How to Make a Diversion Safe

iMounTEK Home Security Steel Dictionary Book SafeImprovising is a technique that is used by many people in their day to day activities. Diversion safes are employed by people who would like to keep their belongings safe but not in conventional safes. Making a diversion safe is not a complicated process and is usually fun.

The following is a description of how to make a diversion safe.

In the modern age, people can purchase a high quality, expensively built safe. However, when deciding to buy such types of safes, one usually has a collection of precious items that they would like to store.

Majority of us do not have expensive jewelry, large stashes of cash or precious stones to keep in expensive safes.

Despite this hard fact, we still have items that we consider precious to us and would love to keep safe but cannot afford a high quality safe.

Diversion safes are regular home appliances that are used as safes but mimic their ordinary use.

These safes are designed to look like everyday home appliances. An empty tomato can contain several bundles of notes. And interesting enough, tomato sauce cans are highly likely to go unnoticed by a person looking for something to steal in the house.

Other items used as diversion safes include books, electrical outlets, and clocks.

How to Make a Secret Book Diversion Safe

Book safes have been in existence since time in memorial. A book safe can be used to keep valuables in the house or carried around to keep your belongings safe.

The following are steps involved in making a book safe:

Step 1

The first step, of course, involves acquiring a book. The size of the book to purchase majorly depends on what you want to store. Thick books will give you more room but require more work to make.

Since the book safe will be stored on a book shelf, ensure that the book you acquire fits into your book shelf. Also, ensure that the book you choose does not stand out on the book shelf.

It should be as ordinary as the other books and not look suspicious save someone picks it up.

Step 2

Gather the other tools and appliances that you will require. These items include:

  • A box cutter
  • Puzzle glue
  • A brush
A ruler is also necessary to mark the outline of the compartment that you want to make. Consider having several blades for the box cutter as they tend to get blunt easily.

Step 3

Leave a few pages at the beginning of the book and at the end of the book. This is necessary as you don’t want someone picking the book and the moment they open the cover they are met by a small fortune.

At least let them peruse a few pages before unearthing your secret compartment.

Step 4

The next process involves use of glue. The pages you selected to leave out plus the two respective covers of the book should not be stained by the glue. Cover the book plus the pages with paper to keep off the glue.

Step 5

Using the brush, brush the rest of the pages with glue so that they stick together. Ensure you do a clean job to prevent lumps of glue accumulating on the pages. Hold the book firmly to let the glue dry for about one hour.

Step 6

Using the ruler and a pen, draw the outline of the compartment that you wish to make. The compartment can be any size you desire but ensure you leave at least an inch border around the book.

Step 7

Using the box cutter cut out the inside of the compartment you marked out. Do the process slowly to avoid damaging the book. Making corners can be a little tricky and more care should be observed when handling them.

Step 8

When all the pages you wanted to remove have been dealt with, you should have a hollow compartment in the middle of the book. Using the brush, apply glue on the sides of the compartment to make sure that they stick together.

Morton Salt Diversion Safe - 26 oz by Party MonstrAfter applying the glue and letting it dry, your book safe is ready for use. You can stash whatever you want to keep safe and put the book back into your book shelf.

There is a constant theory that aims to discourage people from making book safes. The theorists argue that destroying any book is a crime as the hours spent in writing and publishing the book are many and even if information on a book may be useless to you, it may be useful to another person.

Although there is a lot of merit in the argument, there is still a very strong case for ‘book safes’. Some books are numerous in number and destroying one would not cast the future of knowledge into doubt.

Therefore, when destroying a book to make a book safe, ensure that the book is not vital for the advancement of human knowledge.


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