How to Change the Combination on a Winchester Gun Safe

How to Change the Combination on a Winchester Gun SafeOwning a gun brings about certain responsibilities. Among the obligations a firearm bestows upon the owner is keeping it safe.

Over the years, people have devised methods of keeping their firearms away from prying hands. Among the most effective and most commonly used method is the use of Gun Safes.

Winchester gun safes have been in existence for over a century. The extended period the firm has been in existence has only aided them in developing the most sophisticated and secure safes possible. Winchester gun safes not only ensure that your gun is out of reach of unwarranted users but also ensures that you can access your firearm whenever you deem it necessary.

Winchester gun safes are equipped with state of the art locking mechanisms. Among the various locking mechanisms employed by the firm, the most common and popular is the combination locking mechanism.

Combination locking mechanism is a locking mechanism that is unlocked using a set of combination numerals. The gun safe provides a mechanism where one is able to input their correct combination code.

What makes the Winchester combination gun safe secure is that you cannot open the safe without the combination code. Only when the right combination is entered will the safes locking mechanism be disengaged.

The safes’ combination lock is supposed to be confidential. If you feel the integrity of the safe’s combination code has been compromised, you are required to change the combination code of the safe.

Winchester gun safes have a distinct way of changing the combination code.

The following is the procedure for changing the combination on a Winchester gun safe:

Step 1

The first step when changing the combination on a Winchester gun safe involves the obvious step of choosing a unique combination code that you will be able to remember.

Step 2

The next step is to enter the correct existing combination code on the Winchester gun safe and to open the safe’s door. Ensure you extend the locking bolts fully, and the door should remain open throughout the operation.

Step 3

Push and hold the zero key on the keypad until the safe produces a double beep. The double beep indicates that the keypad is in programming mode.

Step 4

After the double beep, you are then required to enter the safes correct combination code that you desire to change. If the combination entered is correct, the safe will produce a double beep. If the safe does produce a double beep, the process was unsuccessful, and you should repeat process 3.

Step 5

If the process was successful, the safe is ready for the new combination code. Enter the new combination code that you desire. After entering the new combination code, the safe will produce a double beep. If a double beep is not heard, the new code was not saved, and you have to start over at step 3.

Step 6

To confirm your new combination code, enter the new combination again. If indeed the new code was saved, the safe will produce a double beep. If not, you have to start over at step 3.

It is recommended that you wait approximately 10 seconds before repeating the process to ensure the new combination code sets.

Step 7

With the safe’s door still open, enter the new combination code and try turning the handle. If the handle turns, then the code entered is correct.

If you cannot turn the handle, the new code was not saved, and the old combination code is still active. You have to repeat the process from step 3.

If the door does not open after you have entered the correct code or only produces a double beep, but you don’t hear the locking mechanism disengaging, it means that the safe’s batteries are ruined and require replacing.


11 thoughts on “How to Change the Combination on a Winchester Gun Safe”

  1. How do you erase the original code from purchase? This would be the “1,2,3,4,5,&6. This code still opens my safe and that worries me.

    Thank you

  2. Held the zero button “pressed in” for what seemed like forever – nothing no beep no nothing. I tried the Jason way – press zero 6 times – still nothing. beyond frustrating. one thing I did recognize – screw around too much you get locked out. Waited ten minutes started over got the safe to close then reopen. I really need to change the combination just like a password for the internet…

  3. We can’t remember our code and we need to reset it but the instructions only tell how to reset it after it’s open!

  4. We cannot remember our code and we need to reset it. However, we cannot get the safe open to change the code. Help!!

  5. I cannot open the safe. My code is correct. The wheel will not turn. I thought it was the battery, but that did not work.


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