BSA SWEET 17 6-18X40 Rifle Scope Review

Every hunter knows that the effectiveness of their hunt is highly dependent on their speed and accuracy with their hunting gadgets. With this in mind, I have made the BSA sweet 17 6-18×40 review to help hunters and shooters get an incredible scope for their rifle.

One of my best hunting expeditions was last year when I went to the field with my rifle with a BSA SWEET 17 6-18X40 rifle scope installed on it.

The quality features of the scope made me do my shooting with precision and high accuracy.

The features on rifle scope allow you to make the necessary adjustments before you take your shot. Subsequently, you are able to hit your target with ease and accuracy. The BSA rifle scope has several features which I will cover in this review.
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Key features of BSA SWEET 17 6-18X40 rifle scope

The BSA SWEET 17 6-18X40 rifle scope has key features that enable you to easily identify it in the market. These include:

  • Adjustable objective.
  • Calibrated turret for 17HMR 17gr. and .20gr bullets.
  • Four inches eye relief which aid in the formation of clear images.
  • 6-18 variable power.
  • ¼ minute click adjustment which is equal to one single click.
  • Waterproof, shockproof and fog proof.
  • Well built to last for a relatively long time.
  • Limited life warranty.

Features of BSA SWEET 17 6-18X40 rifle scope

What differentiates one rifle scope to the other are the features and the benefits the user will get. If you would love to get this quality scope for your rifle, the following are some of its top features.

4” eye relief

Your shot accuracy when in the hunting ground is determined by how well you can view the target. This is why the manufacturer of the BSA SWEET 17 6-18X40 rifle scope has incorporated a four-inch eye relief to aid you in getting a clear image of the target.

With this rifle scope, you are able to aim correctly and hit your target. It ensures you don’t struggle when viewing the target by forming clear whole images of the target. With this, you are able to make the right shot with minimal chances of missing your target.

6-18 variable power

At times you may spot your target at a distance range but before you can make the adjustments on your rifle so as to take the shot, the target is long gone. In my hunting expeditions, only a few targets were lucky enough to escape my shots.

This is because the rifle scope comes with a 6-18 variable power that enables you to make quick adjustments and acquire your target as fast as possible. With this, your energy and time are saved as you are able to meet the desired target within a short while.

¼ minute click adjustment

The rifle scope is designed in a way that it allows you to have the fastest adjustments when taking a shot at your target. The rifle scope has ¼ minute click adjustment which is equal to one single click.

This allows you to shoot a target at 100 yards away. In case the target is nearer say 50 yards away, you need to make the adjustment twice. This allows you to take your shot quite a distance from the target without it noticing of your presence.

Adjustable objective

The objective lens on the scope is easily adjustable making it convenient to shift focus based on the distance of your target.

This eliminates the difficulties associated with non-adjustable objective lenses which force you to keep on moving near the target so as to get a clear shot.

This could be risky especially in cases where your target is a dangerous animal. This adjustable objective lens thus means you can safely use the rifle scope on all kinds of animal targets with minimal risk.

BSA SWEET 17 6-18X40 rifle scope has been highly appraised by professional game hunters for many years.

Turret calibrated for 17HMR 17gr. And .20gr Bullets

If you wish to get the best shot, ensure you clip in the right bullet in place. BSA SWEET scope has a calibrated turret which is suitable for use with 17HMR 17gr. and .20gr Bullets.

All you need to understand is the type of bullet you are using then use the right calibration to make the best shot.

The turret will ensure your bullet reaches the target with the right power to put it down at one shot. Do not target, hit then see your target escaping with injuries.

Additional features

  • Crosshair Reticle/2nd Plane
  • Multicoated lenses
  • 70 MOA Windage & Elevation
  • Objective lens: 40mm
  • Linear field of view: 16.6-4.8′ @ 100 yd


  • The rifle scope is durable due to its quality make.
  • It comes with a long-term warranty for quality assurance.
  • The rifle scope is waterproof, fog-proof and shockproof.
  • Most of the features of the rifle scope are easily adjustable making it flexible in use.
  • Offers accurate effective shots to knock down the target at once.
  • The rifle scope has a classy outlook giving a good visual impression.


  • The rifle scope is very costly making is unaffordable to everyone.
  • Restricted shipment to some countries like Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the rifle scope very expensive almost equaling the price of the rifle itself?

Well, the price of the rifle scope is actually very fair because the rifle scope gives you value for your money. It makes your hunting expedition easy and enjoyable by minimizing challenges encountered during target acquisition.

Is the rifle scope suitable for aged persons or those with sight problems?

The rifle scope is suitable for use by all groups of people. If you are aged or with eyesight problems in that you cannot view objects from a distance, the rifle scope brings them nearer and makes them very clear to you.

 Final Verdict

After going through the BSA sweet 17 6-18×40 review, you are convinced that this is a quality scope to mount on your rifle.

A good rifle, whether you need it for military purposes or hunting adventures needs to have a good rifle scope.

The rifle scope will aid you in having clearer images of your target through the objective lens like the one found in BSA SWEET rifle scope.

Before you secure yourself the rifle scope, you need to countercheck and confirm the functionality of the various features and see to it that they are in good shape.

Ensure your rifle scope has a long-term warranty as this is the best quality assurance feature in any product.

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