Electronic Safe Lock Versus Mechanical Safe Lock

A safe is as good as its locking mechanism. Among the most commonly used safe locks, electronic and mechanical safe locks stand out. The following is a detailed assessment of an electronic safe lock versus mechanical safe lock giving features that make the two locking mechanisms popular and their shortcomings.

A safe is designed to keep items that a person deems valuable away from unauthorized hands and protect them from mechanical damage that may be caused by fire, water and other environmental hazards.

The worthiness of a safe is determined by its ability to keep the hazards and buglers at bay.

Over the years, safe locking mechanisms have evolved greatly as technology evolves. Safe locks have evolved from simple mechanical locks to high quality, complex electronic locks that combine multiple security measures to keep off burglars and hazards.

The following is a breakdown of the two most commonly used locking mechanism presently:

Mechanical safe lock

Mechanical Safe LockThe term ‘mechanical’ usually depicts something outdated to many people. Whenever they hear the term, they automatically create a mental picture of something tedious to use and simply past its time. Nevertheless, mechanical safe locking systems are anything but outdated.

Despite the advancements in technology, mechanical safe locks remain as the most reliable and long lasting safe locks you can find. As the name suggests, the safe locks employ a purely mechanical system.

Mechanical safe locks have two main types of locking and unlocking mechanisms:

  • Uses of a key – such safe locks have a mechanical key that one has to insert in a key hole to lock and unlock the safe.
  • Use of a combination dial key – the safe lock comes with a combination dial that is inscribed with numerals. The safe lock can only be unlocked if the correct combination code is entered using the dial. The code is entered manually by turning the dial and landing on the correct pre-stored numerals.

Advantages of mechanical safe locks

  • They are highly reliable and rarely get damaged
  • They are easy to repair if damaged
  • Easy to use


  • Unlocking a mechanical safe may take some time and are not ideal for emergency situations.
  • Security of the safe can be compromised if you happen to lose the key as whoever possesses the key can open the safe


Mechanical safe locks should be your choice if you are looking for a classic experience. Provided you acquire a quality safe, you can be sure that it will last and offer unrelenting service.

A properly maintained mechanical safe lock is highly reliable, rarely fails and can last a lifetime.

Electronic safe lock

Electronic Safe LockAn electronic safe lock employs electrical technology and principals to protect the contents of your safe. Security features that can be employed by an electronic safe locking system are only limited by one’s imagination.

An electronic safe lock can have a single security feature or a combination of several security features that have to be bypassed for the safe to unlock.

Some of the commonly used security features in an electronic safe lock include:

  • Keypad locks
  • Biometric locks
  • Electronic dials
  • Use of smartcards
  • Electromechanical locks
It is therefore entirely possible to find an electronic lock that integrates all the above security features.

The severity of the security features majorly depends on the level of security required and the price one is prepared to pay.


  • The safe is very easy to open if you have the right security requirements
  • Ease of opening comes in handy during emergency situations
  • Versatility of security features make electronic safes very secure
  • The safes can be reliable if you acquire the right quality


  • The safe lock is very difficult to repair if it breaks down
  • Most electronic safes fail easily
  • If the ‘lock out’ procedure is employed, you are unable to access the safe even with the right combination.


With the changing technology, manufacturers and buyers alike are favoring electronic safes. This is majorly because they are easy to operate. However, unless one acquires high-quality safe locks, they are likely to fail.

The key word when it comes to electronic safe locks is quality. If you choose to acquire an electronic safe lock, be sure to acquire one from a credible manufacturer.

If you choose a low-quality safe lock, it is not a matter of ‘if’ the safe lock will fail but a matter of ‘when’ it will fail.

How To Choose Mechanical Dial Safe Lock VS Electronic Digital Keypad Safe Lock

Final verdict and conclusion

Mechanical safe locks and electronic safe locks differ in operation and application. However, the important factors one has to consider when buying a safe are determined by the quality of the safe from the manufacturer.

If you are the kind that prefers the traditional feel of security and reliability, a mechanical safe lock is best suited for your needs.

If you are the kind that goes for efficiency and technological advancements, then the electronic safe lock is the product for you.

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