How to Organize a Gun Safe

LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 10584 18 Gun Safe Door PanelA gun safe is used to store guns. The number of guns stored in the safe depends on several factors. Among these factors is the organization of items in the safe. The following is a step by step guide on how to organize a gun safe.

Owning a gun bestows a lot of responsibilities and obligations on the owner. Not only are they supposed to ensure that their gun is well maintained and does not get damaged to protect their investment, but they are also entrusted with ensuring that the gun does not fall into unauthorized hands.

Among the methods used to secure a gun is the use of a gun safe.

Gun safes have been in existence for a long time. They have evolved from simple wooden structures to high quality and sophisticated devices that offer first class security to the items stored inside them.

In the United States, gun ownership is legal and is protected by the constitution. The number of guns and other auxiliary support items one can own is majorly determined by their specifications and ability to buy them.

Therefore, it is not unlikely to find a person owning several firearms and having a considerable amount of ammunition.

Gun safes are constructed out of very strong materials and as a consequence will have a very strong and rigid body. This makes the space inside the gun safe for storing the guns definite.

There is no way one can increase the space inside the safe unless they destroy it.

Stealth Molle Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer LargeAt first, when acquiring a gun safe, you buy a safe that you are sure will be able to handle your gun or collection of guns comfortably. If you are a collector of firearms or you buy several more in the future, it is highly likely that you will find that your safe is full and cannot accommodate all of them.

There are several methods that you can employ to make sure that your guns are safeguarded; you can buy another safe, you can create space by discarding the old and unwanted guns, or you can do the simplest task of them all, basic housekeeping.

In many instances, you are likely to find that a safe that has been deemed full has unutilized space that is being hidden by poor organization.

Majority of the people who store several firearms in a safe do not take time to plan how the guns will be stored in the safe and the order that they will follow. Most of them only ensure that the gun safely stands in the safe and that the safe door locks successfully.

Housekeeping is the process of creating more room in the safe by organizing the safe. The process will involve removing all the constituents of the safe and then carefully allocating space for each component. Components with similar features are stored together, and the others are stored in different positions.

The following methods are commonly used to organize a gun safe:

  • The first step when organizing gun safe involves being realistic and acknowledging how much stuff your gun safe can hold. Housekeeping can only go so far. If the arsenal you are planning to store in the safe exceeds the safes size, no matter how meticulous you are in housekeeping, the endeavor will be fruitless.
  • The next step involves emptying the gun safe. This is to allow you be able to comprehensively understand exactly how much stuff you have that requires being stored in the safe. Some of the components that require storage in a gun safe include:
    1. Guns and rifles
    2. Ammunition
    3. Rifle Scopes
    4. Gun cleaning kit
    5. Other valuable/precious commodities that the owner wishes to store in the safe.

    This step also allows you to clean the safe. If the safe has not been emptied for a long time, it is likely that the safe contains accumulated dirt that may be eating up space in the safe.

  • The following step involves sorting out the items that you want to store in the safe. The sorting can be done depending on two major considerations:


This method is used when you are convinced that you have more stuff to keep in the safe than the safe can accommodate.

The method is used to give the owner of the safe a perspective of what really needs to be in the safe and what can be stored outside the safe.

Depending on the owner’s judgment, the components will be arranged into the safe on importance.

Size and space occupied

This method is used to sort the stuff to be stored in the safe depending on the space that they are likely to occupy within the safe. The trick to this method is to store the bigger rifles and guns in one corner with the smaller pistols, scopes, and ammunition following in that order.

  • The next step is the ‘organization’ itself.
This step is the most important one and will determine if your quest is successful. Meticulousness planning is required in this step. Arranging the guns, rifles and other auxiliary components can be easy if you are keen and patient.

The following are some of the techniques used when arranging the components of a gun safe:

Stabilizing the guns to stand upright

Although gun safes come with pre-installed notched gun racks, the guns are supposed to lean on the safe. With the guns leaning, they occupy more space than they would if they were standing upright. A hook and loop system is used to ensure that the guns stand upright.

If the system is employed, it saves up to 50% of the space that the rifles would have otherwise accommodated.

Use of Rifle Rods

Rifle rods are special rods that are designed to easily enter the guns bore and enable them to stand inside the gun safe. Employing the rifle rods easily increases space inside the safe and will result in a 25% -50% increase in the safe space.

Organizing your gun safe is likely to save you space that would have otherwise required you to acquire another safe for storing the gun.

Although organizing the gun safe may not necessarily ensure that your belongings are all fitted with the safe, it will make sure that you fully utilize the safe’s space hence maximizing the utility that the safe gives you.

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