First Alert 2092DF Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Digital Safe Review

There comes a time in life we all have to own a few very expensive things. They could range from guns, ammo, jewelry, important documents, cash or any other valuable item to you.

For you to keep them safe, you need a safe. I’m here to take off your shoulder. This First Alert 2092DF review gives you more details about the safe.

I remember when I was in the market for the best safe that would serve me well. It was frustrating! It took me weeks and tireless research and trial and error to find the perfect one.

I finally got the First Alert safe, and it has been the best safe that I have ever owned. This is my I’m giving you my review on the safe to help you get more details.

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Highlighted features

  • Digital passcode security system with a 5 second grace period
  • 3cubic ft. of storage capacity with an adjustable shelf
  • Fireproof for up to an hour in 1700 degrees of fire
  • Composite constructed to be waterproof with the ability to float for quick identification in case there’s a flood
  • Pry-resistant from its concealed hinges and thwart crooks
  • It has been tested to protect electronic media like memory sticks, CDs, DVDs or external hard drives

Features of First Alert 2092DF

The best safe should provide you with convenient features to enhance ease of use and performance. Here are some of the features and benefits of the safe.

Digital safe

Compared to manually operated safes, digital safes are one of the safest security systems. There’s no way you’ll access the contents of your safe without the passcode.

This First Alert safe through the digital system protects your valuables from fire, water, and theft. You’re able to customize the passcode using 3-8 numbers depending on your preference.

It can be your birthday date. Just don’t choose a code most people know.

Once you enter the passcode, the system gives you 5 seconds for you to turn the handle. If you don’t, it closes and you’ll have to re-enter the passcode.

Sufficient storage capacity

Space is important when you have so many things you need to keep safe. So you need a safe with a lot of space.

This First Alert safe has 1.3cubic feet of storage for your valuables. It’s deep enough and wide enough to keep every priceless thing you own.

Other than enough space, it comes with an adjustable shelf. You can remove it when you don’t need it and put it back when you need some more space.

It also gives you the perfect spot to store those small valuables that can get lost fast like jewelry.


Not many safes in the market are fireproof. They may hold up for a few minutes in case of a fire but not like this First Alert safe.

It has been designed to withstand fire up to 1700 degrees for a whole hour. For those of you who don’t know anything about fire, it takes approximately 1200 degrees of fire to consume basic household stuff.

That is just a testament to how efficient this safe is. The insulated interior can reach up to a maximum of 350degrees.

Unless your valuables are unstable, this safe will keep them intact. It’s also been UL classified.

Composite constructed

It has been made with a collection of materials you’ll never find with any other safe in the market. It’s completely waterproof. This means in case of a flood or when your sprinklers go off, your contents will not be damaged from water.

This is because it has a waterproof seal around the door and a cover that protects the keypad.

It can’t, however, be submerged for a long time, that can damage it and the contents of your safe.

Once in a while, you may notice that your valuables are moist. You can get a dehumidifier to help you release all the moisture from the safe.


Other than the digital passcode, this First Alert safe is fully pry-resistant. It’s been made with Heavy Duty Steel gauge door.

The thing about Steel is that it’s fully impermeable. There’s no way you’ll be able to access the contents of this safe unauthorized.

With its concealed hinges and thwart crooks, it’s impossible to break into the safe. So even with a crowbar, intruders won’t be able to access your safe’s contents.

It weighs a whole 93pounds. An intruder can’t easily carry it out if all fails because it doesn’t even come with a carrying handle.

Additional features

  • It has been tested to protect electronic media
  • It has been designed to float
  • Four live-locking door bolts provide for additional security
  • Two emergency override backup keys
  • Comes with a key rack and a door pocket
  • The keypad has a backlight for illumination
  • Offers lifetime after-fire replacement warranty


  • It’s a digital safe that allows for customized 3-8 passcodes. It then gives a 5second period for you to turn the knob before it closes and asks for the passcode
  • Has enough storage capacity including an adjustable shelf, key rack, and a door pocket
  • It can withstand the fire of up to 1700 degrees for a full hour. Its insulated walls keep your valuables safe
  • Composite constructed to be waterproof even when submerged. It has also been designed to float for it to be easily found in a flood
  • It can’t be accessed without authorization. Its concealed hinges and thwart crooks keep intruders away.


  • There are complaints of moisture being in the safe. You can take care of it by buying a dehumidifier to keep away moisture from your valuables
  • The instructions for setup and initial use are difficult to figure out by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How noisy is safe when opening or closing?

A: It’s not noisy. Because of the keypad use though, there’s a keyboard click it makes. This is helpful to know if the passcode you’re inputting is the correct one. There’s also a click when the door opens but there are no squeaks

Q: How do I set a new code for the safe?

A: You can change the passcode at any time you want as long as it’s between 3-8digits. You should follow the same steps you did when you set the first passcode. If unsure you can check the instruction manual

Other alternatives

Steelwater AMSWD-360 Fireproof safe

Steelwater AMSWD-360 2-Hour Fireproof Home and Document Safe Review
If you didn’t get impressed by the First Alert safe, the Steelwater will give you that assurance of safety. With up to a whole 2 hour fire duration, rated at 1850 degree F and 2-layers of steel, your valuables will never catch on fire even in the most extreme conditions.

It has a preset 4 wheel non-changeable combination dial and stationary locking bolts. These make it impossible to break into.

Space will never be an issue because it comes complete with a removable tray that’s 1 ½ deep. This is convenient for storing those valuables you use all the time.

Paragon 7800 Electronic Fireproof safe
This safe is comprised of features that you will find very effective for your use. Its inside has tamper-proof hinges and has been constructed with solid Steel to resist hand and mechanical tool attacks.

To access it, you will need a secret PIN code that comprises of 3-8digits. In cases of an emergency, the 2 free backup keys will still open the safe. The code can be changed infinitely.

This safe runs on batteries. It’s also very easy to mount. The pre-drilled holes inside the safe with fixing bolts allow for easy anchoring.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been looking for the perfect safe to buy, I believe you have learned a lot from the First Alert 2092DF review. From the discussion above, you can clearly see why it’s one of the best fireproof safes in the market.

If you, however, haven’t been convinced by it, the two alternatives listed work pretty well. Before you buy a safe though, ensure that it will serve your needs.

Do a lot of research from reliable sources and consider other factors that directly and indirectly influence your buying like cost and warranty respectively.
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