How to Sight in BSA Sweet 17 Scope

Anyone who has used a rifle to shoot targets will tell you that it is not an easy job.

The firearm takes some time to get used to, mostly because it is harder to use than a small gun, and it recoils with greater strength than other firearms.

I have made this simple guide to help you know how to sight in BSA Sweet 17 scope.

There are devices that are created to help us use our firearms as efficiently as possible. Examples are mounts that are created to counter a rifle’s recoil. Another extremely useful device is a scope.

Scopes are created to help us find our targets when using a rifle. There are many scopes out there, and what you choose will depend on factors such as the level of accuracy you desire.

The BSA Sweet 17 Scope is designed to give the shooter more accuracy. According to Gone Outdoors, this is achieved by giving you the opportunity to make adjustments for parallax error.

It is important that you know how to sight the scope for it to give you the results you desire.

Prepare For the Process

Sighting the BSA scope in will require you to test the process a number of times before you start making accurate shots. It is important that you prepare for the shooting process as well as possible.

This preparation will entail a number of things:

Carry a mount, or a sandbag to lie on. This will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed during the process. Shooting while you are in an uncomfortable position will definitely affect how accurate your shots are.

Ensure you carry all your safety gear to avoid getting injured in the process.

Choose your location properly, making sure that you will not shoot other people, animals, or structures in the process.

Fix the Scope on the Rifle

Every scope is designed for use with a specific kind of rifle. Before you got out and buy a scope for your rifle, you will have determined what scope and scope mounts goes with your rifle. The BSA Sweet 17 Scope is designed for use with .17 calibre HMR bullet rifles.

Mounting a scope has its general rules and specifics that apply to particular kinds of rifles. As a general rule, ensure that your scope is well mounted on the rifle.

This is important for a number of obvious reasons. For one, you want to make sure that the scope does not fall off or shift during the shooting. This would not only be inconvenient, it would also delay the entire sighting process.

Also, an improperly mounted scope could end up affecting the accuracy of your shots.

This is because you will not put the target correctly within your shot. It will lead to a lot of misses until you finally put your scope on in the right way.

To save you all this time and effort, make it a point to fix the scope tightly. Wikihow recommends using Loctite on the mounting screw to prevent scope movement during the sighting and the shooting.

Test the Accuracy Of Your Shot

This is the most important step in the entire process because it helps you obtain the highest level of accuracy in your shots. You do this by experimenting with different distances from your target until you obtain the desired effect.

Start by being a bit far from your target. Then, sight the scope using the in-built mechanisms that the manufacturer provides.

In the BSA Sweet 17 scope, the sighting is done by turning the dials on the scope until the spot you want to hit is within the view of the scope.

After this, get comfortable, and take your shot. Depending on how far from your targeted spot you hit, you will then proceed to adjust your scope accordingly.

For example, if your shots are too far north, you will move your scope south proportionately.

Do this at least this time, moving closer to your target each time. Experts recommend being 100 yards away from your target the last time, saying that this location will get you as close to accuracy as you can be.

Factoring In Other Issues

With the BSA Sweet 17 Scope, issues such as parallax and magnification come up. With magnification, the settings you use depend on your personal preference. If you want to see a small object, then the level of magnification you use will increase.

The objective lens will help deal with any problems you have with parallax.

All you need to do is make adjustments accordingly, with the adjustment knobs provided.

Final Words

I’m optimistic now you know how to sight in BSA Sweet 17 scope. The entire process requires two key things; preparation, and patience.

Take the time to collect and obtain all you need before going to shoot. Be patient and strive to tackle every problem you encounter, instead of giving up before you finish.

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