Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe

Guns are an interesting group of tools. On one hand, they are artistically made, with the various parts serving different purposes. These beautiful items may cause injury, or even end a life. So, what do we do to ensure that we strike a balance between safety and beauty?

Which is the best way to store gins without a safe? Even more important, how can we ensure that the weapons are easy to reach in case of an attack in our homes?

The answer lies in proper gun storage. When you store your weapon properly, it is easy to reach whenever the need arises. Also, you can keep other people safe by making sure that the gun does not go off by accident, or mishandled by an amateur.

You need to keep the gun in proper condition to protect it from third-party access. Some people think that safes are the only options when it comes to gun storage. What if you do not have a safe? How will you store your gun?

A safe is a strong form of storage, preventing any unwanted persons from accessing your firearm. On the other hand, safes are expensive, and they are tedious to install. So what are the other options aside from safes?

The following options will present you with methods you can use to store guns without having to pay high prices or suffer the tasking process of having a safe installed at your house.

These methods are simpler to use and are guaranteed to keep your gun in top shape and away from unauthorized users.

Using A Gun Storage Bag

Gun storage bags are bags that are designed to protect your gun from external damage. They have a number of features that make them suitable for this job. Also, there are several factors that you should take into consideration to make sure that your bag is the appropriate one for the kind of gun you own.

Of course, the first thing you should have in mind is the size of your gun. If you own a small gun, then a small, compact bag would be the appropriate choice.

Avoid buying a big bag because it will not hold the gun as securely as it should. Of course, guns like rifles should be stored in bigger bags to allow easy placement and removal.

Next, ensure that the bag is built to withstand an external force, and internal movement as well. You can start by selecting a bag with firm padding on its interiors.

This will protect your gun from damage whenever the bag is hit or accidentally gets dropped.

Proper padding will also prevent external elements such as moisture from reaching the gun. Moisture could corrode your gun and hamper its effectiveness.

Gun storage bags have a number of advantages.

  • You can use them to carry the gun around
  • You can easily retrieve your gun
  • They protect the gun from external damage
  • They do not take up too much space
  • However, they also have some drawbacks:
  • The gun is easily accessible to strangers as compared to when one is using a safe
  • You cannot use them to effectively display a gun collection

That being said, gun storage bags are a very good option, especially for people who often carry their firearms around.

It is wise to make sure that the bag is accessible if your gun is for defense purposes. If not, keep the storage bag in a safe way, away from access to persons such as children.

Using a gun storage cabinet

Gun storage is a good option if you want to show off your gun collection. This is because it is designed with an opening you can see through. The type of cabinet you select will be based on several factors.

For example, how many guns do you intend to store in the cabinet? Also, how much space would you like the cabinet to take up?

Storage cabinets come in a variety of designs. If you are looking for an attractive way to display your guns, then you may want to choose a cabinet with beautiful patterns. If not, then a simple, strong cabinet will serve the purpose.

Obviously, you should select the cabinet size before you go out shopping. The size will depend on a number of factors. According to Wikihow, these factors might include the space you have for the cabinet.

If your house is large with lots of space, then a big gun cabinet will leave you with plenty of space to place the rest of your furniture. If your living space is limited, then it is wise to choose a cabinet that will not take up too much.

As we saw earlier, guns are very sensitive to external temperatures, as well as moisture. It is wise to make sure that your cabinet protects your gun from these elements. For example, the cabinet should not let in moisture because it could lead to the corrosion of your weapon.

To prevent this, make sure that your cabinet is well bounded, especially at the opening. Otherwise, moisture could find its way inside the cabinet and cause some serious damage.

The interior of your cabinet should also be constructed in the right way. Make sure that the interiors are well lined to prevent any physical damage to the guns by external forces.

For example, you could choose to have your interiors padded. This would be an excellent choice because it protects the guns from friction with the cabinet surface. Choose padding that separates the guns from each other, because if they rub against each other constantly, they may wear out.

The biggest disadvantage that comes with storing your weapons in a gun cabinet is that the guns are always on display. This means that other people can view them, and access them even without your permission. To avoid this, it is paramount that you put a lock on the cabinet.

Of course, the lock should be secure enough to keep out strangers and children. Keep the key to the cabinet in a safe place, and one that will be easy for you to reach whenever you want to open the cabinet.

Using a gun storage case

A gun storage case is a strong box that is designed to keep your gun secure, and well hidden from other people. If you choose to store your gun in a case, then it is important that you know a number of things.

First, make sure that the case is well lined on the inside. This is important for a number of reasons.

  • It prevents moisture from reaching your gun.
  • It secures your weapon in place.
  • It protects the gun from damage if the case is moved or dropped.
  • It preserves the exterior of the gun.

Second, you should keep the gun case in a safe place. Selecting a safe location for your gun will ensure a number of things.

One, the gun will not be easily accessed by people who do not have your permission. This is very important. If the wrong person gets your gun, they could end up hurting themselves.

Also, the person may injure others if the weapon discharges. Being in possession of a gun without a license is illegal, and you could suffer consequences if a person gets your firearm illegally.

Two, the gun will not be used by a burglar to harm you, or your family members. If you keep the case in an open place, people who break into your house can easily access the weapon and fire it with the intention of injuring or killing you. That is why it is wise to keep your weapon well concealed,

Third, you will be able to reach the gun easily whenever you need to use it. While it wise to keep your gun well-hidden and safe, what happens when you really need it and you cannot access it?

To prevent such an occurrence, keep the gun easily within reach, but also properly hidden from strangers. This way, you can quickly retrieve it if the need arises.

Wherever you choose to store your gun, wrapping it before storage is very important. This is done to protect your gun from damage. You should consider several things when wrapping the firearm.

For example, the wrapping should keep moisture away, not attract it. Therefore, make sure that whatever wrapping you use is not made out of absorbent material.

Experts also recommend that you place a moisture-absorbing chemical inside the storage container, to ensure that any moisture that seeps in is contained before it reaches the gun.

Gun Storage Basics


Why is it important to store your gun safely? A wrongly placed weapon could actually lead to accidental death or injury.

Safes are very good ways to store guns, but you may not have the resources or the time to get a safe in your house. Also, a safe may prevent you from displaying your weapon, or reach it easily in an emergency.

To avoid all this, be a responsible gun holder and follow the above tips on the best way to store guns without a safe.

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