that they’re really safe.

American Security is a top brand when it comes to quality safes. Let’s have a look at some information about the safes.

#1: American Security BF Series Gun Safe

American Security BF 6636 Safe, Black[aawp box=”B01BVB87TW” template=”horizontal”] The American BF series gun safe is made in the USA comes with 2 separate models and 6 different dimensions is currently considered most promising and extraordinary and largest gun safe producing by American security.

It has U.L certified RSC burglary protection including ½” solid steel plate door and gives you a maximum of 120 minutes fire protection also has lifetime warranty make them great safe ever they made.

You have a wide range of options to choose your best gun safe from BF series along with various sizes ranges from 59.25”x24”x21” to 71.25”x50”x28” that gives you a right choice to select your appropriate gun safe.

The safe has an excellent layout designed to give you a maximum 73 guns in the biggest model and allow you to store 16 guns inside the little one.

What I Like
  • Able to protect any kind of damage and against direct force.
  • Has dual cherished seals gives you the best protection from fire and smoke.
  • Also able to provide outstanding protection from theft or burglary.
  • Fully customizable so you can use any color combination of your choice.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Too heavy need professionals to move.
  • Need expert shelving inside otherwise its squeeze interior spaces.

Bottom line:

The UL certified fire rating gives you protection for  2 hours at best 1200° F,  comes with flexible interior, excellent door organizer, can store 2 long guns and assault rifles on the door, a mirrored back wall ensure more attractive look and 5 strut handle with electronic lock offers the best guard  against  faults, defects or damaged.

#2: American Security BF7250 Safe, Matte Black

American Security BF7250 Safe, Matte Black[aawp box=”B00E0P24E6″ template=”horizontal”] The American Security safe is capable of holding fire at least 2 hours along with 3/8” stainless steel combined door, dry light installation mechanism makes the safe unique than others.

Also, it used the superior insulation material that limits using of gypsum board that able to supply arid and flawless obstacles.

The overall interior temperatures no more than 350 degrees and a 2 stages fire seals including silicon seal on the door jamb and stretchy pal Sol seal on the door give you smoke-free protection for your valuables.

The safe able to provide you ample peace of mind because it has 5 pre-cut anchor holes that keep the safe a media to bolts down come along with a lifetime warranty against intruders and fire so it is highly advisable to buy this safe without any hesitation.


What I Like
  • Two layers of steel give you best protection from fire and security.
  • A used 7 gauge of steel is the further assurance of very sturdy safe.
  • The U.L. listed ESL10 Electronic lock included.
  • Has Ball bearing hinges that able to rotate 180 degrees.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Super heavy door impossible to pulling this away for an individual.
  • Need to keep in mind the price very expensive.

Bottom line:

The American security safe has 5 spoke handle with a pull handle and an additional electronic lock available to your choice, has a commercial grade hinges able to dangle 180 degrees and the handle will unfasten quickly in case of severe attack. It’s specially made for banks and now offered for public use.

#3: American Security TF Series Gun Safe

American Security AMSEC Fire Rated Gun Safe with Electronic E5 Lock, Black[aawp box=”B009B13Z6K” template=”horizontal”] Another wonderful gun safe is being introduced by American Security TF series offers you a 3/16” steel plate door with 2 separate layers of fire resistance material that gives you a fire protection up to 30 minutes at a maximum of 1200°  F.

It is capable of maintaining the inside temperature no more than 350 degrees F, It has also silicon seal and parasol seal one for the door jamb and another one for the door.

The entire body is built by 14 gauges thick stainless steel plate along with insulating material in between layers to protect your guns and valuables from fire.

It has L-bar handle comes with extra security features that able to prevent extreme torque so the bolts able to react if someone attempts to punch the safe.

It has altogether 8 bolts as 5 active and 3 deadbolts all are chrome plated and comes with a premium door organizer gives you maximum storage benefits and allow you rapid access whenever you want your guns or other accessories.

What I Like
  • Comes with pre-cut anchor holes and all hardware’s are included
  • Electronic access holes available.
  • Outstanding design features both U.L and RSC certified.
  • Sturdy hinges and a well bolt door and anti-drill mechanism.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Heavy item sometimes has some scratch, dents on the body.
  • The Outside USA made need to check everything before buying.

Bottom line:

The excellent color combination of this safe makes your storage experience more comfort and long lasting hinges ensure extra security, also all mounting hardware included along with lifetime warranty gives you ample peace of mind to use this gun safe.

#4: American Security FS914E5LP Residential Fire Safe

American Security FS914E5LP Residential Fire Safe[aawp box=”B00I8JOT66″ template=”horizontal”]
This particular residential fire safe gives you most protection especially for your expensive jewelry and personal documents.

It can protect your documents from the fire up to 60 minutes certified by U.L that gives you the further assurance of its ability to protect your households.

It has 5/8” thick door along with handle operated side also has a great mechanism so you can lock from top to bottom part of the fire safe adding in 4-1” locking bolts all are chrome plated.

During a burglary entry attempts even if the hinges are tempted still the 2 deadbolts is capable of preventing the door.

An adjustable shelf, key lock drawer at the top, super digital electronic lock and able to changes the combinations quick and simple makes this fire safe distinct from others.

It is also capable of absorbing internal heat up to 350 degrees like other fire safe and it is listed by U.L meaning tension free using experience.

What I Like
  • Superior quality specially designed to protect household Items.
  • Has suitable interior dimension to keep your important documents.
  • All hardware included.
  • Removable rolling casters give you flexible using experience.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Relatively small able to keep little household items.
  • Not eligible for international shipping.

Bottom line:

The safe looks relatively small but 87lbs is not a light item and ultra thick steel safe provides you the exact protection that you want from a fire safe. You can keep your legal documents including passports, agreements, license and all the certificates that you currently have in your possessions.

#5: American Security Defense Vault

American Security Defense Vault
[aawp box=”B0063263R8″ template=”horizontal”] The American security defense vault acts as supplementary safe that able to fit in large safes placing in your house, basements or garage.

Relatively small looks like a large DVD player but ultra strong and heavy duty to protect your valuables from intruders and fire.

It gives you outstanding storage solutions when you find that your space is squeezing and provides you quick protection and ensures a peaceful mind.

The interior try sizes from 3-3/8”x43-1/4”x13”(inches) so it has sufficient space for your small scale storage expectation.

The light keypad come along with ELS15 digital electronic lock, made with 14 gauges stainless steel and a distinctive 5 point sliding lock bar confirms its superior protection capability.

Also, it has a gun tray that coated with a foam pad and a 4 pre-cut anchor holes give you mounting facilities and all the hardware included so you do not need to worry for extra panic.

What I Like
  • Relatively small, slim and compact designed construction.
  • Illuminated keypad ensures its efficiency.
  • Sturdy, heavy duty and consistent quality standard.
  • Can store small handguns and other small valuables inside.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Drawer relatively slim, not suitable for everyone.
  • Low batteries warning system not included.

Bottom line:

You find it is one of most beneficial safe that is currently available on the market today. The most striking feature of this item is it’s a vault so it ensures the maximum utilization of your tiny space. So, buying this safe would be a beneficial investment and consider the best value for money.

#6: American Security Products Electronic Security Safes

American Security Products Electronic Security Safes (OD 9x16x13x13 1/8, 14-Pounds)[aawp box=”B004MYCYFY” template=”horizontal”] The electronic security safe is specially made for the protection of residential fires and offer outstanding protection from burglars, has DL5000 super fast touch screen digital electronic lock mechanism including big and easy read LCD display gives you best safe using experiences with the cheapest price range.

The DL5000 digital display allows you to change the combinations fast and easily. It has also emergency key-lock system including 2 keys dominated by powerful battery box ensures further protection for your valuables.

The most sensitive features of this safe are motion detector so it’s able to provide you pre-signal before much damaged or burglar’s attempts to break it.

Also, inbuilt spy-proof function helps you to catch the unauthorized access of your safes and can take necessary action on it.

The outstanding safe from world renowned brand along with the cheapest price ensures you a great value for money.

What I Like
  • Has super protected pry resistance door.
  • Strong inside hinges for anti-robbery protection.
  • Solid 14 gauges steel plate construction makes it very strong.
  • Able to bolt on the wall and floor.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Relatively cheap safe.
  • Made in the outside USA so bit concerns about quality.

Bottom line:

You find the keypad and entry system is peaceful and a backlit helps you to open even in the dark just pressing the pad to activate it’s backlit also come along with 2 backup keys and outside battery box ensures most hassle free user experiences and you can use passkeys even if the backlit not working properly.

#7: American Security Products U.L Listed 1 Hr Fire Combo Safe

American Security Products U.L Listed 1 Hr Fire Combo Safe (OD 19 1/8x13 1/2x15 11/16, 126-Pounds)[aawp box=”B004MY7MTC” template=”horizontal”] The 126lbs American security products fire combo safe is UL fire rating maximum of 1 hour and able to absorb interior temperature of 350 degrees comes along with simple dial combo lock that gives you ultimate peace during emergency access to get your valuables from the safe.

It has also single drawer shelf so you can keep your most important items inside the shelf also has wonderful features so you can use it as hidden safe in a wall along with a total of 1258 cubic inches internal space.

A combination dial lock system, round shape handlebar, and 12 gauges solid steel body ranked as one of the most effective fire safes I have ever seen in the market.

What I Like
  • Single adjustable shelf gives you more storage benefits.
  • Excellent quality products with very reasonable price.
  • Very solid and strong steel made so almost impossible for an intruder to get access.
  • Prevent easy access from children and other vulnerable.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Slightly smaller and relatively low price represents quality may vary.
  • Find some cosmetic damage during the delivery time so need to check before receiving the item.

Bottom line:

It can protect fire for 1 hour that is sufficient to take appropriate steps to prevent further damage of your valuables including a remarkable ½ inch thick door come along with 2 separate bolts on the side ensures not possible to remove the safe by thieves or burglars. This particular safe can act an inexpensive instant insurance for your guns and ammo.


Advantages of owning American security safe

To have a security safe gives you a wide range of benefits, moreover, if you have American products security safe you confidently say no to theft or burglars because it’s a renowned brand always forcing on innovation and technology.

High tech locking systems, different stages of combination, ultra thick plates and outstanding design ensure you a strong defense system from American security safe.

There several benefits you can enjoy if you have American security safes and these are:

Protect from intruders:

American security safe is particularly designed to offer a protection from the most determined thieves, burglars, and other intruders to overcome a frightening challenge.

Every safe from the manufacturers is commercially designed by the great professionals so it able to give you the best protection.

Lifetime warranty:

All the American security safe comes with an unlimited warranty that gives you confidence for a hassle-free operating performance. And you can get outstanding services just in case the safe scratched, damaged or broke up during unauthorized access time.

Extendable fire security:

Most of the safes fire rating more than 1 hour some of them have even 2 hours fire protection so in any unexpected fire at your home it offers you great protection especially your valuable items.

It gives you protection up to 1200 degree F and can absorb interior temperature up to 350 degrees F.

 Dry-light insulation materials:

The American gun safe are using the ultra innovative dry-light fill material that gives you top protection from floods, fire and any kind of natural disasters.

It gives you an ample peace of mind if you have this branded safe during these unexpected natural events.

Additional features to block temperature:

The safe has 2 steps of seals one for door jamb and another one a Palusol seal on the door that capable of expanding a maximum of 8 times of its real size that ensure ample protection from heat and offers to prevent the components from huge damage.

History of AMSEC Brand

If you’re observant, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of these famous brands have really humble beginnings.

AMSEC is no different. It was founded over sixty years ago by Glenn Hall using a welding torch and a lathe. This brand grew slowly but surely and has proved to rise above situations and competitors.

Companies that have humble beginnings have one thing in common, they really value their customers’ principals and quality standards.

AMSEC has continued to provide high-quality safes and vaults over the years. This is the reason anytime anyone mentions anything to do with safes, AMSEC is among the top choices.

Where Are AMSEC Safes Made?

This is a question that directly connects to the quality standards, prices, and the results. That’s why vehicles made in Germany or England are more expensive and long-lasting than those made in China.

That being said, a majority of AMSEC safes are manufactured in the USA. So I really don’t have to tell you that they’re high-quality safes made with innovation in mind.

What Kind Of Warranty Do AMSEC Safes Have?

Now, warranties are important when it comes to safes. When accidents like faulty doors or hinges start being a problem, the warranty will save you.

AMSEC has ensured that you’re adequately taken care of every time you buy their safes. They have a customer care line you can use to call them. So, whether you have a question regarding their safes or choices for safes in your budget, you can call them.

The AMSEC safes come with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers the parts, labor and lock for items not related to a fire or a break in. You also have the option of buying their warranties for a longer time.

AMSEC  VS Other Safes


AMSEC vs. Liberty Safe

Liberty safes offer little security compared to AMSEC safes. Although they can both be cut with power tools, they offer some good security.

For fire protection, AMSEC is made with concrete which is a really safe option if you ask me. Liberty safes use sheetrock. It works well but not as well as concrete.

I wouldn’t want to say which ones the better one. In the end, you get what you pay for. And it’s you who knows your needs. But I’d choose AMSEC any day.

AMSEC vs. Fort Knox

These two are top quality safes. But they have different specs that may just interest you. Just like AMSEC, Fort Knox has been around for a very long time and they both have some really impressive safes

Both AMSEC and Fort Knox are similar in size. The only difference is that AMSEC is an inch wider.

Fort Knox has a higher degree of fire insulation compared to AMSEC. Fort Knox also has a longer time fire rating compared to AMSEC.

In terms of security, AMSEC has more locking bolts compared to Fort Knox. AMSEC a thinner door compared to Fort Knox. So depending on your needs pick one that will serve you well.


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to buy safe but are they fireproof or burglarproof?

Honestly speaking, no safes that are currently selling on the market neither fireproof nor burglarproof. It can only resist the fire or burglar for a certain period of time so you can take appropriate action to save your valuables. Most of the safes are made for the specific purpose to serve by classifying the different level of resistance.

How do I believe that the safe can resist the fire up to a reasonable amount of time?

The independent authority bodies like UL and RSC checked the safe fire rating in the laboratory and provide a certificate to the particular safe manufacture. So, whatever they are saying in the advertisement for fire rating it is genuinely tested just you need to check and confirm with the manufacturers whether it is real or not.

Can I buy a safe according to my requirements?

I would say yes! There are loads of manufacturers currently selling safes ranges from different sizes, dimensions, color and materials they used to produce the safe. Just you need to check before buying them what size and type of protection you need and your budget to that particular items.

Are there any bolts down facilities to the floor, mount or ground?

In almost every case you able to bolts your safe to the floor, mounting them up or even place them on the ground. Most safe manufacturers made their product with anchor bolts holes or a bolt down kit. So read the user manual first if there are no anchor bolts holes then you can make holes by using your hammer drill.

I am planning to buy a safe but I am a bit confused about maintenance, can you advise me?

All equipment requires routine maintenance even a safe also requires cleaning, lubrication and several adjust over a period of time. If you need any maintenance work you can contact to your safe dealer or locksmith or seek help from a safe technician.

Final Verdicts

In conclusion, what I found from my top American security safe reviews is that the safes very popular because of its outstanding features and unlimited warranty, USA made safes offers great fire protection and rated by U.L. certified models.

However, I reviewed fewer of the great security safes that help you to take right decision to buy them, almost all the safes are excellent but as far as my reviews  point of view I give top mark to  American Security BF7250 Safe ,Matte Black is considered the best safe not only in price but have unique features compared to other security safes.


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