How to Open a Stack-on Gun Safe Combination Lock

Stack-on Gun Safe Combination LockStack- On has over 40 years rich history of manufacturing and distributing gun safes in the United States. They have been making gun safes to suit both the residential and commercial market.

With changing and improving technology, Stack-On has integrated the advances in the security sector to come up with new and improved safes for their clients.

Among the different parts of a safe, the most important one is the safe’s lock. It is the primary source of security. As safe manufacturing technology has improved, so has lock construction technology.

Different versions of Stack-On safes have different types of safe locks. This translates to different safe unlocking mechanisms and procedures. The following are the most commonly used Stack-On safes and their opening procedures and mechanisms:


This safe has an electronic safe lock. It was among the predecessors of Stack-On electronic locks. It has a relatively simple unlocking procedure as follows:

  • All Stack-On safes come with a default combination code ‘159”. To open the safe for the first time, key in the default combination code followed by ‘#’. Once open, locate a red button on the door and press it.
  • A yellow light comes. The light signifies a window for you to input your new combination code. Confirm the new combination code by pressing ‘*’
  • Opening the safe using the new code is a straightforward activity similar to opening the safe for the first time.
After entering the code, you have exactly 5 seconds to pull open the door of the safe or the locking mechanism will re-engage.


The safe also has an electronic safe lock. The unlocking procedure for this safe is more complicated. The following is the unlocking procedure for this Stack-On safe:

  • Turn the dial in the clockwise direction and ensure you bypass the first number in the combination code twice and land on it the third time.
  • Next, turn the dial in the anticlockwise direction bypassing the second number in the safes combination code once and landing on it the second time.
  • Next, turn the dial clockwise until you get to the next number in the combination. The safe is open.
  • Turn the handle of the safe clockwise and pull it outwards to open the safe.

The numbers on the combination must be entered in the order that they appear. If a number is skipped, you have to restart the process.


This is among the advanced Stack-On safes. It uses biometric data to unlock. The following is the process of first time opening of the safe and subsequent unlocking procedure of this Stack-On safe:

  • A new safe comes without biometric data and the first process after opening the safe is to input your biometric data. It is recommended that you use only your thumb or index finger as default fingerprints.
  • To open the safe, you place the finger that you used in recording your biometric data on the scanner. A blue light will flash with a beep and scanning commences.
  • If the biometric data is accepted, the scanner will produce two green flashes indicating that you can pull the handle to open the safe door. You have exactly five seconds to open the safe door or the locking mechanisms will re-engage.
If the scanner produces a red flash, it means that your biometric data has not been accepted and you have to try again.

If incorrect biometric data is presented three times in a row, the scanner produces 5 flashes accompanied by 5 beeps. This is followed by a 60 seconds shut out where the safe cannot be accessed.

If another incorrect fingerprint is presented, the safe produce another 5 flashes and beeps and executes a 5 minute shut out.

13 thoughts on “How to Open a Stack-on Gun Safe Combination Lock”

    • I forgot my code on my stack on safe. I never changed the code from the preset code. It was three numbers and #. Is the a standard preset code? Thanks

  1. I have the same problem. Trying all ways to renew the combination but, nothing is working. Did something finally work for you that you can share?

  2. My dad had a stroke and forgot his combination. How do I help him open his Stack-On Elite gun safe? It is a combination dial, non electric, 17 gun safe.

  3. Just spent several hours trying to input new code on my cannon safe. Instruction book said to push # to confirm new code. Your instructions were to push * to confirm new code. OMG Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Cannon hung up on me and said try again later. 😕

  4. I bought a stack on gun safe at a police auction, the door is open but since it was at a police auction, They did not have the combination. so how do I get a new combination or get the original one.


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