How to Open a Liberty Safe – A Step by Step Guide

Liberty SafeSince 1988, Liberty has produced high-quality safes that have propelled it to becoming the top company in the United States. They produce the best domestic safes for storing firearms, precious commodities and other prized possessions. To prove their prowess, they offer lifetime warranties on all their safes.

For security purposes, Liberty makes safes that have a unique opening procedure. They produce 3 main types of safes that open in a specified sequence.

The following are the three main safes made by liberty and their opening sequence:

Mechanical Safe Unlocking Procedure

The safe has a mechanical lock that must be unlocked for the safe to open. The procedure for opening the mechanical lock is as follows:

  • Before turning the dial, ensure that the arrow at the bottom of the dial aligns with the top of the dial. Turn the dial at least 4 times in the anticlockwise direction before landing on the first number in the combination code.
  • Next, turn the dial clockwise making sure you bypass the second number in the combination at least twice and landing on it on the third time.
  • Turn the dial anti-clockwise and pass the third number in the combination once and landing on it the second time.
  • Turn the dial clockwise slowly until it stops and pulls the safe door to open it.

Motorized Electronic Safe Unlocking Procedure

This type of safe has an electronic keypad on the safe door that is used to input the safes passcode. To open a Liberty motorized electronic safe, the following procedure is followed:

  • Before inputting the passcode, ensure that the handle is centered between the left and the right stop points.
  • Enter the six digit passcode on the keypad followed by the ‘pound’ key. After entering the ‘pound’ key, the safe will produce a chirping sound and light a red light momentarily.
  • Listen for the sound of the retracting locks. You only have six seconds after the sound of the retreating locks is produced for you to open the safe door. Failure to open the door within six seconds will result in the lock re-locking.

 Direct Drive Electronic safe unlocking procedure

This type of safe is an upgrade on the motorized electronic safe. It has a rotary keypad that is used to input the safes passcode.

The following is the procedure of opening a Liberty direct drive electronic safe:

  • Ensure that the safes handle is fixed at the center of the left and right stopping points before trying to input the passcode.
  • Next, rotate the keypad anticlockwise until it stops. Enter your six digit passcode and press the pound key.
  • Rotate the keypad clockwise until it stops. The safe is now open and you have exactly six seconds to open the door. If six seconds elapse before the safe door is opened, the door automatically locks itself.
Losing the safe’s combination does not spell doom for the owner of the safe. Liberty provides for a procedure for one to recover the safes password. However, one has to fill a duplicate key request form and attach a copy of the sale receipt for one to get a duplicate combination for the safe.

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  1. How do I open a Liberty Gun safe Cabelas Bronze series that was purchased in the 90S. It has a digital electronic lock with S G on the bottom of the keypad. My name is Dale Schwab and my number is 469-315-6860 Thanks and God Bless


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