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Bighorn Safe
You’ll meet two kinds of people while searching for a good gun safe for your home. One will tell you never to skimp and only opt for the biggest and baddest safe there is.

The other will tell you to be practical. As long as the unit keeps the guns away from kids, makes it hard for burglars to get into its contents, and your important documents scanned and insured, you’re good.

The best bighorn safe reviews below can offer you more explanation why taking the practical route is recommended by many.

Being a popular superstore brand, Bighorn Safes is a popular option for many shoppers. With their friendly price, it might also tickle your fancy.

Due to the interest it generates, we believe that it’s important for consumers to get to know them better.

We’ve made this roundup for this expressed purpose, so sit back and get better acquainted with Bighorn Safes by reading on.

Top 3 Bighorn Safe: Comparison

Product NameDimensionsWeightPrice
BIGHORN 19ECB Gun Safe59″ x 28″ x 20″435 lbsCheck Price
Bighorn Ultimate Access Gun Safe59” x 40” x 23”767 lbsCheck Price
BIGHORN Safe 19.1 CuFt, 30 min Fire Protection, Electronic Lock59” x 28” x 20”420 lbsCheck Price

Best Picks of Bighorn Safe

Wondering which Bighorn Safes are worth your while? Let these reviews give you some ideas on which products to check out right away.

#1:BIGHORN 19ECB Gun Safe

BIGHORN 19ECB Gun Safe. Thicker steel (2.75mm) and extra fire lining provides more security and fire protection, making the 19ECB substantially heavier than the competition[aawp box=”B00HSPDZYI” template=”horizontal”] When you enter this brand’s name in any search engine, results about the Bighorn 19ECB Gun Safe will be the first things to show up. This goes to show just how popular this item really is.

What makes it such a great big hit is its promising features that come with a friendly price tag. For something at this price point, many would expect something that’s just a bit better than a steel cabinet. The 19ECB is not one, though, despite what some people say.

The first thing that stands out about this product is its use of 12 gauge steel. This means that it uses a 2.78 mm thick steel in as its outer shell. With this material, it already qualifies as a safe as per the California Department of Justice.

In addition to its thick shell, the Bighorn 19 ECB is also fire rated. This promises better security for your belongings as it comes equipped with a protective lining and a 30-minute/1200° fire rating.

In terms of capacity, this product is classified as a mid-size option. It offers 19 cubic feet inside which can already fit a number of long guns, ammo, accessories, handguns, and other important documents and items.

The only downside some people worry about is the fact that it only has an electronic lock. You can have it refitted with a mechanical lock on your own, though. Note, however, that this can void the warranty so make sure to consider that as well.

What I Like
  • Spacious storage that can fit a lot of various valuables
  • Comes with several shelves and rifle rests for easy and scratch-free storage
  • Uses 12 gauge stainless steel for its outer shelling which is thicker than what most competitors use
  • Door opens 180° and can be unbolted from the body for easier transport
  • Solid welded body is drill resistant and practically tamper proof
  • Uses 2 active relockers ensure great response from the unit in case of break-in attempts or fire
  • Substantial fire rating for a product in its price point
  • Offers great value for your money
  • Reliable commercial-grade, UL-listed electronic lock
  • A solid mid-size option that will suit many people’s needs
  • Pre-drilled holes for bolting down, dehumidifiers, etc.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Only comes with an electronic lock

Bottom Line:

Being a mid-sized, entry-level safe, the Bighorn 19ECB can already do a good job in keeping your valuables, firearms, and other weapons out of easy reach. It’s affordable and secure which can be everything a regular household may need.

#2: Bighorn Ultimate Access Gun Safe

Bighorn Ultimate Access Gun Safe, Model[aawp box=”B01NBZF3YQ” template=”horizontal”] As they say in the gun collecting community, no safe is ever large enough for a serious collector. This is why the Bighorn Ultimate Access Gun Safe is also making waves as of late.

This hulking piece of security product can be a good match for those who love adding pieces to their long gun collection.

It can actually hold up to 38 rifles and other long firearms with great ease, 21 of which will be very easy to access.

What makes this setup possible is its use of a patented swing out rack. This additional shelving holds five long firearms.

It also gives the unit its name as it provides ease of access to the other guns stored in the unit.

Further increasing the convenience of this unit is its deluxe door organizer. This provides additional pockets and storage to the unit, letting you keep more items out of reach.

It’s also very important to note that this item is very heavy. Weighing 767 lbs, it promises top-notch protection with the help of its thick outer shelling.

A lot of the weight is also attributed to its thorough fireproofing. With a 75 minute and 1400° fire rating, it guarantees better security for your valuables in case of fire.

The electronic lock is also highly noteworthy. UL-listed and commercial grade, it also has well-thought-out design that amps up the security of the entire system.

What I Like
  • Has a swing out rack that can really come in handy
  • Makes 21 long guns easily accessible, fits up to 38 long guns and a few more handguns
  • Extremely heavy construction
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Uses a spring loaded relocker to prevent access when the lock is tampered with
  • Equipped with a deluxe door organizer
  • Spacious interiors with several adjustable shelves
  • Door opens 180° for easy access
  • Electronic lock used is sophisticated, UL-listed, and commercial grade
  • Good price offers great bang for your buck
  • Relatively fast delivery time
  • Great fire rating
What I Didn’t Like
  • Reports of packaging issues

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a good-priced large and secure container that won’t just keep your guns and other valuables out of reach, the Bighorn Ultimate Access can be a good pick.

It’s great storage capacity and construction can really make a good case for this product even if it’s not necessarily a gun safe.

#3: BIGHORN Safe 19.1 CuFt, 30 min Fire Protection, Electronic Lock

BIGHORN Safe 19.1 CuFt, 30 min Fire Protection, Electronic Lock[aawp box="B01NBZF3YQ" template="horizontal"] Love the Bighorn Ultimate Access Safe but doesn’t have enough space for one? You can always opt for a smaller version with the Bighorn Safe 19.1 CuFt, 30 min Fire Protection, Electronic Lock.

With a model number of UAB19ES, this unit also offers the unique swing out rack that Rhino and Bighorn Safes are popular for.

It can let you access 15 long guns without having to get any out of the way and fit up to 21 long firearms overall.

Aside from long firearms, handguns and other valuables can also fit inside this unit with ease. It also has several adjustable shelves and a door organizer which offers more storage options for your other firearms and belongings.

Like other Bighorn Safe Residential Security Containers, the UAB19ES is also fire rated. It has a fire rating of 30 minutes at 1400° which can already suffice in many occasions.

Made of 14 gauge steel, this unit also promises great protection against applied pressure. Its door opens 180° providing easy access, so you don’t have to struggle taking out or putting stuff inside this Bighorn product.

What I Like
  • Designed to maximize storage space
  • Comes with a swing out rack
  • Excellent price
  • Solid construction
  • Code is easy to key in
  • Internal relocker adds protection against tampering
  • Fire rated
  • Accommodates up to 21 long guns with ease
  • Predrilled for anchoring and dehumidifier
What I Didn’t Like
  • Smell issues reported

Bottom Line:

Designed with long firearm storage in mind, this product can be an affordable and secure container for your collection.


The History of the Bighorn Brand

Like lots of on-the-ground brands in the market today, there’s not much written about Bighorn Safe’s background online. You can easily learn that it’s owned by the Rhino Metals, the makers of Rhino Safes.

This isn’t exactly surprising as it seems like the Bighorn Safe brand is created to provide an exclusive, affordable line of safes from the Rhino Metals brand.

Lots of other manufacturers do this, so they can keep their established branding when trying to expand their portfolio.

Rhino Metals, on the other hand, has an interesting start. Founded by a former US Air Force fighter pilot, Don Suggs, the brand started out as a small town fabrication job shop.

They soon became a well-known Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of parts of various brands’ products.

Things took a turn in 1999 when the founder’s father requested for a gun safe to prevent his grandchildren from getting to his guns. Rhino Safes Co. and Bighorn Safes were born out of this thoughtful and responsible request.

Where are Bighorn Safes Made?

The Bighorn Safes are made in China. Some people are not exactly a fan of this fact but since it is still owned by Rhino Metals, you can still be guaranteed of good quality.

How? Because all Bighorn Safes go through extensive inspections in the US before they’re shipped out to buyers or retailers. This promises that even if their products aren’t made in the US like Rhino Safes are, they still uphold the same safety and quality standards.

Why Bighorn?

Here are a few reasons why Bighorn Safes are good options for your home:

They’re very affordable.

Bighorn Safes are some of the best-priced options in the market. If you’re not really after all the bells and whistles, this brand can already do the job.

Their units have fire protection.

For an economy brand, lots of shoppers are actually surprised to find their products to have any kind of fire protection. They do, though, which offers more value for the money.

They have a good selection of safes.

You have quite a few options when it comes to Bighorn Safes so you don’t have to worry about finding a good match for your home.

Final Verdict

Although Bighorn is an economy line, it doesn’t mean that it lacks in performance and security. Lots of people don’t really need the heaviest-duty safes that can rival a bank’s vault on most occasions.

Among the three, I’d highly recommend the Bighorn Ultimate Access for its great capacity and design. The patented swing out rack really helps extend the functionality of these RSCs. It also makes them a must-have for gun collectors.

We hope our Bighorn Safe reviews help you get to know the brand better. We’re confident this budget brand can be a good option for many homeowners, so by getting acquainted with them, you might just be able to find the right safe for your home.


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  1. I can’t remember the last time I was looking for a gun safe but am back here because mine has been developing frequent problems with the lock and I was thinking if I could try out a new model to keep my rifles safe.
    However, I would like to buy the Bighorn Ultimate Access Gun Safe since I find it my kind of budget.

  2. i was considering a bighorn safe from costco but will go a different direction after learning that it was made overseas

  3. I don’t mind things being made overseas & this is a great value for the 18.6 model. I’m in. Thanks for the review.

    Btw, currently they are selling an ECS model that weighs a little less. I’m guessing it might be 14g steel.


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