How to Use Gun Cleaning Kit

How to Use Gun Cleaning Kit 1A gun like any other home appliance that you may own requires care and maintenance to ensure that it continues to function as intended.

Among the methods employed in the maintenance of a gun is cleaning it. The following is a comprehensive description of how to use gun cleaning kit.

A gun has several moving and non-moving parts. Accumulation of dirt in moving parts will cause them to seize making your gun unable to discharge. Non-moving parts will also suffer if not cleaned.

Depending on urgency and level of accumulation of dirt and particles, gun cleaning is divided into two main categories:

Quick Clean Overview

As the name suggests, this type of gun cleaning does not require a lot of time to perform and is a routine maintenance activity. A quick cleaning overview is majorly done to remove any metal fouling that may be present in the bore.

Every time a gun discharges, traces of metal and gun powder from the bullet are deposited in the barrel. As the gun discharges continually, accumulation of these particles will cause your gun to start losing accuracy.

The quick cleaning procedure is done in the field and does not require disassembly of the gun. It usually involves removing any traces of accumulated powder and metal from the bore and routine wiping of the gun as a whole.

Full Clean Overview

This type of gun cleaning requires disassembly of the gun to perform and will consume more time. It is recommended that the procedure is done at home after a day of intense shooting.

The procedure is used to remove accumulated powder and metal from the bore. Also, moisture and any other residue that may be in the internal parts of the gun is targeted.

If your gun has been in storage for a long time without use, it is recommended that a full clean overview be employed on it.

Before embarking on a full clean overview, it is important that you consult the manufacturer’s manual on how to disassemble and reassemble the gun.

Performing the above two gun cleaning procedure is a task that requires meticulousness and use of the right tools and equipment. It is important that when you are acquiring a gun, you also acquire the right cleaning kit.

The following are the main constituents of a gun cleaning kit and how to use them:

A cleaning rod

Cleaning RodIt is a long, thin, metallic rod that is inserted into the bore of the gun to clean it. It usually comes in pieces that can be joined together depending on the size of the gun.

It is important to note that a cleaning rod can damage your gun if improperly used. A clean hit on the rear end of the barrel can distort the accuracy of your gun.

Therefore it is important that the cleaning rod you acquire be made of a material softer than the steel used to make your gun.

A jag or a loop

A jag or a loopThe jag or loop refers to an accessory that is attached at the end of the cleaning rod.

The jag has a small needle at its end which is used to attach a cleaning patch. The combination of the jag and the cleaning patch at the end of a cleaning rod is then inserted in the barrel of the gun.

A loop accomplishes the same task as the jag but in a slightly different way. Instead of a little needle at the end, it has a small hole resembling the one in a sewing needle. It is in this hole that you force the cleaning patch halfway through.

Pick a jag or a loop made of plastic or brass to avoid damaging your gun when cleaning it.

Cleaning patches

Cleaning patchesThe cleaning patch does the actual work of cleaning the barrel of the gun. Hooked on the cleaning rod, the cleaning patch is driven in the barrel of the gun and collects the dirt in the barrel.

Cleaning patches are usually made of cotton and are inexpensive. They are also used to clean the other parts of the gun.


Cleaning brush

Cleaning brushA cleaning brush is also used to clean the barrel of the gun. The material making the brush should be soft enough not to damage the gun.

Use different brushes for different guns that you may own and discard them when worn out.

The right Goo

The inside of a gun is a very hostile environment when the gun is firing. Immense friction and heat is produced as the gun fires. Therefore, you should not use ordinary lubricants and solvents on your gun.

The following are the main fluids used in a gun:

  • Solvents: they are used to rid the barrel of carbon and lead particles that are deposited when the gun fires.
  • Degreaser: they are used to remove dirt and oil from the guns moving parts.
  • Lubricant: they are used to lubricate moving parts and also protect the gun from rust
  • Protectant: they are used to protect the gun from moisture if the gun is used in moist environments.

A gun toothbrush

The brush is designed to reach and clean all the parts within and surrounding the trigger including the nooks and crannies. It is usually made of nylon or brass.

The above collection of tools will come in handy for your gun cleaning kit.

However you can choose to add the following items to your gun cleaning kit:

  • Gun cleaning pad
  • Picks and swabs
  • Cleaning cradle
  • Bore guide

How to Clean a Gun

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